Identity Force: Promo Codes and Discounts

When it comes to identity theft protection services, Identity Force is already one of the more cost-effective options out there. But there’s no such thing as getting too good of a deal on a great product.

Services like this seem to think so too, and often offer discounts of various types that you can gain access to, either for a limited time or on a more permanent basis.

Let’s take a look at what Identity Force has on offer to help entice prospective customers.

IdentityForce Free Trial

Like many other services, Identity Force offers a free trial for their service. This applies to both of their service tiers: UltraSecure (which includes all of their monitoring tools and insurance) and UltraSecure + Credit (which adds three bureau credit monitoring to everything the other option gives).

Unlike a lot of the other free trial memberships out there, Identity Force is currently offering two months free, instead of the usual 1 month (or 30 days for the real sticklers) you’ll generally find out there.

This is an excellent deal, and well worth it for those looking to try out Identity Force. Even if you’re already committed to paying, it applies to their annual memberships as well, meaning that for your first year of membership you’re only paying for 10 months.

This is pretty good, and makes up for there not being any bulk annual discount; you pay the same price for 12 months up front as you would paying month to month (though it does lock in other discounted prices in the process).

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By following our link, you have access to a very nice discount for Identity Force. A quick look at the discounted prices compared to the original:

Identity ForceUltraSecureUltraSecure+Credit
Full Price$17.99/month($215.88/year)$23.99/month($287.88/year)
Identity ForceUltraSecureUltraSecure+Credit

That’s a pretty steep drop in price month to month, and even more when you take into account that this can be combined with the two month free trial option, dropping the cost even further.

This discount applies to their family plans as well, dropping the prices by a commensurate amount to the following:

Identity ForceUltraSecureUltraSecure+Credit
Family Plans (Discounted)$18.60/month($186.00/year)$23.99/month($239.90/year)

Getting their family plan (which covers two adults and unlimited children) for less than a dollar more a month than the regular price of a single plan is a very good deal, and helps with what can otherwise be a burdensome expense (covering your whole family for identity fraud).

All of these discounts put together make Identity Force an insanely good deal for as long as you can access them. The service gives you performance to rival or exceed many of IdentityForce competitors for a significantly lower price than you’d normally pay for something in the same vein.

Deals like this run pretty regularly, but may shift over time, so be sure to double check if a deal is still running before you pull the trigger on your purchase.

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