Does Identity Guard Have a Free Trial?

By Ken Gibson

Topic:  ID Theft

January 31, 2022

When it comes to signing up for services, especially something as important as an identity theft protection service to protect your future, it’s hard to want to spend money before you really know whether you’ll like the service or not. This is especially true when the best deals are to be found when you pay for a full year in advance.

Is Identity Guard any good? It provides one of the Top ID Theft Protection Services today. The basic plan is cheap and it even offers a 30-day risk free trial if you are shopping for an ID protection service. The Total and Premier Plans are also great options but they can be expensive for some.

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As a result, it’s natural to wonder whether a service has a free trial or not. Unfortunately, when it comes to Identity Guard, the answer isn’t quite as simple as a “yes” or “no”.

Furthermore, it can be hard to tell when they have one at all. They don’t tend to advertise it very prominently, so the only way to know whether they have one going right now is to search for it, or if you want a more reliable way to know, you should call their customer support and see if they’re currently running a free trial deal.

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