LifeLock vs CyberScout: Protect Yourself from Cyber Theft

LifeLock is the most well-known, effective online security method that money can buy. With dark web and multiple credit bureau monitoring, and insurance payouts of up to $1 million, LifeLock is the clear choice for anyone who takes their online security seriously.

  • Keep all your digital information safe from viruses and hackers
  • LifeLock watches the dark web for any mention of you
  • Monitors all 3 credit bureaus

CyberScout and its previous incarnation – IDT911 – both have long records of satisfied customers and experience of all types of fraud. At an affordable price and available mainly for businesses, CyberScoutmakes it easy to stay safe when you’re surfing the Web.

  • With CyberScout, you’re safe from fraud, whether it attacks online, in person, or on the phone
  • Educates you as well as defends your security online
  • CyberScout protects you during significant life changes

If you’re looking for a way to keep your personal information safe, you need a digital protection system that will keep hackers out. In this digital age, hackers and cyber-thieves lurk in the shadowy corners of the web, and you need a robust security system to keep them out.

There are many different cyber-security companies with tempting offers and programs to offer you the identity and data risk management service you need to keep your information safe.

These days, wily crypto-thieves can break down simple, weak defenses, steal credit card information, and learn personal data like your Social Security number and other confidential facts. Keep your life safe with a cyber identity security system.

LifeLock vs. CyberScout: Comparison






  • Alerts, active monitoring, stolen fund reimbursement
  • For businesses and customers –counseling, reputation and account management, and more


  • $25,000 to $1 million
  • Website doesn’t mention how much insurance they offer


  • Norton 360 incomparable security services
  • Easy-to-use LifeLock App
  • Norton Antivirus software
  • Keeps your devices free from ransomware, malware, and other viruses
  • LifeStages Plan to manage tumultuous times
  • CyberScout app makes it easy to track your data from your phone
  • 1-on-1 access to fraud specialists
  • Protects from ransomware and phishing attacks

Credit and Account Monitoring

  • Up-to-the-minute alerts on any account activity
  • Observation on 3 credit bureaus
  • Dark web surveillance
  • Identity protection for kids
  • Monitors 1,000 databases for fraud for a year
  • An additional year of active follow-up
  • Protection available specifically for young people

Identity Recovery Services

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Educational tools so you can avoid other cyber threats
  • Makes sure that thieves are never able to access your info, even years after an attack
  • 4 different plans to tailor your online security response
  • Casefile creation for police inquiries
  • Multilingual customer service
  • Password protector and a cloud backup for important data



  • Both LifeLock and CyberScout provide focused online protection from identity fraud and theft.
    Both services alert you to changes in any online accounts, new or already existing.
  • These prevention services offer insurance coverage to replace funds diminished or stolen by online fraudsters.
    Monitor multiple online credit bureaus for any mention of your personal information.
  • Both companies work with other organizations to maintain a defense level between you and those who want to steal from you. 
  • If someone tries to open an account or make changes to your bank account, credit card account, or retirement savings, LifeLock plans, and CyberScout plans will let you know immediately. 
  • Both LifeLock’s and CyberScout’s identity theft protection protect you from losing money and personal information on a few platforms – digital, face-to-face, or telephone fraud.
  • For either company to award a payout, the situation has to meet certain expectations. 
  • Losing money due to online thievery is, for some, just the beginning of their troubles; CyberScout and LifeLock can help you recoup from loss of personal information.
  • Both companies work with multiple multinational companies and have years of experience doing so, with both CyberScout’s and LifeLock’s reviews being highly commendable. 
  • CyberScout and LifeLock identity theft protection offer various resources to educate yourself and those around you about online fraud.


  • LifeLock Junior is a LifeLock family plan that can even give your kids (often the most active online) education, resources, and protection from threats from online thieves.
  • CyberScout is B2B, so individuals don’t benefit from the services as much.
  • LifeLock has Norton 360, which is an incredibly strong defense system.
  • LifeStages Program by CyberScout helps you through the momentous times in your life when you might be more susceptible to identity theft and fraud.
  • LifeLock’s monthly price goes up after a year of service, and it is one of the pricier services on the market.
  • LifeLock has some of the most robust defenses against online breaches, but the basic packages aren’t comprehensive.
  • CyberScout is less expensive than LifeLock.
  • CyberScout does not cover the same broad swath of expenses due to identity theft that LifeLock does.
    Although both companies have 24/7 customer service, only CyberScout claims to be multilingual.
  • CyberScout only has two plans, commercial and personal (for personal policyholders), and doesn’t have a
  • CyberScout family plan, whereas LifeLock has four different programs.
  • LifeLock monitors the dark web, where much information is bought and sold, for any mention of your personal information.
  • LifeLock offers up $1 million in identity fraud, which CyberScout does not.

LifeLock Features and Services 

Protective Computer Software

You need antivirus software to make sure that anyone trying to break down your firewalls won’t have a chance. LifeLock’s Norton 360 safeguards your information, even using a public Wi-Fi account. A security layer like Norton 360 will make your digital defense bulwarks strong and impervious to attack. 

Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web is a shady corner of the Internet in which personal information, including credit card information and tax returns, is bought and sold. LifeLock monitors these dark digital planes for any of your personal information. 

LifeLock Credit Monitoring

One of LifeLock’s gold standard programs, LifeLock Ultimate Plus, does more than just keep watch on one credit bureau – it monitors all three agencies. If a thief tries to open an account with the information they’ve stolen from you, the digital identity security system will stop them in their tracks. 

Depend on Insurance Coverage 

When you rely on insurance coverage, your financial portfolio won’t be as harmed if you are victim to online digital fraud. Any out-of-pocket expenses will be covered, and while your security team is assessing any threats, you won’t have to worry. LifeLock offers $25,000 and up to $1 million coverage, so you don’t have to be anxious in a time of threat and uncertainty.

Plans and Pricing


With insurance coverage for stolen funds, lawyer expenses, and personal needs, you only pay $9.99 a month. With access to 24/7 customer support and identity restoration specialists, you can educate yourself about fraud. LifeLock alerts you if there are any address change requests, name changes or new applications, or personal info popping up on the dark web. 


The Select Plan adds VPN security, primary defense on up to five devices, and Norton 360 protection along with the Standard Plan benefits. The monthly payments start at $9.99 and then jump to $14.99 a month.


At $19.99 a month, the Advantage Plan goes on alert if your name is used in a bank account or cash withdrawal transaction or your credit is tampered with or MORE, you'll know almost immediately with LifeLock.


Ultimate Plus

The gold standard of identity safety, this plan offers up to $1 million in coverage and alerts. It alerts if anyone opens accounts applications or there’s any 401(k) activity in your accounts.

Pros and Cons


  • LifeLock scans trillions of data points daily for any mention or note of your name or other identifying factors.
  • These identity security services not only prevent harm to your credit and financial portfolio but can help repair any damage fraud has inflicted on you.
  • If you are the victim of theft, LifeLock offers reimbursement for stolen funds.
  • With 24/7 customer service, you can always reach someone to answer your questions.
  • There is a 2-month, money-back guarantee, so if you are dissatisfied for any reason, you can get your initial investment back.
  • If there is a USPS change-of-address request, you will immediately be notified before the fraud can go any further.


  • After the initial year of payments, the monthly price of each plan increases.
  • The most affordable plan doesn’t have comprehensive coverage.
  • With the first 2 plans, you can only cover an individual, not an entire family, which won’t be helpful if you have a close family member that is the victim of identity fraud.
  • There are limitations to even the $1 million coverage plan, so you may not have as much financial coverage as you think.
  • Every plan except the Ultimate Plus Plan only covers 1 credit bureau, not all 3.
  • If LifeLock fulfilled everything in their contract and you still got hacked, the guarantee may not apply to your case.

CyberScout Features and Services 

Protects You in All Formats

Sometimes fraudsters will go after your digital records, but they can also access your financial profile in person or by telephone. CyberScout protects you in all formats so you can be sure your identity, future, and financial freedom remain secure with CyberScout credit monitoring and more.

Advise, Protect, Resolve Program

The Advise, Protect, and Resolver Program is a comprehensive plan to make sure CyberScout’s clients are protected trifold. Contact with on-site, professional fraud services will help you shore up your bulwarks in case of a financial onslaught. If you’ve become a victim of fraud, CyberScout will help you through every step of the way.

LifeStages Program

During the momentous times in your life, you can be distracted and vulnerable to financial attacks. CyberScout makes sure that you are doubly protected when you’re getting married, changing jobs, death in the family, natural disasters, and more. 

Unlimited, Multilingual Customer Service

Part of the esteemed service that CyberScout offers is the ability to converse with a live human anytime you’d like. The customer service is unparalleled at CyberScout and provides services to multilingual clients. It’s also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter where you are or what time it is, you can always get help.

Pricing and Plans

Commercial Cyber

To help companies keep apprised of their cybersecurity, CyberScout offers protection from massive breaches, extortion, and reputational damage. The commercial CyberScout plan also protects from business interruption or BI and will help you restore your system and data after an attack.

Personal Cyber

You can design a personal plan to reduce your private online information’s risk of cyber theft and help you restore your data if you are the victim of an attack. CyberScout works with policyholders to give them the tools and resources to make personal cyber-attacks a thing of the past. 

Pros and Cons


  • CyberScout used to be called IDT911 and had more than 13 years of identity security experience.
  • A CyberScout review rated the company an A+ in the Better Business Bureau.
  • CyberScout provides valuable education tools as they believe that the best defense is to be on the offensive.
  • They have 17.5 million households that they work with and 660 businesses.
  • Interactive assessment tools, newsletters, webinars, case studies, and white papers make up CyberScout’s impressive education center.
  • CyberScout thinks of big-picture events, like an individual’s vulnerability during the passing of a spouse or domestic partner.
  • CyberScout also takes care of you in less-acute experiences, like if your purse is stolen.


  • Only has B2B services, so if your employer or the insurance company doesn’t carry ID theft protection, you will have to shop elsewhere for identity theft defense services as an individual.
  • No insurance payout for identity theft for individuals.
    Although it is a B2B company, it does not provide comprehensive protection for its clients.
  • Does not offer up to $1 million for identity theft protection recovery services.
  • Does not offer a family plan and only has two plans.
  • Website is hard to navigate and can be confusing.
  • Provided information does not specify range of payments.
  • Website does not include pricing.


Stop fraud in its tracks with an identity protection company on which you can count. In this modern age, companies and individuals must take precautions in regards to their online safety.

It’s not just money that thieves are after. In online fraud, losing money is just the beginning of your troubles. With the right digital tools, thieves can get your personal information, Social Security number, and tax return contents to open new bank accounts, ruin your credit, and other miserable occurrences.

CyberScout and LifeLock are 2 companies that take digital safety very seriously. CyberScout is a service offered to businesses to protect their company and their employees’ identities and financial security.

Because it is not provided to individuals, CyberScout does not provide the most comprehensive plans for individuals. It does have a multilingual customer service bank and multiple resources for educating yourself about cybersecurity.

LifeLock does all this and more. With monitoring the three credit bureaus and the dark web for up to two years after any event, LifeLock goes out of its way to ensure that its clients, both companies and individuals, are safe from online thievery. For a sense of security that you can’t shake, opt for one of LifeLock’s comprehensive plans.

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