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IdentityForce is one of the many lesser-known names in the identity theft protection industry. You might expect that a lot of these smaller services are going to be naturally inferior to the more well-known services with larger companies backing them. A larger company means (at least in theory) more funding and resources, which means a smaller company’s monitoring is going to be worse overall, as is their ability to deal with threats that appear.

For many, perhaps most, services this might be true. And to an extent, IdentityForce does fit the stereotype. It can be clunky, and it certainly looks like nothing special at first glance. But there’s some real power under the hood that makes IdentityForce a powerful choice for many users.

There is no denying that IdentityForce has several factors going in its favor. To start, it offers an expansive list of security features along with $1 million ID theft insurance. Their customer service is also one of the best in the business; lastly, it is easy to use making it an easy choice for newbies.

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However, it could be prohibitively expensive to get started at $17.95 a month while several other ID protection services offer their starter plans for under $10/month. If budget is not an issue for you then IdentityForce is one of the best ID protection services you can subscribe to.

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IdentityForce Review: Is It Worth Getting?

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Editor’s Ranking

Overall Score

Monitoring & Alerts

  • Found 7 unique dark web alerts

Threat Resolution

  • Excellent customer service

Theft Insurance Per Adult

  • $1M total Theft Insurance on all plans

Customer Support

  • IdentityForce matches Aura with their excellent US-based 24/7 support

Additional Services

  • VPN

  • Password ManagerNew List Item

  • Antivirus

  • Parental Controls


  • More expensive than Aura with lesser protection

Renewal Price Increased After 1st Year?

  • No

Promo Code

Monitoring and Alerts: 9/10

This is where you see that IdentityForce has decided to sacrifice ease of use for pure power in its monitoring.

It has a solid suite of monitoring types on offer with its UltraSecure plan:

  • Advanced Fraud monitoring
  • Change of Address monitoring
  • Court Records monitoring
  • Dark Web monitoring and data analysis
  • Sex Offender monitoring
  • Payday Loan monitoring
  • Bank and Credit activity monitoring

Along with a few more minor options.


his monitoring is extremely accurate, and gives fast alerts when something comes up. Compared to everything else on the market, it is extremely competitive. These monitoring tools are some of the best on the market when it comes to performance.

In terms of breadth, it’s a bit above average overall. It lacks some of the powerhouse monitoring tools you’d expect from the truly top tier services, but it’s not bad by any means.

If you don’t need some of the more important tools like home title monitoring (if you rent rather than own your home, for example) then IdentityForce has superior monitoring to many options on the market.

A final thing worth mentioning is that IdentityForce does offer credit monitoring as well, but it’s entirely optional. This is entirely unique among the services I’ve looked at. While some offer no monitoring on a lower tier at all, and add it with a higher tier plan, none of the others I’ve reviewed offer the exact same service with the option to either have credit monitoring or forgo it.

Threat Resolution: 7.5/10


  • Excellent, knowledgeable support experience

US Based Support?

Customer Hours

  • 24/7/365 Support

Concierge Resolution

Lost Wallet Protection

IdentityForce’s ability to resolve threats is also pretty good, but it’s not as impressive as the monitoring tools themselves.

Like many services, IdentityForce offers wallet restoration services, to help you cancel and reorder cards and other things if a wallet is lost or stolen. That’s about it for special services.

The meat of any service’s threat resolution strategy is going to be their customer service, which IdentityForce does offer. Their representatives are friendly and competent, but the issue is availability.

In part, this is because IdentityForce’s member services team has unclear availability, based on the information on their website. This can make it difficult for new users to figure out when they can call.

The answer is that they are available 7 days a week, between 8 AM and 5:30 PM EST for most things. However, certain services are only available Monday through Friday for account info. It makes things a bit annoying to deal with.

However, this drawback is balanced out by one huge upside: deceased family member protection. If your dead family member used to hold an IdentityForce account in good standing, they will continue to extend protection, and you may call in to resolve problems on their behalf.

Deceased individuals are sadly a prime target for many identity thieves, and this type of fraud can have grave consequences for those they leave behind.

Other than that, there’s not anything else to talk about, but it’s more than some services out there offer.

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Insurance: 8/10

Theft Insurance Score

Theft Insurance 

  • Maximum $1M Theft Insurance total on all plans

IdentityForce offers a top of the industry insurance plan, comparable to the other best options out there. They offer $1 million in both stolen funds reimbursement, and reimbursement for expenses (like lost wages).

This is as good as it gets in terms of an insurance plan for an identity theft protection service, so it’s good to see this here.

This alone makes the price point a bit more palatable, but it still sadly competes with similarly priced options that offer insurance that is as good or maybe a little bit worse, while offering a bit more.

Still, it’s worth stating again: this is the gold standard for insurance in the industry. It doesn’t get better than this, or at least not much better. The best you can do is match it with other services that have great insurance as well.

Ease of Use:  6/10

The first thing you’ll notice on signing up for IdentityForce is that it’s extremely clunky. This begins from the signup process, which is a rare sight. This is usually pretty streamlined for these services, and IdentityForce stands out in large part because it is not at all up to the standards you’d expect.

The text boxes are laid out in an archaic manner (they don’t progress to the next field when entering sequential info like phone numbers) and it can be difficult to find and fix mistakes, as there are a number of required fields that aren’t properly labeled, and mistakes aren’t explicitly called out if you attempt to progress to the next part of signup and there’s some sort of mistake.

This clunkiness carries over to their account page and dashboard, but at least it’s functional. It provides a good amount of information on the dashboard, as shown below.

IDforce dashboard

Easy access to alerts and your personal information is available, and the personal information can be easily edited whenever your information needs updating, such as if you move homes or get a new phone number.

It switches between tabs for more information quickly as well, and easy access to their articles and the like is welcome, if unnecessary.

All in all our IdentityForce review has far from the best account page I’ve seen, but it works well enough.

Additional Services: 7/10

Additional Services

  • VPN

  • Password Manager

  • Antivirus

  • Parental Controls

IdentityForce doesn’t offer a ton in the way of additional services, but it does have a few nice options. Chief among these is their VPN service, which can allow for safe browsing as well as the changing of your current browsing region to access content not normally available.

IdentityForce also offers an extremely interesting and unique service: forms. It may not sound exciting, but IdentityForce provides a number of pre-formatted, ready to go forms that can be quickly hammered out to send to various businesses to have them take you off their mailing lists and the like. This is quite nice to have.

ready to go forms

Other than that, there’s not anything else to talk about, but it’s more than some services out there offer.

Cost: 10/10

This is another part where IdentityForce is pretty unique. For one, it only offers a single real tier of service.

Their UltraSecure plan offers everything we’ve mentioned so far, but you can pay a bit extra to tack on 3 bureau credit score monitoring and credit tracking.

Prices are listed below. 

Promo Code

Individual Plan Cost

  • $14.99/m  UltraSecure

  • $19.9/m  UltraSecure+Credit

Couple Plan Cost

  • No Couples plan

Family Plan Cost

  • $24.99/m  UltraSecure

  • $35.9/m  UltraSecure+Credit

Renewal Price Increased After 1st Year?

  • No

Promo Code

These prices are sometimes discounted, as they are currently as of the writing of this article, but there’s nothing permanent or consistent in terms of monthly price discounts.

However, IdentityForce does offer a free trial, and quite a good one to boot. They offer a full two months free, so long as you pay for an annual membership. This makes their annual membership an excellent value, even more so than it is for other options out there.

The main rub is that baseline price. It’s not overly expensive or anything, but it’s not an exceptionally cheap price either, and given what it offers it could be considered a bit lackluster in comparison to some of the top tier options out there. If you include the credit as well it pushes the price up to be consistent with some of the big names (like Identity Guard or LifeLock) and their highest tier plans, which offer a whole lot more for the same cost.

The cost is one of the biggest failings of this service. At a little bit cheaper, it would be the best cost-effective option on the market. As it is, it only holds that title when it’s on sale.

Final Score: 7.9/10

IdentityForce is an excellent identity theft protection service, with top of the line performance in its monitoring and quite nice features overall.

While it’s marred by a few annoyances, like the clunky signup process, lackluster website, and inconvenient hours on their customer service, there is quite a lot to love about IdentityForce.

Particularly when it’s on sale, it makes a great budget option, particularly if you don’t need the bigger ticket monitoring items like home title monitoring.

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