Is IDShield Worth Looking Into?

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IDShield is one of those identity theft protection services that sits just under the threshold of common knowledge. They’re no household name, and unless you’re in the market to get protection for yourself and your family, you may have never heard of them.

As a result, it’s understandable that you might be unsure as to whether you should even bother getting more details on the service, especially as that might entail signing up for a trial and just seeing how things go over the course of a month. While a great option to have, it’s one you often want to avoid using because unsubscribing once they have your info can be a pain, especially given some service’s (including IDShield’s) inconvenient customer service office hours.

So, we’ve put together this quick guide to hopefully answer a few of the basic questions about this service and what they offer.


What is IDShield?

IDShield is an identity theft protection service that’s been around for a surprisingly long time, and offers an extremely competent service overall.

This is notable mostly in the case of their monitoring tools. IDShield provides some of the best monitoring out there, and I’d put them in my top 3 services just in terms of monitoring power alone.

The breadth of monitoring they offer is good enough with all the key services you’d expect, but the speed and accuracy is something else, rivaling big name services like Identity Guard in pure performance.

The main thing is they offer significantly more limited monitoring breadth than the larger services, missing out on big ticket items like home title monitoring with any of their plans, making them more of a great budget pick than anything.

What Sets IDShield Apart from Similar Options?

Primarily, the simplicity of the service combined with its performance is what makes it so interesting.

IDShield represents a service trimmed of a lot of the extraneous bits of other services. While those extra little tricks and gimmicks might be great for the customer on some occasions, they don’t really represent what the service actually provides in its core wheelhouse.

IDShield has none of that. Even the requisite credit monitoring is trimmed down and pretty much vestigial. 1 bureau credit monitoring is extraordinarily basic, and provided as a bundle with almost all services for no real extra charge. 3 bureau monitoring is entirely optional here.

This service is also a lot cheaper than the industry standard for what you’d expect with this performance. It offers roughly the same number of options and significantly better performance than most of the middle tier plans of the average identity theft protection service, and is a bit cheaper to boot.

As a contrast to other budget services though, it also offers easy to view and use family plan options, but these stack up in price very quickly; you get no bundled discount here.

How Does IDShield Stack Up to Other Services?

Pretty well, actually, so long as you temper your expectations.

IDShield is a small service and it shows. It doesn’t provide some of the really top shelf monitoring tools that Identity Guard, LifeLock, and even to a certain extent IdentityForce provide.

Its greatest weakness is how limited its monitoring is…but that’s okay. It has superior monitoring accuracy and especially speed compared to, say, something like LifeLock Advantage (LifeLock’s middle tier option) while covering pretty much the same amount of monitored information, all for a lower price.

One of its main shortcomings compared to other options as well? Its family plans.

Buying a family plan entails you essentially just paying for two individual plans. While this is technically a little bit better value, because you not only get two adults, but up to 10 children covered…it’s pretty terrible compared to the rest of the market.

In most cases a family plan is going to run you about a third more over the base price of an individual plan, making them very cost effective.

In this case, buying IDShield’s family plan with 3 bureau credit monitoring is going to cost you equivalent to something like Identity Guard Ultra’s family plan, and that’s not a comparison that IDShield can really survive unscathed.

However, for what it is, IDShield is not too shabby, and puts quite a few of its competitors to shame in terms of raw performance and monitoring power.

So Is IDShield Worth it?

All things considered, I’d say yes.

The service has a few drawbacks compared to larger and more established services to be sure. It has lower monitoring breadth, terrible family plan deals, and doesn’t offer much extra (such as LifeLock’s security plan, Experian’s financial services, and so on) to help incentivize you to use it.

But looked at purely from the perspective of whether it’s a great identity theft protection service or not, it’s impossible to say it’s not.

Its monitoring can’t be overstated as one of the best on the market, even better than some of the big names like LifeLock in terms of accuracy and speed.

You just need to judge IDShield for what it is. Much like its competitor in the same niche, IdentityForce, IDShield is a powerhouse of a budget option. It offers superior performance for a lower price than the low and middle tier options of the market leaders (Identity Guard and LifeLock) and shouldn’t be compared to their top tier service plans, which cost on average somewhere between 50% more and double the cost of IDShield.

They provide a free trial, and whilst it’s a pretty well-known 30 days free, there appear to be no hoops you have to leap through.

When viewed in that regard, IDShield is extremely tempting for someone who meets a few basic criteria:

  • They only need coverage for themselves (since the family plans are a bad deal)
  • Don’t need advanced features (eg. home title monitoring and 401(k) and investment monitoring)
  • Don’t mind a minimalist design
  • Don’t value extra “gimmick” or “enticer” features (eg. LifeLock’s antivirus and VPN service)

This hypothetical person is not hard to imagine, and probably matches the needs of quite a few people in the market for identity theft protection. And if it describes you well, you would not go wrong looking a bit more closely at IDShield.

Let’s compare IDShield to other services:

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