While many communities have pulled together during the coronavirus pandemic, fraudsters have taken the opportunity to commit identity theft. Identity thefts occur when someone illegally obtains and uses another person's personal data for deception or fraud. The primary motivation for identity theft is usually for financial gain.

What are the Risks of Using Wi-Fi?

internet security

When you connect to an unencrypted Wi-Fi network in a public place, you risk exposing your devices to malicious attacks from hackers and cybercriminals. 

Can Home Security Systems be Hacked

home security

Home security systems are an essential part of your home because they protect your valuables and physical safety. 

home security

US federal law defines burglary as the illegal entry into a building with the intention of committing a crime or felony. Of all crimes committed in the United States annually, the majority are related to property theft and larceny. 

DIY Home Security Now a Trend How to Do It

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Thanks to the newest technological advancements, DIY home security is trending, with various devices and kits available to meet any home need.

Do ID Theft Monitoring Services Really Work

id theft

One solution to provide you with peace of mind in these circumstances is to sign up with an ID Theft Monitoring Service. 

How to Overcome Home Security Concerns

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Luckily, there are several ways to address your home security concerns and create an environment where you can feel safe.

How to Prevent your Password from Being Stolen

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While there's a lot that goes into personal cybersecurity and password management, there are some best practices and tips to use if you want to avoid having your password stolen and to improve your overall web security.

How to Protect Seniors from Getting Scammed

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Seniors are the most vulnerable members of the population besides children. Unfortunately, they are often the targets of telephone or internet scams that threaten their security. 

How to Protect your Child's Identity Online

ID theft

Even kids are at risk of identity theft, and as a parent, it’s crucial to understand how you can protect their identity, even before they are old enough to be online. 

Protect Your Social Media Accounts From Being Hacked

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 Here are the top ways to protect your social media accounts from being hacked.

Safest Cities in the US

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A lot of what determines a location’s safety depends on human behavior. How well-organized is the city’s law enforcement?

Shopping Tips to Avoid Cyber Scams

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Some of these scams are easy to spot, but criminals use sophisticated programs and techniques to access your personal information and steal your money. 

States that are Mostly Affected by Cybercrimes

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While you can most likely guess a few of those states topping the list, others might surprise you.

Synthetic Identity Theft All You Need to Know


Because of the rapid rise of synthetic identity theft in the US, it’s essential to be aware of what it is and how you can reduce the risk of becoming a victim.

Phishing All You Need to Know


Unfortunately, as technology has evolved, the types of scams cybercriminals use have become ever more complex and easier to fall victim to.

Home Security Tips for First-Time Buyers

HOME security

Follow these six tips to ensure you and your family prepare, and stay safe and secure.

Expert Answers to Important Online Security Questions

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Banks, government agencies, and other institutions have increased their security and investigations into cybercrime incidents to help protect your accounts and information. However, some cybercrimes can only be prevented by individuals. 

Warning Signs that Your Identity Has Been Stolen


For your own emotional, financial, and social security, it’s critical that you’re aware of the warning signs that your identity has been stolen. 

How to Protect Your Identity Online


It’s unlikely you're going to stop using the internet to make financial transactions; banks often prefer their customers to utilize online services. However, you can take steps to protect yourself from identity theft. 

Medical Alert Bracelets

Medical Alert Bracelets

A single piece of jewelry could save your life. Without you saying anything, your healthcare team will know which treatments to avoid and which treatments can be lifesaving, all because medical alert bracelets convey critical information about your health to emergency responders.


Identity Theft

As cybercriminals grow more sophisticated, the average business won’t always succeed in keeping them out completely. Large corporations sometimes have data leaks that compromise customers’ personal information.


This list features some of the most significant data breaches of all time. Most of them occurred in recent years and involved large social media companies such as Facebook or Twitter, putting the information of millions of people at risk. 


Common Types of Scams

Census time is prime time for scammers. It is a popular means for them to access your personal information over the phone, through emails, and even in your home.


Fraud & Investigation

With the widespread use of the internet, smartphones, and social media, identity theft is a significant problem for consumers. Scammers and criminals continue to develop new ways to steal people’s personal information online, using their confidential details to commit fraud.

access to social media

Online Safety

In modern society, personal information is generated and processed in huge quantities. Many people these days are careful about never posting their personal information online; however, others tend to overshare.


Driver's License Fraud

A driver’s license is an extremely valuable document that contains important personal information. In most states, a driver’s license displays your name, address, and date of birth, as well as physical characteristics like height, weight, and a photo.


Identity Theft Scams

For the majority of the population, throwing old papers in the trash is an innocuous task that you rarely give a second thought. However, your recycling and trash cans can be a potential goldmine and an open invitation for identity theft for thieves.


Worst Cases of Identity Theft

Identity theft is becoming a major problem for citizens in the U.S. In 2020, identity theft caused Americans a total loss of $16.9 billion. According to a study by Proofpoint, a cybersecurity company, about 33% of Americans have experienced identity fraud.

Fire Statistics By State What You Should Know

Fire Safety

Fire is a real threat to the safety and integrity of your home. A residential fire can start at any time from a variety of sources.

7 Home Safety Tips for Seniors Living Independently

Senior Safety

An increasing number of seniors are living independently. Maintaining that independence means a lot to many seniors and their families.

Awesome Homemade Weapon Ideas You Can Use for Self-Defense

Home Security

There is no telling when you might become a victim of a home invasion or assault. According to the FBI, a burglary occurs every 30 seconds.

How Burglars Choose a House to Rob - From Experts Advice

Home Security

Burglars choose houses that can provide high reward with low risk. Most burglaries happen when the homeowners aren’t there, and the burglars try to act as quickly as possible.

6 Reasons Why Glass Break Sensors is a Must in the Event of Home Invasion

Home Security

Even though it can be messy, burglars have no problem when it comes to breaking the glass to conduct a break-in. A fragile material, it makes for an easy way to access a property.

How to Securely Burglar-Proof Your Windows - Ultimate Guide

Home Security

Burglars have many ways they can break into your home. They often enter through doors, whether that be a front door, a back door, or a garage door.

7 Effective Strategies to Outsmart Burglars and Stop Them Completely

Home Security

For the past 20 years, the FBI has received over a million burglary reports every year. However, the number of yearly burglary cases has been steadily declining since the 1980s, thanks to the improvement in home security systems.

8 Effective Ways to Feel Secure and Safe When Living Alone

Home Security

Having an apartment to yourself can be extremely exciting. From living by your own rules, having complete control of the remote, setting your own menus, as well as having no roommates to contend with, it can be a blissful experience with many advantages.


Identity Fraud Prevention Tips

While you rarely need to present a physical Social Security card in everyday life, you know your Social Security Number by heart. Despite this, your Social Security card is widely used for job applications, credit cards, and other life essentials.

Safest Ways to Get Up from a Fall Without Kneeling - Tips for Seniors

Senior Safety

Getting up from the floor after a fall is a big problem for seniors. Physical therapists regularly meet patients who have fallen and have laid on the ground for hours or sometimes even days.

5 Tips to Increase the Appetite of the Elderly - From Expert Nutritionist

Senior Care

Elderly adults require regular nourishment to remain healthy and strong. Citizens over 70 years old require more vitamin D and calcium than young people to help maintain bone health.

Home security

Even though the number of robberies in the US is slowly decreasing, they still affect many Americans every year. According to the FBI, about 267,988 robberies were reported in 2019.



2020 saw a dramatic increase in identity theft and fraud, according to a study from the Consumer Sentinel Network. There were 4.8 million fraud and identity theft reports in 2020, an increase of 45% from the 3.3 million recorded in 2019.


Identity THEFT

Identity theft is a serious crime and can result in severe financial and mental strain. Often, fraud isn’t detected until it is too late and significant damage has already been done to your credit.

Package Security

Porch piracy is becoming a major problem for many online consumers across the country. In 2017 25.9 million Americans had a package stolen from their porch.

6 Warning Signs That Someone is Surveying Your Home and Neighborhood

Home Security

The thought of someone breaking into your shome is enough to make you feel uneasy and vulnerable, let alone the thought of someone surveying your property and neighborhood for a future burglary. This constant looking over your shoulder can cause stress and anxiety, something no one should ever have to experience.


Synthetic Fraud

Identity theft affects millions of people every year, and it’s a significant problem for U.S. citizens. According to a Javelin Strategy study, the total number of identity theft victims in 2018 was around 14.4 million.


Crime Investigation

Identity theft is an increasingly common issue throughout the world. The number of potential victims in America is high in large part due to the nation’s reliance on online applications for credit cards, car loans, and other forms of convenient financial services.


Crime Statistics

Every year millions of Americans lose their money and time due to identity theft. For the past decade, the number of identity theft cases has increased every year.

Must Do Preparation In Case a Home Invasion Happens

Home Security

According to the United States Department of Justice, there are approximately 2.5 million burglaries every year. Even more disturbingly, around 50% of these burglaries are home invasions.

6 Tips to Secure Your House While Away on Vacation

Home Security

Vacations are exciting events that many people save up for and look forward to for months. With the last-minute rushing around ensuring passports, sunblock, sunhats, and other essentials are all packed, it can be easy to forget about what you are leaving behind.


Accidental house fires can ignite suddenly and spread uncontrollably. Capable of wiping out a home within minutes, they endanger everyone on the property and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.


Mail Theft

Personal data is one of the most valuable information resources that anyone has. For this reason, information and data theft are continuously on the rise.


Identity Fraud Prevention Tips

In today’s economy, companies and governments use and store people’s personal information. It’s a practice that has become increasingly common in recent years for marketing and advertising purposes, and it is here to stay.

5 Must-Have Gadgets for Seniors You Should Know

Senior Security

Living independently is a wonderful way for seniors to hold on to their freedom and sustain a fulfilling life for years to come. However, some everyday tasks that were once easy can become challenging in your later years for various reasons.

Best State in the US for Seniors to Live in - Security and Privilege for Elderly

Senior Security

Enjoying your golden years as an elderly adult isn’t as simple as just having enough retirement funds. You need to take a proactive approach to managing your health and safety, especially as your needs increase.

Kids Safety

There are no limits to outdoor fun, and the warm summer weather gives kids a chance to enjoy the fresh air, outdoor activities, and friendly competition with their siblings and friends. But the outdoors can have some risks for kids.

What Are Signs That I Am Vulnerable to Being Mugged Outside


Everyone likes to think they are safe when out and about, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Although some towns and cities have very low crime rates, there may be times and places where you feel potentially vulnerable to mugging.


Types of Sentences

If you’re thinking of stealing another person’s identity for your personal and financial gain, think again. Not only is this crime an inhumane one, leaving victims feeling scared, vulnerable, and unsure of who to trust, but it also comes with severe penalties that can seriously impact your life.

Fall Detection Devices: What Are They?

Senior Security

Fall detection devices are fantastic apparatuses worn by users at risk of falling who need immediate attention in the event of an accident. They are perfect for older adults living independently.


Personal Information Security

The amount of time that Americans spend online is continually increasing. Unfortunately, the amount of time that cybercriminals are putting into gaining access to valuable personal information online is rising as well.


Identity Theft Recovery Steps

Every two seconds, another person falls victim to identity theft. And it’s a crime that’s on the rise. As technology becomes more integrated into our lives, cybercriminals have increased opportunities to steal your information.


SSN Scams

Some cybercriminals focus on credit card numbers and bank accounts to make a quick getaway with cash or items. However, your Social Security Number (SSN) is an even more valuable asset for thieves who want to commit long-term fraud.


Identity Fraud Prevention Tips

There is nothing more panic-inducing than looking in your wallet for your credit card, only to discover it is missing. Your first thought is to protect your identity and do everything you can to reduce the chances of fraudulent charges.


While most burglaries occur when a house is empty, there is still a very slim chance that you could experience a break-in when you are inside your home. Even though the likelihood of this is relatively small, it’s still essential you are prepared for a worst-case scenario.


Identity Theft Prevention

If you’ve ever lost your wallet, you’ll be aware of the panic that surges through your body. With wallets containing extremely important items and information, including credit, debit, and insurance cards, money, ID, keys, and an abundance of other personal details, it can feel like your whole life has disappeared after losing it.

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