IDShield Identity Theft Protection – Is It Legit?

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When it comes to protecting your information, starting from a position of borderline paranoia is a good habit to be in. Especially when it comes to the extremely sensitive information like your social security number, a single slip up could lead to a lifetime of suffering and cost a ton of money to recover from.

Identity theft protection services exist to help alleviate these fears, but looking into one you may not have heard of can be a harrowing process. This goes double if their website looks a little basic, as is the case with a lot of these smaller businesses.

So, let’s see if we can hash out some details that might take the edge of any trepidation you may feel about IdShield


IDShield History

Much like other long-running businesses like Identity Force, IDShield has actually been kicking around for quite a while, though in different forms.

IDShield is actually an offshoot of Legal Shield, a service that many people might be more familiar with, other than their identity theft protection business. Legal Shield has been in service for over 50 years at this point, and is a valuable resource for people to gain easy access to basic legal counsel.

They’re a pretty well-trusted business for what they offer, and IDShield should be treated much the same way.

Any Controversies You Should Know About?

IDShield has no real controversies to speak of. In this case, what we’re looking for is accusations of data breaches, overpromising on their service, and other shady business tactics.

IDShield does none of that. Their service seems to be completely locked down in terms of security, and has a spotless record in major business dealings overall.

You can find the occasional bad customer review, and the majority of these do point toward a specific issue: poor customer service in regard to cancellation. This tracks decently well with my own experience, and is not unique to IDShield. Customer retention is a huge priority of any service with a  recurrent payment model and they will often fight tooth and nail to keep accounts.

Still, IDShield was by no means the worst service I’ve dealt with in this regard. I would call this a minor problem in the grand scheme of things.

Is IDShield Fairly Priced?

Yes, for what IDShield provides (excellent monitoring power, decent monitoring breadth, minimal credit monitoring) it’s a very fair price.

Individual Plan
Family Plan
Individual Monthly
1 Bureau Credit Monitoring
$13.95 /month
3 Bureau Credit Monitoring
$17.95 /month
1 Bureau Credit Monitoring
$26.95 /month
3 Bureau Credit Monitoring
$32.95 /month

Their price is one of the lowest on the market for the level of service provided, so you will probably feel comfortable going with their individual service plan.

However, it should be mentioned that their family plan services are very overpriced for what they offer, so this exists on a bit of a spectrum. Just keep in mind your needs when shopping around, and if you find you need whole family protection, it is probably better to look elsewhere.

Read more about IDshield, if they offer free trial and promo codes.

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