Is Identity Guard Worth Your Time and Money?

If you’re like me, one of the first things you try to figure out on researching a new product or service is the absolute basics. Before you can dive deeper into reviews, feature comparisons, and so on, you need to know what the general consensus on the product is, and decide whether it’s even worth bothering to look further into it, or if everybody you can find says the product is trash.

If the item doesn’t even stack up at a basic level, you’re typically not even going to want to look into the exact features.

So, to the main question at hand: “Is Identity Guard Worth It?”.

Short answer: yes. Let’s start with the basics of the basics and elaborate on that a bit.

Identity Guard is good, real good. It’s cost effective if you seek out the right deals, and has unparalleled performance when it comes to the speed and accuracy of its alerts. The customer support team is great, with knowledgeable  experts available 24/7, and they can get you sorted out pretty much no matter what happens.

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What Is Identity Guard?

Identity Guard is an identity theft protection service.

They offer tools that help monitor your personal information, so you can get advance warning of identity theft attempts.

Their monitoring services are extremely broad, covering pretty much everything you can think of. You can give Identity Guard every piece of information that you think will help. Bank accounts and credit cards, your home title, basic personal details like home address and email, a wide variety of accounts for various websites and services, commonly used usernames, and a whole lot more.

These services are also extremely accurate in my experience, turning up alerts and potential problems with lightning speed, and bringing them to your attention.

In addition to monitoring, Identity Guard (like other identity theft protection services) is there to help you resolve potential issues that come up. They have an excellent customer service staff with great availability (they’re open late most days), and depending on your plan, a “white glove” service that gives you a lot more direct, focused attention from their specialists to help resolve complex issues.

They walk you through the process of solving problems on your own as well, since they can’t handle everything for you. Their service is also great for giving you advice on how to minimize risk and head off problems before they happen.

Finally, Identity Guard is an insurance service. In the unfortunate event that your identity is stolen, and you end up losing money or assets, they will reimburse you up to $1 million in stolen funds and expenses, similarly to having burglary insurance. This extends to things like lost wages for needing to take time off work to deal with the problem as well.

What Makes Identity Guard Unique?

In a word: power.

Identity Guard’s monitoring services are second to none, and the same goes for their threat resolution and insurance. Some other services match them in one or more of these categories, but none I’ve looked at match Identity Guard in EVERY category.

Identity Guard is by far the most focused identity theft protection service on the market. What makes them unique, ironically, is that it has nothing else to it.

Is Identity Guard worth it? It has no gimmick, extra service, or secondary focus that takes away from its ability to make good on the promises of its service’s core features. Fast and accurate monitoring, targeted resolution services, and an extremely generous insurance plan are what it promises, and what it delivers. No more and no less.

How Does Identity Guard Stack Up to Other Services?

While I’ve gone over this in more detail in other articles, it’s worth going over again.

Identity Guard compares extremely favorably to everything else on the market I’ve tried and tested. As mentioned, it simply packs a lot more oomph in the monitoring department than anything else out there, with few exceptions that even come close to matching its abilities.

The main things Identity Guard often compares unfavorably on are price and additional services. Identity Guard is very affordable when you take into account the discounts you can apply to it, but some services out there are priced extremely low for what they offer, making them a tempting option for people who have a very low budget to work with but are worried about identity theft for one reason or another.

Likewise, as mentioned, Identity Guard doesn’t really do anything besides identity theft protection, with the exception of allowing you to view your credit scores without using a separate service like Credit Karma. It doesn’t offer, for example, antivirus security, or bill negotiation services, to name things some of its competitors bring to the table.

In terms of performance, Identity Guard is unmatched. In terms of price and versatility, some services can compete if you value those additional services.

Is Identity Guard Worth It?

In every sense of the word. Not only is the service highly efficient and powerful, it’s also surprisingly affordable as well.

Identity Guard is possibly the most well-known identity protection service out there, and for good reason. While its best deals are only to be found in specific affiliate links (like our own), it does in the end boast a very reasonable price point that’s worth considering even if you have a tight budget to work with.

In terms of its service, it is of course one of the best out there, and certainly the undisputed champion in terms of raw overall performance.

There are reasons you might pick other services over Identity Guard, but it’s certainly a service that bears looking deeper into if you’re at all serious about buying identity theft protection. You would be doing yourself a disservice to discard it out of hand just because it doesn’t offer as many side benefits as its competitors, since those extra long lists of features can be misleading.

Where it counts, Identity Guard offers an unmatched level of performance, so I’d say it’s not just worth looking into, it’s worth giving a try for a month to see if you like it while you’re shopping around. Even if you don’t plan to stick with it long term, using it is likely to give you a better idea of what to expect from other services, and how they do things differently.

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