Costco Complete ID Discounts and Promo Codes

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It’s understandable that no matter what you’re looking to buy, you’ll try to get the best price you can. The old adage “you get what you pay for” might be true in some cases, but it’s still always best to save as much money as possible.

complete id

So, let’s see what’s available for Costco’s Complete ID service.

Costco Complete ID Discounts

Costco does not offer any sort of permanently available discount, at least not in a practical sense. This section here is more to clear up possible misconceptions about Costco Complete ID’s pricing.

A quick look at the prices as Costco lists them:

Business and Gold Star
Individual Monthly
Business and Gold Star
$13.99 /month
$8.99 /month
Child Identity Monitoring
Business and Gold Star
$3.99 /month
$2.99 /month

On the face of things, this is a pretty significant price difference. Executive members enjoy a $60 price discount per year over Business and Gold Star members!

Unfortunately, this is exceptionally deceptive. You see, Costco Complete ID is only available to existing Costco members. The price of the Gold Star and Business memberships is $60 per month.

Executive membership is, instead, $120.

That brings up the total cost to $227.88 per year for both services.

Now, there is a tiny exception. Executive members can enjoy a one month free trial, saving them a whopping $8.99 off the first year of their service. That’s it, as far as discounts go.

Costco Complete ID Promo Codes

This is a bit more promising, but a lot more inconsistent.

Costco has various promo codes scattered around the web for their Complete ID service. Like with a lot of things…good luck making any of them work.

Since so many are aggregated by services like Groupon and Retail Me Not, there are a lot out there.

Many are limited-time-only for one day or a week, available only to certain customers, or a certain amount of customers before the code stops working, and a thousand other potential caveats.

These aggregate services don’t tend to remove codes after they’ve expired, so you’re left with dozens of dummy codes you’ll need to try in order, on the off chance that any will work. Most won’t, if any of them do.

I also have had no luck trying services that automatically try all the available codes on your behalf, like Honey. They either don’t activate or you end up not finding anything that is currently available.

This means you’re going to need to keep a close eye on Costco Complete ID’s pages, newsletters, and other avenues of information to see when they release new codes so you can pounce on them as fast as possible.

Whether this is worth it to you is going to come down to how enamored you are by what Complete ID offers you in the first place.

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