Does Aura Have a Free Trial?

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Buying into an identity theft protection service can be a pretty big commitment, so it’s always best to make sure you like what’s on offer before you throw down a bunch of money.

As a result, the option of Aura free trial can be a big selling point for these services. Thankfully, Aura offers one…though it’s not as good as you may expect.

Is Aura right for you? Compared to its competitors, Aura boasts more monitoring tools, better accuracy, and more robust insurance than its competitors. Even better, you can get Aura Family Plans coverage for yourself and your whole family for an extremely low price. With a wide range of affordable plans, they’re a flexible service that can be perfect for almost anyone. See their entire plans, coverage and cost with our comprehensive Aura Identity Theft Protection reviews.

Aura Offers:

$1M Insurance!
Try Aura 14-Days

What is the Aura Free Trial + 40% Off

For most identity theft protection services that offer a free trial (which is many, but not all), you get to try the service for a full month before they start charging you.

This is a good deal, since it usually takes about a month to really get a feel for whether the service is right for you. Everything from the layout of the website to the frequency and accuracy of alerts is something you should be able to test during your time with a service.

This is in large part why we spend about a month with a service before writing a review on it. Over that time a seemingly poor service can prove itself, or a good one could show its more hidden flaws.

This is why I think Aura’s free trial is a bit disappointing: it’s only two weeks.

You get a half-length free trial, and it really hurts your ability to truly experience everything the service has on offer.

This is, mind you, still better than Identity Guard (Aura’s predecessor) which didn’t have a consistently available free trial at all, but being better than nothing is still a high compliment.

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Is Aura Worth it?

Despite my gripes, I’d say it’s still worth taking a look at. Aura is one of, if not the best of the identity theft protection services on the market, and two weeks is long enough to make that self-evident. I’ve spent a longer time with it and haven’t seen anything that contradicts the impression you’d get from early on.

It has fast, accurate monitoring with a good breadth of options, stellar insurance, best in class customer support, and is overall just a great service, even if the website layout leaves a bit to be desired.

The trial is more than long enough to convey all this to a user.

Anything Else I Should Know?

While not a free trial per se, Aura does also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. Though only on its annual plans.

This should give you plenty of time to really dig in there and really get a feel for all of the more advanced features and obscure alerts you could be getting from the more in-depth search tools.

This is not something I necessarily recommend, given the steep up front cost (almost $250 for their Ultra plan), but if you were already considering buying a membership after the two week free trial, and wanted to hedge your bets a bit, the annual membership might be safer.

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