Is IdentityForce a Scam?

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Identity theft protection services can be kind of scary. They ask for a lot of personal information up front, including your social security number.

The irony of giving your information to a service you believe will protect you, only for it to turn out to be a scam would be funny, if the idea weren’t so terrifying.

As a result, it’s a great idea to vet any service thoroughly before you use it.

IdentityForce in particular does little to instill confidence in its service up front. It asks for a lot of information before you’re even fully signed up for the service, and does it in a clunky way that might make you believe this is an amateurish site, or an unusually well put together scam website.

Hopefully, I can put some of these justified fears to rest. IdentityForce is not in any way a scam, and is in fact one of your better options on the market for identity theft protection.

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IdentityForce History

IdentityForce has been around in one form or another since the late 70s, when they were formed as Stop-Loss Associates, a company focused on loss prevention and security for businesses.

They’ve been around in loss prevention ever since, and eventually moved into identity theft protection for individuals in 1996.

So this is not some new startup you need to worry about. IdentityForce has a pedigree, even if they didn’t gain that name until 2006.

They continued on, floating under most peoples’ radars for years after that, before merging with EZShield in 2018 which rebranded a year later as Sontiq, resulting in the current form of the service.

So, is IdentityForce Legit?

Absolutely. IdentityForce 24/7 ID theft protection service is a great service, and well worth trusting with your information.

It’s one I’ve used personally for a while now, and no problems have appeared.

In general, if an identity theft protection service is legitimate you have little else to worry about. These services are specialized in identity theft, and know how to keep an iron-hard lock on their customers’ information.

Despite the fact that IdentityForce’s website looks a fair bit out of date, it makes up for lack of presentation with great security, and has never had a breach in its data. This is more than can be said for other services, like Experian, which experience data breaches pretty regularly.

The security of their website is backed up with excellent performance: some of the best on the market in fact. So not only are they a legitimate business, they are one the best in the business when it comes to identity theft protection. They offer advanced monitoring and alerts tools, are easy to use (once you get past their horrible signup process), family plan, and come in at a great price for what they offer, so all in all are a great pick for users who need mid to high tier monitoring breadth and power on a budget.

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