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Zander vs LifeLock: Which Gives Value to Your Money?

Summary: LifeLock vs Zander

LifeLock is the choice for those who want comprehensive coverage including credit bureau alerts and reports. It offers protection and financial restoration solutions though it does not monitor all transactions of businesses. Zander is more affordable but it is for those who only want identity theft protection. 

Lifelock provides two distinct advantages. One their personal expense compensation package probably the best on the current, with up to $1 million expense coverage depending on the plan. Secondly, they provide an extra layer of security as credit screening and reports from all 3 credit bureaus. However, that comes at a premium and will cost you twice as Zander. So, if the price isn’t an issue and you feel the need to have credit screening the choose LifeLock

While Zander may not provide credit screening but it more than makes up for it with its affordable monthly charges and a killer family plan. It becomes quite a compelling proposition when you consider their $1 million identity theft coverage is up with the top providers. If you’re willing to put in a bit of effort to monitor your credit yourself then Zander is indeed a great choice.

With every passing day, cash is fast becoming a relic of the past. Tech has indeed made our lives easier and quicker. That, however, has come at a somewhat steep price – to share our sensitive information. This leaves the door ajar for anyone who intends to inflict personal and financial harm through identity theft.

Within this article, you will learn quite a bit on identity theft and why it makes a lot of sense to invest your time and a bit of cash to avoid potentially catastrophic damage. We’ll also guide you on what to look for while choosing an identity protection service and which one deserves your hard-earned cash.    

A Detailed Comparison: Zander Identity Theft vs. LifeLock

Both have their advantages and drawbacks. The following section will present a functional comparison between these two services. If you’re short on time or patience, here’s a quick rundown on both.

If you’re squeezed for time, we have also added a quick 10-second Identity Guard comparison with LifeLock.





Identity theft insurance cover

$1 million

$1 million

Family plan

3 bureau credit reports


Discount for annual payments

Mobile app

Trial period

60-day money back guarantee



  • When it comes to insurance coverage, both services offer up to $ 1 million in coverage for identity theft related financial loss
  • If you sign up for their annual plans, both services will offer a bulk payment discount


  • Zander is quite a bit cheaper than LifeLock. Zander’s basic plan starts at $6.75 per month while LifeLock’s basic plan will run you a monthly bill of $11.99 – almost twice
  • Zander offers a plan optimized specifically for families while you can add minors for $5.99 each with LifeLock but it doesn’t offer a family specific plan
  • Lifelock has an easy to use mobile app for both Android and iOS whereas Zander surprisingly doesn’t have a mobile app
  • While LifeLock offers a very generous 60-day trial period and money back guarantee, however, no such perks are available with Zander
  • Lifelock will provide you annual credit reports from all the top credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). Zander doesn’t provide credit reports.    


You will find, within the following section a detailed Norton LifeLock review


Lifelock offers protection for your bank accounts, credit, and other sensitive information.  If you have been hard done by identity theft, LifeLock will help you recover your compromised accounts and will also reimburse in case of financial loss and you will be provided legal expertise.  Moreover, it has an easy to operate interface, and the phone support is available round the clock all week.    


1. LifeLock Standard

It is the cheapest of the lot and costs $11.99 per month. However, if you pay up for the year it’ll cost $125 instead of $144. You’ll get up to $1 million in case of financial loss due to stolen identity. Also, you’ll be entitled to $25,000 each to cover personal expenses and lost income.

2. LifeLock Advantage plan

This plan has a price tag of $23.99 per month or $20/month for the year. In addition to the features of the Standard plan, you get a more generous coverage for financial loss and personal expenses at $100,000 each. For credit monitoring, you get an additional Equifax credit report and Equifax VantageScore 3.0 credit score annually. Plus, you will be immediately notified if your credit card is being used.     

3. LifeLock Ultimate Plus plan

It will cost you $34.99 per month or $28.33/month for the year. Despite the price, it offers 2 key advantages. One, the personal expense coverage is raised up to $1 million. Two, credit screening is even more thorough. Reports from all 3 credit agencies are included, plus you’ll have monthly access to Vantage 3.0 scores from the credit reports of Experian and TransUnion and to sex offender alerts.

4. LifeLock Family Plan

After you sign up for any of the 3 individual plans (LifeLock Standard, Advantage or Ultimate Plus), you can add children under 18 to the plan for $5.99 per child per month. To add your partner, you’d have to sign up for a separate individual plan.  

Customer service

LifeLock offers a very reliable customer service platform. Even the phone line for non-urgent issues is accessible 24-7. Similarly, their identity restoration department is just as responsive and will guide you through the entire process if you have fallen prey to identity theft.



Zander’s claim to fame seems to be the unwavering endorsement of Dave Ramsey, a very well respected personal finance expert. Considering its low prices, Zander still manages to provide decent identity protection. It includes financial and tax fraud, medical identity theft, criminal identity theft, social security fraud, child identity theft, employment fraud, and title fraud.

When it comes to insurance coverage, you are eligible for up to $1 million plus you will be provided assistance for account restoration post identity theft. 

Zander Identity Theft plans

Zander offers a somewhat limited but a very simple plan roster optimized to deliver doo value at a reasonable cost. Unlike some of the other protection services, Zander provides only 2 plans – individual and family.

1. Zander’s Individual Plan

You can get started for only $6.75 a month. You also get a bulk payment discount for the annual plan, which will cost $75. This makes it even more compelling because you get pretty decent security and insurance coverage that includes protection from the most common identity thefts, online screening of sensitive information and stolen wallet coverage.

In case of identity theft, insurance coverage of up to $1 million is provided in addition to personal expense compensation at $7500 a week for up to 4 weeks or $30,000. Moreover, account restoration is provided as well.      

2. Zander’s Family Plan

The family plan gets even better! It will cost you $12.90 a month or $145 annually with a 6% discount.

Here’s the best part!

In addition to all the features of the individual plan, the family plan allows you to add 2 adults and an unlimited number of children up to age 25.

Customer service

Zander offers customer care that is as good as any of the top tier identity protection services. You’ll have 24-7 access to their customer care reps even on holidays. Also, their account recovery is just as robust and more importantly available 24-7, unlike some other protection services.


Pros and Cons

For LifeLock


Money back guarantee: If you have signed up for their annual plan you have the facility to avail a complete refund within 60 days.

A reliable insurance coverage: You’re eligible for up to $1 million for financial loss from identity theft.

Generous personal expense compensation: You will receive a personal expense compensation package ranging from $25,000 to $1 million depending on the plan.

Reliable customer support: You’ll be given round the clock phone assistance.

Dedicated identity restoration department: If your information gets stolen, they will thoroughly guide you and oversee the entire account restoration process.


Expensive family plan: You’ll need to shell out extra for complete family coverage. Your spouse has to sign up for their own plan plus there are additional monthly charges for each kid.
Annual price increase:
You’ll have to pay a dollar extra per month for any plan you subscribe after 1 year.
Identity Restoration Service
is accessible during working hours only.

For Zander


Great value for money: Starting at under $7 a month, it’ll keep you safe and provide you $1 million coverage while saving you a good chunk of cash. Add to that $7500 weekly personal expense coverage and it becomes a double whammy!
Probably the best family plan:
We haven’t yet seen a family plan such as Zander’s. For only $12.90 you get to add your spouse and unlimited children!
Great customer care:
You will have 24-7 access to customer care for both routine issues and identity theft.


No credit screening: While most top tier protection services provide credit screening, Zander, however, doesn’t offer the facility.


Zander and LifeLock both offer affordable plans that provide identity theft protection. Though Zander offers insurance coverage of up to $1 million restoration like LifeLock in cases when identity is stolenthe latter also also protects through credit screening and reports from 3 credit bureaus. Read our reviews of their features including fees, insurance assistance, plans, customer support. and other premium benefits.

Key Identity Theft Statistics?

From credit card scams to utilities and tax fraud, identity theft can take many forms. And with every passing pay, the identity theft numbers seem to be shooting through the roof! Here are some startling statistics that should give you an idea of how common it’s getting.   

  • Nearly 1 out of every 4 Americans admits to having been a victim of identity theft.
  • There’s been a 400% rise  in identity theft occurrences between 2017 and 2018.
  • Credit card fraud, employment/tax-related fraud, and phone/utility fraud are the 3 most common types of identity theft.
  • You’re quite likely to be initially contacted through phone for identity scams. Almost 70% of the victims  confirmed that they got sucked into it through their phones.        

The Value of Identity Protection

Here are a few compelling reasons for paying attention to your identity security:    

Robust Monitoring

The fact that you will have to share personal information at various avenues makes it quite cumbersome and impractical to monitor it yourself. A protection service with a robust information screening framework will minimize the loopholes thus providing you much better security.  

Timely and customizable alerts

Such alerts greatly tip the odds in your favor by giving you the ability to react swiftly in case anything goes wrong. Most services will give you the option to set up alerts for changes that are made to your bank accounts, credit or if your SSN is being used.

Financial compensation

This is probably the most important benefit of having a protection service on board. If indeed your information is compromised you suffer financial loss, you will be provided guidance and compensation, up to a $1 million, depending on the service and plan       

What Matters While Protection Shopping

Following are some key factors you must pay attention to while deciding on the protection service:

  • Check several service providers: There are plenty of options currently available, each with its own set of pros and cons. Evaluate a few of them before pulling the trigger, so you get the best combination of value and protection.   
  • Pay attention to what people are saying: If you are about to subscribe to an identity protection service for the very first time, you may find yourself scratching your head, especially when it comes to the fine print. Customer feedback will give you a good idea if the service truly delivers what it promises.      

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