Does IDShield Offer a Free Trial?

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When it comes to any service, you always want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

While you can get a good sense of what a product offers by looking at their description, there’s only so much you can glean from just words on a page. That’s part of why we make sure to get plenty of time in with each service while reviewing them, to have a firsthand feel for if that service is giving us everything it claims to do, whether it has some major flaw that might be off-putting, and just all around whether or not it’s a good value.

A free trial is, in most cases, the best way to gauge this on your own, and most services will offer some option or another that lets you try before you buy…if they’re confident in their product at all, that is.


IDShield’s Free Trial

Thankfully, IDShield does seem to be pretty confident. They offer a free trial, and while it’s a fairly standard 30 days free, there seem to be no hoops you have to jump through.

You can try either of their plans, getting their usual suite of monitoring tools, resolution, and even insurance, plus either 1 bureau credit monitoring or the broader 3 bureau coverage during the trial.

You can even try out their family plans, instead of just the individual coverage, if you want to see how that stacks up.

All of these options offer pretty much the same benefits when it comes right down to it, so if you want to minimize the risk when you get stuck paying for a month, you can try out the lowest tier plan and get a good feel for everything the service offers.

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What’s the Catch?

In this case, there is none. There are no specific hoops you need to jump through to get access to the free trial, and it’s listed right on their “Plans and Pricing” page instead of buried under mountains of sub-pages you need to specifically know are there to navigate to, like some other services I could name.

Instead, the only real “catch” you need to be wary of is the exact same as for all other services of this nature.

Signing up for a free trial carries a minimal amount of risk, namely that many services make it relatively difficult for someone to cancel the service once they’re signed up, or exploit the tendency of people to forget about services they’re using the free trials of and forgetting to cancel them when the time is up.

This is specifically a 30 day free trial, so it can be tricky to remember to cancel on a date that is sometimes slightly less than a full month away from when you signed up – once past the renewal date you’ll often be locked into paying another month before you cancel.

This is a pretty standard risk though, so all in all IDShield’s free trial is one of the better ones out there to sign up for.

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