Does Costco Complete ID Offer a Free Trial?

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Identity theft protection services are a bit of a commitment. In the best case you need to sign up for a whole month at a time, and at worst you might have to commit to an entire year of the service to get the best deal on everything.

So looking to see if the service has a free trial is just common sense, so you can try before you buy. Always a best practice if you can get away with it. Hands-on experience is the best way to figure out if you like anything, after all.

Most identity theft protection services offer some kind of free trial, so what about Complete ID?

Costco Complete ID Free Trial

Complete ID does technically offer a “free trial”, but you have to jump through a lot of hoops to gain access to it, and it’s only really “free” depending on your perspective.

The way Costco Complete ID works in the first place is that it’s only available to existing Costco customers.

This means you’re looking at either a $60 (for Business and Gold Star members) or $120 (for Executive members) up front cost before you can even think about accessing Complete ID at all.

This is fine if you’re already a Costco member, but it’s a pretty big ask for someone who’s just looking to check out Costco’s Complete ID service and see if they want to use it forever.

On top of this, there is a “free trial” option. It is only available to Executive members, and is a 30-day free trial only.

This is the option that’s available at all times, and if you’re an existing Executive member it can be a really good deal. But again, there’s not really much point to it when you’re having to front $120 just to get access to the “free” one month trial.

Even for someone who’s looking to try out the service, paying the $60 for a Gold Star membership and then the $13.99 for the first month is going to be nearly half the cost of the “free” trial with the Executive membership.

So this is of overall dubious usefulness for the average user.

There may be some limited time offers occasionally for Complete ID to extend the free trial to Gold Star members as well, which is a slightly better deal, but Costco rarely, if ever to my knowledge, offers free trials for the Costco service itself.

The closest you can get is buying a membership and then refunding it if you find it’s not for you, but that’s still a hefty up front cost for the Executive plan.

So basically “does Costco Complete ID have a free trial”? Technically yes, but practically no. It’s so hard to gain access to that it’s not really worth considering as an option.

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