Costco Complete ID vs ProtectMyID: Choose the ID Security for You

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It’s fairly easy for bad actors to access personal data that we share online, making identity protection more critical today than ever before. Without safeguarding your identity, you remain vulnerable to imposter scams that could significantly hurt your finances.

ProtectMyID is the cheaper and more family-friendly option when you consider your budget and supported features. Its highest-tier pricing plan includes child protection for up to 10 kids at no extra costs to flag any misuse of your kids’ personal information.

  • Has a free option with basic ID theft protection features
  • A family-friendly child protection tool
  • Provides identity theft alerts via SMS or email

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According to the Consumer Sentinel Network, over 3.2 million people were fraud victims in 2019, and 20% of them (650,572) were identity theft cases. A robust identity protection tool monitors all activity or financial transactions related to your personal information, and it alerts you in case of a breach.

To learn about the best ID security tool available online, check out this comprehensive Complete ID vs. ProtectMyID review.

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Complete ID vs. ProtectMyID: Head to Head Comparison

  • You have to be an AAA member to sign up
  • Only Costco members may use the Complete ID tool
Identity Protection
  • Covers a maximum of 5 minors.
  • Pricing plans don’t include child protection, so you have to pay extra for this feature. The highest-tier
  • Child protection covers up to 10 children.
  • Comes with child protection with no additional costs.
Credit Monitoring
  • offers credit freeze services and Credit
  • Lockoffers security freezes only
Identity Restoration
  • Has a dedicated site for the sign-up process
  • Sign up for your favorite plan via the Experian website and AAA’s ProtectMyID portal


Web Security
  • Dark web monitoring to alert you in case bad actors are selling or buying your personal information
  • Neighborhood watch to notify you of sex offenders living in your neighborhood
  • Child monitoring to protect your children from identity theft
  • Court record criminal monitoring in case of legal action filed in the court system using your ID
  • Identity restoration services to help you recover your stolen ID. Both offer you a restoration specialist to help with investigations and legal aspects of ID recovery. Their wallet restoration service covers credit cards, medical cards, and debit cards, etc.
  • Identity theft insurance worth up to $1 million to cover losses and damages you may incur as an identity fraud victim
Credit Monitoring
  • SSN monitoring alerts you if somebody attempts to use your SSN information fraudulently
  • Payday loan monitoring sends you notifications when somebody opens a credit line in your name
  • Credit report monitoring from the 3 credit bureaus Experian, Transunion, and Equifax. These reports keep you up-to-date on how financial activities or transactions affect your credit.
  • Both offer monthly VantageScore updates, letting you see the scores based on which some banks assess your creditworthiness
  • Financial accounts take-over alert you whenever a bad actor opens a new bank account in your name

Costco Complete ID Features and Services


Identity Theft Protection

This tool tracks over 500 million criminal records, including incarcerations and court cases, alerting you if your name appears in any such files. It monitors the dark web and flags any illegal buying or selling of your personal information. With neighborhood watch, you get alerts if a sex offender lives near you, while payday loan surveillance alerts you if a third-party illegally opens an account with your name.

Credit Monitoring

Changes in your credit score should reflect your financial activity. But these can also be a sign that somebody is illegally using your name to borrow money, which is why credit monitoring is necessary. Complete ID tracks your Experian, Transunion, and Equifax credit reports and alerts you if a bad actor misuses your personal information. 

Identity Restoration

Once you’ve discovered that somebody is illegally using your personal information, you need to stop them quickly and prevent further damage. Complete ID takes the necessary action on your behalf, including handling the paperwork and freezing your credit lines. A specialist liaises with relevant authorities, agencies, and organizations to protect your bank account, seek legal redress, or report SSN misuse. It usually takes about two months to recover your identity this way. 

Pros and Cons

  • Offers comprehensive credit report monitoring that covers the 3 credit bureaus, namely Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax
  • Its real-time alerts enable you to quickly make an informed move to limit or stop damage to your finances or reputation
  • Includes identity fraud insurance coverage plans of up to $1M to facilitate financial recovery when you fall victim to identity fraud
  • App notifications enable you to stay on top of your credit score and financial account security
  • Offers extensive identity theft protection services, including payday loan, credit, and court records monitoring and child protection inexpensive compared to rival products
  • Only available to Costco members, so if you’re a non-member needing identity protection, you’ve got to look for an alternative
  • Require a separate subscription for child protection services, which may disadvantage you if you need the option available at no additional cost
  • Fraud alert system doesn’t include text message notifications, child protection service covers only 5 children, a sub-par mobile app experience
  • Doesn’t include Experian CreditLock, which lets customers control access to their Experian credit files
  • Doesn’t offer a free plan. The 30-day trial version is the only way to explore the service before you start paying.

Plans and Pricing

$8.99 /month
  • Costco members may sign up for any of the 2 Complete ID plans. If you’re an Executive member, you pay $8.99 per month to access ID protection services.
  • This plan includes critical services like Complete ID app notifications and personal information/credit surveillance.
  • But child protection requires an additional subscription costing $2.99 per month for up to 5 children. .
$13.99 /month
Business and Gold Star
  • The Business and Gold Star package costs $13.99 per month per person.
  • The plan covers all Complete ID services, including credit monitoring, identity theft surveillance, and fraud resolution support. Child protection costs an extra $3.99 per month for up to 5 kids.

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ProtectMyID Features and Services

protectmy ID

Identity Protection

Offers a host of identity theft protection features to protect you and your family from ID fraud. The service alerts you in real-time via text or email if somebody opens a new financial account using your name. You’ll get similar notifications in case other names or aliases associated with your SSN come up.

It also tracks court records to flag any criminal linked to your personal information. It keeps tabs on the dark web to ensure that bad actors are not illegally stealing and selling your personally identifiable data. The service also includes child protection and sex offender monitoring.

Credit Monitoring

ProtectMyID credit monitoring tracks the three credit bureaus to keep you informed on the impact of your financial activities on your credit. The service alerts you of any credit limit changes or improvements and tracks your VantageScore to report your creditworthiness. 

Fraud Resolution Assistance

ProtectMyID can help you with identity restoration if you think there’s been fraudulent use of your personal information. The company gives you an agent to guide you through the entire fraud resolution process. It has your credit files frozen and engages lenders to dispute charges if necessary. 

Pros and Cons

  • ProtectMyID offers all-around protection against identity theft, including performing extensive scans for data breaches
  • Instant fraud updates via SMS or email enable you to initiate remedial action and minimize potential damage when you’re a victim of ID theft
  • Its free plan lets you explore basic identity protection features before you may consider upgrading
  • All plans include insurance options worth up to $1 million to cover any impact of identity theft
  • Their exclusive Experian CreditLock service lets you control access to your
  • Experian credit information, it offers more family-friendly plans, with child protection covering up to 10 minors
  • The product is relatively inexpensive
  • ProtectMyID subscriptions are only available to AAA members
  • There’s no ProtectMyID app to deliver identity fraud alerts via your smartphone’s push notifications when you’re traveling
  • Without features like dark web and court records scanning, it’s free plan offers weak identity theft protection and doesn’t let you sample all critical identity protection features
  • Only the Platinum plan includes child protection. You have to pay extra fees to protect your family with their second-tier plan
  • Provides only basic personal information protection unlike leading industry rivals. The services could do with additional SMS and email fraud notification
  • ProtectMyID gives you an underwhelming web-based user experience

Plans and Pricing

Free /month
  • This plan is available to AAA members for free. It includes ID security basics, including credit monitoring, identity resolution support, Experian credit reporting, and lost wallet protection.
$10.95 /month
  • This plan costs $10.95 per month per member. You can pay an extra $3.95 per month to get a ProtectMyID family plan covering up to 10 children.
  • It offers credit monitoring, identity theft protection, and fraud resolution support.
$15.95 /month
  • This comprehensive ID security package costs $15.95 per month per member. The plan includes child monitoring services, so you don’t have to pay any extra fees for it.

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Conclusion: Winner – ProtectMyID

We’re all at risk of identity theft, provided that we’re sharing our personal information online and executing financial transactions. While you can’t always prevent bad actors from stealing and misusing your names, SSN, and other data, you catch them in the act with tools like Complete ID and ProtectMyID.

Both are Experian ID security tools. Each offers a similar range of services and features, including dark web, court record, credit, and payday loan monitoring. They track credit reporting by the 3 credit bureaus and include child protection, fraud resolution support, and identity theft insurance in their offerings.

The critical difference is in the pricing plans and coverage. Complete ID’s third-tier plan costs about $18 per month per person (plus up to 5 children) when you include child protection. For the same ID security and credit monitoring features, including child protection for up to 10 kids, ProtectMyID costs about $16 per month per person.

ProtectMyID has a free plan with limited identity theft safeguards. Comparing the products, you may notice that ProtectMyID offers more for a little less. If you’re looking for affordable, high-quality identity theft protection, select ProtectMyID because it’s the cheaper and more family-friendly option. Sign up for ProtectMyID right away to protect you and your family from identity fraud.

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