What Are LifeLock’s Promo Codes and Discounts?

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Like most products and services out there, LifeLock has a few nice discounts you can get if you look around for them. Let’s go over them.

LifeLock Free Trial

If you look for it (use Google – the website doesn’t show it), LifeLock offers a quite nice 30 day subscription. This gives you an easy way to not only save some money, but try out the service for a month and decide whether you want to make a larger commitment. In some ways, this is actually one of the biggest discount details out there; it shaves up to $34.99 off your monthly cost.

Annual Subscription

Once you’ve decided you want to stick with LifeLock long term, the best thing you can do to save money is to sign up for a year of the service in advance.

Committing to a 12 month subscription gives you a flat baseline 15% discount that never fades away. There’s no promo code or limited time discount needed; simply sign up and go through normal checkout and you’re ready to go.

Promo Codes

LifeLock offers promo code and affiliate link discounts, including one available here. You can also enter the promo code NLLRKT at checkout to get up to 25% off any of LifeLock’s service tiers.

This does come with a few caveats, however.

One of the main ones is this promo code does seem to be incompatible with any of the free trial deals. This means if you want to benefit from the free trial, what you’ll need to do is set up your account, use the free trial, and then cancel the renewal before your free 30 days is up. Then you can sign up using the promo code to get the discount (or they may offer it to you over the phone in an attempt to retain your account).

This pricing stacks with the discount for an annual membership, though you have to get pretty deep into the signup process before it shows you the option to toggle this on. It will give you an extra 8% discount.

A final note you need to be careful of: this is a limited time discount. After 12 months of service, whether you pay monthly or go annual from the start, the service will renew at the normal price instead of the 25% off discount.

Helpful Tip!

In fact, this should be something you make a note of so you can call into LifeLock’s customer service when your initial run of service is about to run out. A lot of the time if you call and ask to renegotiate the price, particularly if you threaten to cancel the service because it is now too expensive for you to afford, the customer service representatives are empowered to work with you to retain your discount or find a new one to keep the price low.

Be aware of this going into it so you aren’t surprised by the price jump when it happens.

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