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Your elderly parent has suddenly become prone to falls and it has left you worried to no end. You are often out of the house on business and you are now afraid that your parent is likely to slip or fall when you are away.

It could be emotionally, and financially devastating for you and your parent. In such a situation, how will you provide urgent attention to your parent?

Well, the range of MobileHelp medical alert devices now available in the market will allay your fears at once!

MobileHelp, based in Florida, is a technology leader in the field of medical alarms and health management solutions that designs and manufactures their own medical alert equipment. Its medical alert systems are designed to meet your every requirement. It has all the features you ever wanted in a medical alert system. It is simple to set up and easy to use.

It lays great emphasis on elderly-care and safety and hence its products strive to cover any incident that may occur in your day to day life. These medical alert systems have combined the traditional stand alone equipment with the new age mobile devices, bringing you the best of both worlds!

MobileHelp currently offers three main medical alert systems (more reviews here) to select from: the Duo, the Classic and the Solo system.

All three are cellular based systems, that is, emergency calls are made through a cellular network phone connection. These medical alert systems DO NOT require a home phone line to work!

In times of emergency, your parent can use a MobileHelp medical alert device, and avail help from highly trained professionals in the following simple steps:

  • Press the emergency button on the device.
  • The MobileHelp Response Center receives your location and information.
  • Speak to the operator and explain your situation.
  • check
    Operator assesses your situation and contacts family or 911.
  • check
    Get help from family or 911 as required.

MobileHelp offers a wide range of medical alert systems that are suitable for a variety of medical needs and purposes. Let’s learn more about the different devices.

MobileHelp Reviews: Indepth Look

Device Design

MobileHelp provides three distinct medical alert systems with varying prices, features and use.

MobileHelp Classic

MobileHelp Classic consists of the cellular in-home base station unit with lighted display of time, date and ambient temperature. The best feature of this device is that it does not depend on a landline….and in case you are unable to press the help button, the system automatically sends an alarm if it detects a fall.

This system also boasts of a solid response time of 40 seconds. It means you can connect with an emergency responder within 40 seconds of pressing the help button!

The system comes with two waterproof help buttons that can be worn as a wristband or with a neck lanyard as a pendant which is compatible with the base unit. This device is meant for home medical alert monitoring only. On pressing the medical alert necklace or wrist button, an alarm call is activated through the in-home base station unit.

It also gives access to MobileHelp Connect, which is a wide-ranging combination of tools to help authorized caregivers, to actively participate in your health and well-being.

MobileHelp Solo

The Solo system is a portable unit that operates on AT&T’s nationwide cellular network and is GPS enabled with no in-home base station. That is, you have to carry the portable mobile unit and the help button pendant or the wristband whenever you go out of the house.

This definitely provides you with the flexibility of a wireless system while at the same time acting as an emergency response system.

A leather mobile pouch is also provided, in which you can place the portable unit when you go out. Alternatively, the unit can be placed in a purse or bag, and you can wear the medical alert button around the neck or as wrist bracelet.

Just like the MobileHelp Classic, the Solo does not depend on a landline and you are immediately connected to a responder on pressing the help button on the portable unit or the wristband/pendant.

The Solo portable mobile alert unit works at home or away from home….and the responder will have access to your location, medical history as well as emergency contact numbers.

You also get a cradle mobile unit charger along with this system…and access to Caregiver tools that enable caregivers to locate you anytime through their Smartphone.


MobileHelp Duo

The Duo combines the cellular in-home unit of the Classic and the portable mobile device of the Solo, for home as well as anywhere outside it, as long as there is cellular signal coverage. It operates on AT&T’s nationwide cellular network…however it has a low battery life of 1.5 days and needs to be charged daily.

It comes with the in-home base unit, fall detection feature, waterproof wristband/pendant, portable mobile device, leather mobile pouch and a cradle charger.

It must be noted that the mobile device comes with an inbuilt microphone and a speaker that can be used with a press of the help button for speaking to an emergency responder. However, the device is not waterproof and it cannot be used in the shower without extra accessories.

Other Useful Features








Monitoring Services

MobileHelp has excellent monitoring services with a fastest response time of 17 seconds…which is effected by their close strategic partnership with Rapid Response, a monitoring services provider.

The highlights of this monitoring service include:

  • Highly qualified, and well trained agents
  • Agents certified by Security Industry Association
  • Knowledge of critical care
  • Spanish bilingual operators
  • Interpretation service for 240 languages

Contracts and Cost

There are no long-term contracts associated with MobileHelp…and the company also provides a 30 day free trial period. The subscription cost covers:

  • Use of equipment
  • Help buttons (pendant/wristband)
  • Cell phone network services

Subscription to cellphone network services is not required to make emergency calls.

The MobileHelp plans are available as a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual package. The annual and the semi-annual packages are cost efficient as longer subscriptions can avail discounts.

The cost of the MobileHelp Classic is under $30 per month, MobileHelp Solo is under $40 per month and MobileHelp Duo is just over $40. Each system also includes the following two free benefits:

  1. MobileHelp Connect service
  2. Caregiver and alerts notification tool

Using Promo Codes

MobileHelp also provides promotional discounts from $10 to $50…when a new customer signs for any of the plans for the first time.

As discussed earlier all additional apps or services will be charged an extra monthly fee.

MobileHelp also has great promotional offers on its semi-annual and annual subscriptions to new customers. MobileHelp provides a $25 Visa gift card if you refer a family or friend after the referred friend has stayed a customer for at least 30 days.

The referral program works in the following way:

  1. Provide the following referral phone number to a friend or an acquaintance that is likely to need a medical alert device system: 1-800-761-3407.
  2. Tell the friend to state your name when they call to make an order. At the same time, you also make a call to the company and inform them about the               friend. This ensures that you get the credit.
  3. Once the friend has been a customer for 30 days, the company mails you a $25 Visa gift card.


MobileHelp offers a 30 day trial period on all its products. If you are not completely satisfied with any of their devices for any reason, you may cancel your service by calling MobileHelp at 877-827-6207 and selecting the Customer Service option.

Any unused prepaid service will be refunded prorata.

The cancellation process works in the following way:

  • Return all equipment and accessories to the company
  • As soon as the system is received by the company, the service will be cancelled.

Final Verdict

What is unique about MobileHelp medical alert systems is that they have combined the traditional and new age systems….and bring to you a comprehensive medical alert device that takes care of every medical emergency.

MobileHelp offers a wide range of other accessories at reasonable rate….which allows you to chose a medical alert system that meets all of your requirements. Most importantly, the devices do not require any landline connection and have a built in cellular module which makes it very convenient to use.

Considering these features, MobileHelp looks like a good option to consider while purchasing a medical alert system for your loved ones.




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