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Scams and Scam Defence

Scams are the bread and butter of scammers (if you couldn’t tell from the etymology of the situation). You should look out for scams, and it’s in your best interest to avoid them. Sounds easy.

It would be if there were only a few types of scams. Sadly, there are not. There are far more types of scams than anyone except a professional can keep track of, and scams are evolving daily. 

If there’s a new app, technology, or social phenomenon, there are scams on it. If it is an automated system, scams exist surrounding it. If it’s a place (online or otherwise), scammers are looking for ways to exploit it.

Don’t lose hope, though. We will go over as many of the major scams as possible so you can protect yourself, your family, and your identity from them. A little vigilance will go a long way.

eCommerce Scams

What do you buy online, and how can you be sure you’ll get what’s displayed on your screen? eCommerce scams are about as old as eCommerce, though they have evolved over time. These articles go over major eCommerce scams you need to know about.

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Financial Scams

Everyone wants money, including scammers and cybercriminals. And to them, your money is as good as their money if they can get away with it. Combine that attitude with the fact many people aren’t savvy about their finances, and there’s a plethora of financial and investment scams to watch out for. Here are some pieces on the most common ones.

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Smartphone Scams

That small device you spend hours on daily is a great gateway to the outside world, but scammers can often reach you on them as easily as you can reach others. Learn about the most common smartphone scams and vulnerabilities from these articles.

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Social Media and Messaging Scams

Social media and messaging apps can connect you to billions of people worldwide. Unfortunately, some of those billions of people are scammers using these apps as their tool of choice. Learn how to avoid these scams by reading the following articles.

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Additional Scams:

Some scams are more unique than others, not fitting into any category yet remaining just as dangerous. Learn about how they work and how to protect yourself from unique or unorthodox scams from the helpful posts listed below.

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