Does IDShield Offer Any Promo Codes or Discounts?

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By Ken Gibson

Topic:  ID Theft

January 31, 2022

IDShield is a very odd duck when it comes to these identity theft protection services, at least with regard to providing promo codes and discounts.

While it does do periodic discounts on its service, there’s nothing predictable you can rely on. If you want to catch a deal on IDShield you’re going to need to keep an eye out for one and pounce on it whenever it pops up.

There are no ongoing discounts, promo codes, or affiliate links you can make use of year round for IDShield.

IDShield does offer a free trial, but it’s a pretty standard one: you get the first 30 days free, and then it’s the normal price afterward.

However, IDShield does offer one quirky little advantage to signing on with them.


Member Perks

IDShield offers some member-exclusive discounts to various brands to everyone who buys into their service.

This might not be what you’re looking for, but it’s a possible incentive to go with IDShield if you happen to use the stuff they regularly offer discounts on.

That’s going to determine the overall value, here. While the price of their service might not enjoy discounts, going with them could result in an overall lower monthly expenditure.

In particular, their Verizon discount (even at only 8% at the time of this writing) might save you a ton of money if you use Verizon for your phone or internet service.

Other than that though…no. IDShield doesn’t offer any real discounts.

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