Does Identity Force Have a Free Trial?

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When it comes to any product, one of the best things a company can possibly offer you is the ability to try it before you buy it. This shows confidence in their product, or service in this case, as it gives you the chance to get to know it in and out before you really pull the trigger on paying the full price for it.

When it comes to identity theft protection, this is especially important. The only way to truly tell if a service does what you need it to is to put it to the test (which is why we make sure to test all of these services stringently before reviewing them).

Some services, sadly, do not offer a free trial for whatever reason. Thankfully, Identity Force does.

Identity Force Free Trials

Identity Force is interesting in that it not only offers a free trial, it offers two different options.

The standard option is Identity Force’s 30 day free trial. On signing up for your account, you can enjoy 30 days free, no strings attached. The service will, of course, try to renew automatically if you let it, but this can be canceled with no real difficulty overall. Just be sure to cancel the renewal very close to the renewal date. 

Tip!Be careful: sometimes services will lock you out of the account if you turn off auto-renewal during a free trial, even if they don’t say they will.

Your second option is a bit weirder. See, Identity Force offers a TWO month free trial…with the exception that you need to pay for their annual service.

This one is extremely odd, comparatively, as what it actually amounts to is less a “free trial” and more “two months off if you pay for 12 months in advance”.

This is an extremely good deal, actually, and drives the price of the service down a lot compared to a ton of other options on the market. If you already know you like the service, such as by having used it in the past, or having availed yourself of the 30 day free trial already, it’s a great way to get more of a service you already love for a very low price. 13 months of service for the price of 10 is not a bad deal at all.

Is It Worth It?

Absolutely. Identity Force is a great service, but it has a few minor problems. Primarily, its signup process makes it come off as a clunky and amateurish service. Getting to try it free helps undercut this problem (especially when it comes up to its frustrating signup process) and helps you get to know that first impressions aren’t everything when it comes to Identity Force.

Sign up for the free trial, use the service, and see how you like it. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by how well the service performs once you really get to sink your teeth into it.

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