Zander Identity Theft Protection Reviews 2023

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Brandon King
May 23, 2023

Most developed economies are hurtling towards a cashless way of life. While it has its merits when we consider the convenience it affords us, however, we must ask ourselves if we are willing to pay a somewhat steep price for the perk?

Without a doubt, Zander Identity Theft is one of the cheapest online ID protection services currently available. Considering the security features it provides at its price point, Zander is perfect for anyone who’s on a budget or has just started to explore online ID safety.

  • Covers all major categories of identity theft
  • $1 Million insurgence
  • Provides personal identity information monitoring
  • Social Security fraud protection
  • Alerts about the change of address
  • 24-7 customer service

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It’s no secret that online scams and identity theft are quite common these days. Even large businesses will hefty IT budgets are not immune to such acts of brazen digital robbery. The problem is compounded even further when you consider that most people refuse to take their digital safety seriously.

However, all is not lost. If you promise yourself to act proactively, you can easily turn the digital odds in your favor. All you need to do is subscribe to an ID theft protection service. Because if you don’t you could end up becoming a financial horror story! The few dollars you spend protecting yourself will go a long way in keeping you safe

Today, we will try and understand various risks of ID theft and why you must invest in it. We will also share with you an in-depth review of an ID protection service called Zander Identity Theft.

But First, Why Should You Trust Us?

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Why Do You Need Identity Theft Protection?

What Is Identity Theft?

Any attempt to steal your personal information and to defraud you financially through digital means is categorized as ID theft such as phishing schemes and insurance or loan fraud etc.

Why It Makes Sense To Sign Up For An Identity Protection Service?

Quite a few of us are guilty of being careless about our online safety and don’t feel the need to be proactive about it, not realizing the grave danger out laziness puts us in and our families.

It is paramount that you put in the effort to educate yourself on the risks of ID theft. Here are some compelling reasons why you should immediately sign up with an ID protection service:  

The dangers of compromised digital security:  

  1. If you don’t want your hard-earned savings wiped out, then we recommend getting yourself an ID service membership.
  2. Your personal information and sensitive documents will be sold off to the highest bidder on the dark web. Apart from being a huge stress factor, it could destroy your reputation.     
  3. It is very common for ID theft victims to have their court records tampered with. Not to mention you are also exposed to insurance and loan fraud.

Reasons for investing in ID theft protection:

  1. Monitoring: An ID theft protection service will constantly monitor countless data points along with your social media profiles to make sure your online safety stays intact.  
  2. Timely alerts: Every second counts if a data breach takes place. A quick alert will greatly help you in mitigating the damage.    
  3. Safety from financial loss and recovery: The modern ID theft protection is much stronger than the years gone by, however, there are rare instances where people suffer financial loss. If you become an ID theft victim, your service provider will provide generous reimbursement to make you whole again along with administrative help to recover your accounts.  

Zander Identity Theft Review

Let’s take a closer look at what Zander brings to the table in terms of digital security and how it stacks up to the competition.

What is Zander?

Zander has been in business as an insurance provider since the 1920s. The fact that they have lasted for that long means they have earned the trust of the masses. And considering they’ve been handling public information for quite a while, progression into ID security services seems like a natural transition.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Zander Identity Theft has made a name for itself as a value provider in the ID security niche with a starting plan of under $7 a month. Secondly, it has been endorsed by a very well-known personal finance expert, Dave Ramsey, giving its credibility a significant boost.  

Here’s a primer on some of its key features:
Social security monitoring:
  • Social security scams are some of the most common out there. You will get an immediate notification in case someone tries to claim benefits against your social security information.  
Black market surveillance:
  • You can rest easy knowing that it has quite a robust information surveillance mechanism, which will send out an immediate alert the moment it spots your personal information being sold on the dark web or other such digital platforms.
  • It will also closely scan chat rooms and bulletin boards for your personal information and signs of fraudulent activity in your name.      
Social media monitoring:
  • Considering the amount of personal information people share on their social media, their profiles become an easy target for hackers.
  • The service will keep a close eye on your social media profile to ensure no one sneaks through without your consent.  
Address change verification:
  • ID thieves will often try and divert important mail for fraudulent purposes. It will immediately notify you if such an attempt has been made and if your USPS mail is sent to another different address.  
Court record monitoring:
  • There are plenty of ways to tarnish someone’s reputation – one of them being court records manipulation.
  • It will closely monitor your personal identifying information (PII) through court and arrest records and will let you know if your name pops up against unlawful activity.   
Identity restoration:
  • To start off, It has a 100% success rate when it comes to ID restoration. This is not something a lot of ID protection services can claim about themselves.
  • It will provide you end-to-end restoration assistance no matter the type of ID theft such as criminal, medical, tax fraud, financial and social security  
Bank Account and Credit Card Takeovers
  • Bank accounts and cards are prime cut for any hacker. You will get a prompt ProtectMyID surveillance alert in case of unauthorized access.
Identity theft insurance coverage:
  • It matches its competition by providing an insurance cover of up to $1million to ID theft victims. And that’s not all. It will also provide you $7500 per month for 4 weeks to cover the lost wages as a result of ID theft.

Cost & Plans


Individual Plan Cost

  • $6.75/m ESSENTIAL

  • $9.99/m ELITE CYBER

Couple Plan Cost

  • No Couples plan

Family Plan Cost

  • $12.95/m ESSENTIAL

  • $19.49/m ELITE CYBER

Renewal Price Increased After 1st Year?

  • No

Zander has kept its plan offerings quite uncomplicated while maintaining its core USP, which is to provide decent online safety at an affordable price. While some of its competitors provide many variants of their plans, Zander provides only 1 individual plan along with a family plan.    

You can get started for only $6.75 a month. The deal gets even sweeter when you factor in the bulk payment discount. If you pay upfront for the year, it will cost you only $75 instead of $81.

However, a lower price does not mean that your security will be compromised in any way. You will have access to all of their main features including protection from the most common identity thefts, online screening of sensitive information and stolen wallet coverage.

You will also be liable for ID theft, insurance coverage of up to $1 million, plus personal expense reimbursement at $7500 a week for up to 4 weeks.  Account restoration services are provided at no extra charge.  

It would not be an exaggeration to say that at this price point, Zander’s family plan will give its competitors a run for their money. You only have to pay $12.90 a month or $145 a year with a 6% discount.

You will have access to all the features of the individual plan. Moreover, you can add 2 adults and an unlimited number of children up to age 25.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to cancel Zander Identity Theft?

Their cancellation process is quite simple. You can either call their customer support or email to start the cancellation process. However, you must note that you will not be refunded if you are a monthly subs ricer. But refunds are made to annual subscribers on a prorated basis.

2. How to switch to a family plan?

If you want to switch from an individual to family plan, you can do so by calling in their customer support.

3. Does Dave Ramsey own Zander Insurance?

No, he does not.

4. Is it legit or a scam?

Zander has operated in the insurance business for almost 100 years before stepping into the ID protection niche so you can be sure of their credibility and pedigree.  

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Final Score: 8/10

Even though Zander does not currently offer credit monitoring, however, you can’t complain much when you consider their price point. And when you factor in the security features they provide and such a comprehensive family, Zander Identity Theft is hands down the value king in the ID protection niche.

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