IDShield vs LifeLock 2021: Compare and Know the Winner

by Keith Morris

Topic:  ID Theft

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IDShield vs LifeLock. Overall, IDShield has more flexible plan options and has more preferable choice for families, while LifeLock has more exhaustive coverage and is good for those who want added protection through Norton Antivirus security software across devices.

  • Good price
  • Reliable service
  • Comprehensive feature suite, the 10-children family plan
  • Access to a private investigator  
  • Personal expense compensation package 
  • Up to $1 million expense coverage 
  • Money-back guarantee. If you sign up for their annual plan

The noteworthy among the differences between IDShield and LifeLock is the privilege you get from them. With IDShield, aside from the $1 million insurance you will also get the privilege of having a licensed private investigator to examine your case. With LifeLock, they offer insurance of $1 million plus additional coverage for financial loss and personal expenses, annual signup discounts, and 60-day refund guarantee.

 IDShield vs LifeLock: A Detailed Comparison

Both of these systems have their advantages and drawbacks. Let’s see how they stack up against each other.

Here’s a quick rundown if you’re not big on details.





Identity theft insurance

$1 million

$1 million

Family Plan

3 Bureau Credit reports

Discount for Annual Payments

Mobile app

Trial period

60-day money-back guarantee



  • Both services offer up to $1 million in coverage for identity theft-related financial loss
  • Both services offer credit monitoring from all 3 agencies (depending on the plan)
  • Both services have an easy-to-use Android and iOS app


  • IDShield offers access to licensed private investigators, while Lifelock doesn’t
  • IDShield offers great value for family plans, while LifeLock plans aren’t optimized for families. You’ll have to pay an additional $5.99 per child
  • Lifelock offers a personal expense compensation package of up to $1 million, while IDShield doesn’t
  • Lifelock offers annual signup discounts, while IDShield doesn’t
  • Lifelock offers 60-day money-back guarantee, while IDShield doesn’t

IDShield Up Close

Here’s an in-depth look at what IDShield has to offer:

Features and services

IDShield has been in business for 15 years. It operates across 50 US states and 4 Canadian provinces, with a customer base close to 1 million. It is owned and run by its parent firm, LegalShield, which provides legal coverage against unexpected traumatic experiences.     

IDShield boasts quite a comprehensive list of security features, such as unlimited consulting, $1 million identity theft insurance, 12-month credit score tracking history, 24-7 access to customer support, licensed private investigators, 24-7 credit monitoring & alerts, dark web surveillance, financial account monitoring, payday loan monitoring, credit report disputes, sex offender alerts, court records & bookings and SSN monitoring.  

pricing and plans

IDShield has categorized its plans into individual and family plans.

The plans are divided into 4 sub-categories. The basic features (as explained above) are the same across all plans.

The key differentiating factor is the level of credit monitoring you can choose with each plan.

You can either choose credit monitoring from a single agency or all 3 agencies.  Here’s a closer look at their offer:

  1. Individual, one-bureau plan: $12.95 per month
  2. Individual, three-bureau plan: $17.95 per month
  3. Family, one-bureau plan: $25.95 per month
  4. Family, three-bureau plan: $32.95 per month

The downside is that there are no bulk signup discounts or risk-free trial periods.

recovery process

IDShield offers quite a robust and somewhat unique information- and fraud-recovery process for identity theft victims. Let’s take a closer look.

The process starts with an alert if there’s an attempt to access your information. If the breach has indeed taken place, you will receive a confirmation call from an IDShield representative. A threat-specific case will be opened and you will be assigned a licensed private investigator who will work with government agencies, financial institutions, credit bureaus, and collection agencies to recover your stolen identity. This is something no other identity protection service offers.    


  • Decent insurance coverage: You’re eligible for up to $1 million for financial loss from identity theft
  • Access to a licensed private investigator: You will be assigned a licensed private investigator who will work on your case to recover your stolen identity
  • Good value for money: The comprehensive list of security features and services at its given price-point makes IDShield a worthwhile option
  • A solid family plan: You can add up to 10 children with their family plan
  • Free Android and iOS app: You can download the free IDShield Plus app which makes it easy to monitor your data on the go
  • Reliable customer support: You’ll be given round the clock phone assistance


  • No free trialYou cannot try their services risk-free and there are no money-back guarantees
  • Hard to cancelWith most other ID protection services, you cancel your membership online. That’s not the case with IDShielD

About LifeLock

Here’s an in-depth look at what LifeLock has to offer:

Features and service 

LifeLock is a giant in the ID protection industry. Millions of people have entrusted their identity and financial security to the seasoned LifeLock team. It offers multiple layers of security, encompassing bank accounts, credit score monitoring, and other sensitive information. 

Moreover, if you have been a victim of identity theft, you can rely on their effective recovery framework to help you retrieve the compromised information. It will also provide you with legal assistance and insurance coverage of up to $1 million.

LifeLock pricing and plans  

1. LifeLock Standard 

It is the most budget-friendly plan currently offered by LifeLock. You’ll be paying $11.99 a month, however, you can save about $19 if you’re willing to sign up for the entire year; it’ll cost you $125 instead of $144.You’ll get up to $1 million in case of identity loss damages and an additional $25,000 for financial loss. Plus, you’ll get $25,000 more for personal expenses. The plan doesn’t cover any credit reports or credit scores. But, it will monitor your Equifax credit records and alert you if your address, bank accounts or SSN is being unlawfully used.

2. LifeLock Ultimate Plus

It is priced at $34.99 per month or $28.33/month for the year. The plan is ideal if you’re looking for aggressive credit score monitoring. You will have access to reports from all 3 credit agencies, and every month, you'll be provided access to Vantage 3.0 scores from the credit reports of Experian and TransUnion. Also, you’ll be entitled to a personal expense coverage of up to $1 million and the plan will also provide you with sex-offender information.      

3. LifeLock family plan

This is more of an add-on rather than a standalone plan. Once you sign up for any of the 3 individual plans, you can add any children under 18 to the plan for an additional $5.99 per month. To add your partner, you’ll have to sign up for a separate individual plan.      


  • Money-back guarantee: If you have signed up for their annual plan, you have the ability to ask for a complete refund within 60 days
  • Reliable insurance coverage: You’re eligible for up to $1 million for financial loss from identity theft
  • Generous personal expense compensation: You will also receive a personal expense compensation package ranging from $25,000 to $1 million, depending on the plan
  • Reliable customer support: You’ll be given round the clock phone assistance
  • Dedicated identity restoration department: If your information gets stolen, they will thoroughly guide you and oversee the entire account restoration process


  • Expensive family planYou’ll need to shell out extra for complete family coverage. Your spouse has to sign up for their own plan, plus there are additional monthly charges for each child
  • Annual price increase: You’ll have to pay an extra dollar per month for any plan you subscribe to after 1 year. 
  • Identity Restoration Service is accessible during working hours only


If you’re looking for an ID protection service that offers the best of both worlds in terms of price and reliable identity protection, IDShield should be at the top of your shopping list. And when you add in its comprehensive feature suite, the 10-children family plan and access to a private investigator, the overall package becomes quite compelling for the price. There are some caveats though, such as their complicated cancellation process.    

On the other hand, Lifelock offers its own set of benefits. First of all, their personal expense compensation package is unmatched, with up to $1 million expense coverage depending on the plan. They also provide a generous money-back guarantee. If you sign up for their annual plan, you can easily cancel your subscription within 60 days.   You can also read more about our LifeLock review here.

Other content

All about identity theft

Let me ask you something.

When was the last time you seriously thought about bolstering your online identity security?

If you’re like most people, I’m pretty sure it was in the distant past. Guess what? You’ve just made the hacker’s job a lot easier.

You might be thinking “I just changed my password last month!” Well, that is far less than what you should be doing to keep yourself safe from online fraud and identity theft. And when you consider the massive scale and frequency of such attacks in the recent past, taking proactive security measures becomes all the more important.    

You see, the convenience of our modern way of conducting business comes at a steep price – surrendering our sensitive information. This leaves the door wide open for hackers and fraudsters to pounce on your personal data and cause serious personal and financial damage. 

Today, I’ll discuss identity theft and why you shouldn’t take it lightly. I’ll also share my thoughts and experiences with two very well-known identity protection service providers, IDShield and LifeLock, so you can choose the one that fits your needs.     

What it is and how to guard yourself against it? 

Identity theft is exactly what it sounds like. Someone swoops in to steal your personal and financial information to dent you financially or socially, by tarnishing your reputation.     

We strongly recommend thoroughly going over the following points to keep yourself and your family safe. Better yet, print out a copy and stick it to your refrigerator:  

  • If people tell you that you’re being OCD about sharing your information, that’s a good thing! There’s no such thing as being too careful when it comes to digital security. First of all, don’t just share your personal information with anyone who asks. And when you have to surrender it, be hawkish about it. Find out all you can about the business and why your information is needed.
  • We’re often careless with sensitive personal and financial documents while at work. Even worse: we think that some of them may not be sensitive at all, thinking “what could possibly go wrong?”. You must understand that even the smallest piece of data can lead to identity theft. Run documents through a shredder after they are no longer needed.     
  • That old adage “cash is king” starts to make a lot more sense when you consider that your credit card is not exactly the safest way to pay. Why? Because you could easily lose it. And when you do, the window between the loss and reporting it to the bank might be enough for someone to tap into your account. Always have a bit of cash on hand and try to limit your use of credit cards. It may not be convenient, but it will keep you safe.
  • I’ve been guilty of this myself and I’m pretty sure most of you have been too: don’t ever leave your ATM slip behind. Take a good look at it and destroy it.

Why invest in an identity protection service?  

Most people look at it as an added cost. But actually, it’s an investment. One that will accrue a return on investment many times over, both in terms of financial safety and peace of mind. Here are a few compelling reasons that should easily convince you to subscribe to an identity protection service:  

Extensive monitoring

Bank accounts, credit scores, social media profiles, tax records. We use so many digital avenues that it becomes nearly impossible to track them for safety effectively. It makes a lot more sense to invest in an ID protection service, because most of them have sophisticated systems that will constantly monitor thousands of data points to ensure your safety.     


A protection service will send out instant alerts if any of your sensitive information is tampered with or retrieved. Most of the time, how quickly you react in such situations is the only difference between “a close call” and financial ruin.        

Information and financial recovery

Having an ID protection service by your side prepares you for the worst. If a hack does take place and the damage is done, the service will help you recover your lost information and cash, with some providing insurance cover of up to $1 million. 

What matters while choosing a service? 

Here’s what to consider when choosing your service provider:

1. Do your research

The sheer number of ID protection services out there is enough to make your head spin! However, they all have their pros and cons. It’s best to ask around and consider your needs before settling on one.

 2. Check customer feedback

Every service will tell you that it is the best of the best. But it’s up to you to find out if they can walk their talk. Look at customer feedback to get a clear picture of their ability.

3. Choose a service that’s upfront

Be wary of overly sale-sy or ambiguous language. If you’re not sure of what is being offered, ask questions for clarity. And if the answers aren’t forthright, you should move on to the next option.  

About the Author

Keith Morris is a 20+ year veteran of the security game, with the knowledge and experience to set you on the right track toward personal safety and security. His firm is committed to giving you the tools and know-how to combat any threat to your safety.

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