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  • They offer a $1 million insurance policy
  • Identity restoration help to pre-existing ID theft cases with the help of Privacy Advocates
  • Digital exposure reports
  • Proprietary monitoring mechanism
  • Up to 2 months free on an annual plan subscription
  • IP address monitoring


  • Limited family coverage as compared to other services
  • Limited credit monitoring - only one credit agency instead of 3
  • Quite expensive to get started at $14-.95 a month
  • No added anti-virus software


Although it does provide a generous annual payment discount and some unique security features, family coverage is only limited to 4 minors so if you have a large clan to protect, it may not be the ideal option.  

Most people tend to get lazy about important things, their online safety being one of them. And we’re quite sure you have been guilty of it too.

Consider yourself extremely lucky if you haven’t been defrauded yet because most Americans have faced some form of online scam and ID theft. And if you insist on having an online presence without ID protection, your name will likely end up in the victims’ list.     

The few dollars you spend protecting yourself will go a long way in keeping you safe and will pale in comparison with the fact that you could have your savings wiped clean without protection. 

Today, we will try and understand how ID theft threatens to bring our life to a grinding halt and why you must give serious consideration to subscribing to an ID protection service. We will also share with this ID protection service. Read our in-depth InfoArmor review.

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Identity and credit monitoring

High-risk transaction alerts

Dark web monitoring

24/7 Privacy Advocate remediation

Social media monitoring

Financial threshold monitoring

Digital exposure reports

$1 million identity theft insurance policy

Credit alerts

Single Bureau

Single Bureau

Additional alerts on financial account transactions

Bulk Payment Discount

Credit score simulator

Minors Allowed


Up to 4

InfoArmor Reviews - Best Identity Protection?

Within the following section, you will find an in-depth Experian InfoArmor review:

What is it?

InfoArmor started its operations in 2007 and is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. It focuses on providing businesses with a robust solution to help keep employees and their families safe from online fraud and ID theft. The cornerstone of InfoArmor’s ID protection strategy is driven by comprehensive global research along with big data analysis.

PrivacyArmor is the division through which InfoArmor dispenses its ID surveillance and protection services. InfoArmor has indeed made a name for itself in enterprise ID protection. Along with 50 Fortune 500 corporations, 600 businesses and government enterprises have entrusted InfoArmor with the online security of their employees. 

Features & Services

Let’s take a closer look at security feature bucket of InfoArmor:

Dark web monitoring

InfoArmor offers a robust dark web monitoring framework. It relies on a potent combination of bots and embedded human intelligence operatives to make sure that your sensitive information stays off the web.     

Stolen fund reimbursement

If your bank account, 401(k), or HAS is compromised, InfoArmor will reimburse the losses.  

Tax refund protection

If somebody fraudulently claims tax refunds in your name, InfoArmor will also rectify that.   

Pre-existing fraud existence

If you have been a victim of ID theft before becoming a member of InfoArmor, they will provide you identity restoration assistance with the help of Privacy Advocates at no additional cost.

Deceased family member coverage

This is a unique feature that most other services do not provide. InfoArmor will guard the personal information of any of your nominated deceased family members.  

Enhanced information surveillance

InfoArmor operates a proprietary monitoring mechanism, which reduces the time to sense dubious activity and sends out instant alerts.

Lost wallet protection

You will have no trouble getting back on track if you end up losing your wallet. InfoArmor will quickly cancel your credit cards along with providing replacement assistance.      

Digital exposure report

A very handy feature of InfoArmor that we haven’t yet seen in other services. It instantly lets you see which public forums have your personal information.  

Social media monitoring

InfoArmor will keep a close eye on your social media profiles. They also watch out for red flags such as vulgarity, threats, explicit content, violence, and cyber-bullying.    

24-7 customer service

InfoArmor offers a U.S.-based customer care center along with 24-7 access to Privacy Advocates.    

Credit assistance

If you suspect credit fraud, InfoArmor will assist you in freezing your credit files with all the major credit bureaus. And if needed, you will also have the option to file a credit report from InfoArmor’s portal.   

Transunion Report & Scores

You will have unrestricted access to your TransUnion credit report or score from their portal. You can obtain as many reports as you want when you have InfoArmor.

IP address monitoring

Consider this feature as an added layer of security. InfoArmor will monitor if someone tries to unlawfully use your IP address.

Plans & Pricing

InfoArmor Individual Plan

  • Fits Industries
  • Secured Account
  • Fraud Remediation
  • No extra cost for pre-existing identity theft coverage
  • Advocates available 24/7
  • $1M coverage

InfoArmor Family Plan

  • Same benefits and features for all members of the family plan
  • No age cap on minors
  • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
  • Includes kids, parents, in-laws, and other dependents living at home

InfoArmor has kept its plan offerings pretty simple. They are categorized as Individual and Family.

InfoArmor Individual Plan


  • Fits Industries
  • Secured Account
  • Fraud Remediation
  • No extra cost for pre-existing identity theft coverage
  • Advocates available 24/7
  • $1M coverage

It will cost you $14.95 a month to subscribe. Although it is on the more expensive end of the spectrum, however, you stand to get a hefty discount if you pay upfront for the year. The annual subscription will cost you $149.95 a year. This essentially means you will get 2 months’ worth of ID protection for free! You will get all the security features explained above. And generous insurance of up to $1 million is offered for ID theft victims along with account restoration assistance.

InfoArmor Family Plan


  • Same benefits and features for all members of the family plan
  • No age cap on minors
  • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
  • Includes kids, parents, in-laws, and other dependents living at home

InfoArmor’s family plan will set you back $24.95 for the month. You will eligible for the bulk discount if you pay for the entire year. You will have to pay $249.95. However, their family plan coverage is quite limited. You can only add up to 4 minors (in addition to 2 adults) while most other services will allow you to add 6 to 8 minors for nominal charges.                

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does AllState Own InfoArmor?

Yes, it does.

2. Where are the Corporate Headquarters of InfoArmor?

InfoArmor is based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

3. Is it legit or a scam??

InfoArmor is a well-known name in the ID protection niche. Along with 50 Fortune 500 corporations, 600 businesses and government enterprises have entrusted InfoArmor with the online security of their employees.

4. How to set up the family plan in InfoArmor?

The process is the same as signing up for the individual plan.


Admittedly it is on the expensive side at $14.95 a month to start but it does makeup with a hefty annual payment discount. Moreover, it provides certain security features that other services do not. However, family coverage is quite limited. 

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Why Do You Need Identity Theft Protection?

What Is Identity Theft?

The act of gaining gain unlawful access to your personal or financial information without your knowledge is categorized as identity theft.  

Common ID Theft Threats And You Must Sign Up For An ID Protection Service

Most people tend to rely way too much on their humble antivirus for online security, not realizing that the modern ID thief has gone way past that. Here are some strong reasons why it makes sense to subscribe to an ID protection service:

Risks of a weak digital presence:  

  • Your money is the juiciest target for most ID thieves and they will not hesitate to wipe your account clean.  
  • Your personal information and that of your family will likely end up on the dark web.
  • Moreover, your court records, tax records, and loan history are all at risk.

Reasons for investing in ID theft protection:

  • Monitoring: It is impossible to keep an eye on so many data points to ensure online security. However, an ID protection service makes the job a lot easier with its robust surveillance mechanism.     
  • Timely alerts: A timely notification will enable you to act immediately after a breach has taken place.  
  • Safety from financial loss and recovery: Most online ID protection services offer a generous insurance policy to ID theft victims.   

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