Life Alert Systems is an alert system that is designed to help and protect seniors and family members in a health emergency.

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Aging is a natural part of life, but if you’re like most children, you probably hate to see your parents growing old.

Though some people remain active and healthy as they near their golden years, others suffer from medical conditions that can make it difficult for them to live on their own.

Before you start researching assisted living communities and retirement homes though, you should find out how this plans can benefit your loved one.

Amongst various alert systems, the Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Medical Alert system has proven to be one of the best alert systems on the market as it is simple, reasonably priced, and very easy to install and use.

What makes it more appealing is that you do not have to sign any contract or pay any installation fees when you sign up for this alert system and it comes with lifetime warranty. On the other hand, the ADT Medical Alert system requires a 1 year contract to start and a $75 charge for installation…

This Bay Alarm Medical alert system works through a base station and a wireless emergency button that can be either a necklace pendant or a bracelet. It is waterproof and lightweight and can be worn in shower or while doing the daily chores…

When an emergency occurs, you can simply press the emergency button on the pendant so that a signal is sent to the base station and a call is made to a trained operator.

As soon as you inform the operator about your concern, he/she will immediately contact your family members, emergency medical technician (EMT) or other relatives who can reach you and assist you in time.

Now that you have a quick overview of the Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Medical Alert system, let's learn a little more about the features, battery life, and other specifications of this system.

Life Alert Systems Reviews: Indepth Look

What’s Is It All About?

Life Alert is so effective that its plans and products actually help prevent a catastrophe from occurring every 11 minutes.

A catastrophe can include users who hit an emergency button or used a base unit while stuck home alone after falling, hearing a robbery outside or even passing out.

The packages available include different features that will protect your parent from injuries and other potential problems.

“Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” is the catchphrase that made this company a household name. Commercials showed an older woman trying to make her way around a room before falling and realizing that she could not get back on her feet without help. Those ads showed how she could use one of the Life Alert buttons to call for help during an emergency.

Even if you cannot give up your life to move back home to care for your parents, you can still ensure that someone will take care of them.

The company offers plans and packagess that will work for your parent and anyone else living in that home. You may even find a system that is just right for an elderly friend or another family member.

Avoid the Retirement Home

Many older people hate the idea of moving into a retirement home. They think of it in terms of their families and loved ones putting them out to pasture. You may even find that your loved one gives up on life and passes away at a much earlier age.

With this plan, you can give them the freedom of living on their own with the security of knowing that they are safe and sound. A study done by the company found that those who used its system moved into retirement communities up to six years later than those who did not have those packagess. Once you learn more about the systems and products available, you may feel confident in purchasing a plan for your parent or loved one.

How do you know when it’s time to get one?

As the child of an elderly person, you may wonder whether your parent needs a medical alert system when you notice that person aging. While not all older people need these plans, there are some clear signs that might indicate the time is now.

One sign is that your parent suffers from medical conditions that can slowly worsen with time like diabetes. Diabetes can cause neuropathy that leads to numbness in the extremities, but it can also cause stomach cramps, loss of vision and unconsciousness. Having a medical alert system on hand gives your parent the chance to call for help before their health problems worsen.

Though some children remain close to home and visit their parents every day or a few times a week, others live in other cities or states and see their parents less often. If you live a significant distance away from your parents, you can invest in this plan to give yourself peace of mind. You’ll know that your parent can contact a helpful operator to get help during a medical emergency.

If you parent frequently suffers from slips and falls, you definitely need one of these systems. As the human body ages, the bones naturally weaken. During a slip while climbing in and out of the tub, your parent can dislocate a hip or shoulder, hit his or her head and pass out or suffer a major sprain that causes inflammation and such great pain that your mom or dad cannot get up.

The company offers specific products designed for use all around the home, and some of these products are either waterproof or water-resistant to ensure that water from the bathroom won’t keep your parent from calling for help. There are also products designed for more active users that let them take that help with them while on the go.

Protection Services

  • Standard Package
  • Home Invasions
  • Mobile Plan
  • On the Go
  • The HELP Button

The standard plan that the company offered in its early days is the same package that people buy today. More than 34,000 satisfied customers went online since 2008 to share the positive experiences that they had, and this figure does not even include those who purchased a plan before the website began accepting testimonials. This plan features two simple units that are so easy to use that your parent will never have a problem calling for assistance.

One of those units is an emergency pendant, which looks like a small electronic device with a large button in the center. Life Alert provides users with a strap that looks similar to those found on wristwatches for those who want to wear the unit on their wrists. If your loved one has some mobility issues, you might suggest that he or she use the included cord to wear the emergency pendant around the neck instead.

The location of the button is especially important because it makes calling for help easier and more convenient. Even if your parent falls down and breaks a bone, he or she can call for help with just a push of that button. It has a built-in speaker for communicating with an operator and letting the operator know exactly what happened.

Though the emergency pendant does have a battery inside, the plan guarantees that the battery will last for seven years and that you will never need to charge it. As the pendant is fully waterproof, you can let your parent take a long bath, hop in the shower or even play outside in the sprinkler with your kids. This design ensures that the button will keep working after exposure to water.

Also included is a signature main unit that Life Alert designed just for its customers. You’ll need to choose between connecting the unit to a land line or a cellular network. A cellular connection will make the unit work when the phone lines go down, but some homes have such poor cell phone reception that you’ll want to opt for a land line connection.

This signature unit has a power cord that plugs into a nearly outlet, but it also comes with a battery backup inside. If your parent loses power, you can rest assured that he or she can still contact an operator for up to 72 hours after the power fails. This unit will know when the power comes back on and will immediately begin charging the battery.

With this package, you can take advantage of two big benefits. The first is 24/7 monitoring that allows your parent to talk to a real person and get help anytime a problem arises. You will also appreciate that the emergency pendant works at a range of up to 800 feet, letting your parent call an operator from almost anywhere in the house.

When you call to talk about setting up a new system, the operator you talk to will help you decide on the best products as well as the type of plan you need. Answering basic questions about where your parent lives can help you decide between a land line and a cellular connection.

The products that come with this package have built-in speakers. If an operator cannot hear your parent, the operator will call 911 and send paramedics and others to the home. Your loved one can also use that speaker to let the operator know what happened and whether they need police, firefighters or paramedics.

Reasons to Choose This Company


Signing up for a medical alert system is something that you and your parents can do together to give all of you peace of mind. The odds are good that you heard about Life Alert in the past and wondered how it compared to other companies. Many customers switched from other packages to those offered by the company because they wanted the protection that this company offers.


In addition to preventing catastrophes, the company offers an online dispatch center that is available 24-hours a day and seven-days a week. Whether your parent hits the button at three in the morning, nine at night or in the middle of a busy holiday, operators will always be on hand to answer that call. The operators go through rigorous training to ensure that they can handle the most demanding calls and keep their cool at the same time.


While some companies have a limited number of operators working in their offices, the company guarantees that its office has up to twice as many operators working as any other company does. Your parent will never hit the button and listen in vain as no one answers the call. This plan promises that there will always be a trained and professional operator ready to handle each call.


Another benefit to this system is that the company takes a medical history when starting new service and updates that history as long as your parent remains a customer. If your parent cannot speak, the operator can give the paramedics an updated medical history that includes all the medications that your loved one takes as well as any allergies he or she might have.


During emergency situations in which your parent can keep speaking and communicating, the operator will remain on the line for the duration of the call. The operator will only hang up when the paramedics arrive.

You’ll also appreciate that Life Alert will take the time to notify you of an emergency. The same operator who talks to your parent can contact you later and let you know what happened as well as where the paramedics took your parent. In some cases, another operator in the dispatch office can contact as the first operator remains in contact with your parent.





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