Is Costco Complete ID Legit?

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When it comes to signing up for an identity theft protection service, trust is the most important thing. You need to give them a lot of very personal, sensitive information in order for them to do their job, and if you happen to pick wrong, and fall into an elaborate scam…it could have the opposite effect that you intended.

As a result it’s a good idea to look deep into every service to figure out if they’re legitimate, a scam, or somewhere in between.

What is Costco Complete ID?

Complete ID is an identity theft protection service offered by Costco, the wholesale store. It sounds like an odd match for a company whose primary claim to fame is selling household products in bulk with discounts, but it makes a little more sense when you factor in that Costco Complete ID is backed by Experian as well.

Oddly, it has close to nothing in common with Experian’s own IdentityWorks service in either functionality or appearance.

Instead, it offers extremely basic identity monitoring protection, with a primary focus on data breach and dark web monitoring, as well as a bizarrely good sex offender registry monitoring service.

Couple that with its 24/7 customer support access and $1 million lost funds reimbursement and expenses plan, as well as the option for child identity protection and you have a competent, though basic identity theft monitoring option.

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So Is it a Scam?

Not at all. While it’s far from other best identity theft protection service out there, it’s backed by two fairly large and reputable companies, and provides everything it says it will.

The rub, of course, is that what it provides is not much in the grand scheme of things.

While it’s not a scam, it is closer to what I would call a marketing gimmick or minor incentive designed to entice people to sign up for a Costco membership.

They are very clearly not interested in offering the best identity theft protection service out there, and it falls well short of similar options in the same price range.

Instead it seems as though they’re relying a bit on being somewhat deceptive with their prices. On the surface, the prices are quite good. A quick look for posterity:

Business and Gold Star
Individual Monthly
Business and Gold Star
$13.99 /month
$8.99 /month
Child Identity Monitoring
Business and Gold Star
$3.99 /month
$2.99 /month

These are the prices listed on the website. Of course, it doesn’t directly list the cost of the requisite membership designed to access the service in the first place. That is $60 per year for the Business and Gold Star memberships, and $120 a year for the Executive level membership.

Likewise you might notice that the Complete ID price for the Executive members is a fair bit cheaper. $5 a month is nothing to sneeze at.

Of course if you look a little closer, you’ll notice that the yearly price for each service is precisely the same.

So while you do get exactly what they claim for the money, it feels like they’re a bit deceptive about how much you’re actually paying.

Still: not in the slightest a scam, just make sure to look closely at how much you’re actually willing to pay for what’s on offer.

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