AllClear ID Review: An In-Depth Guide 2023

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Brandon King
May 24, 2023

AllClear ID has adopted an unusual approach in signing up people for their individual program. They do provide reliable protection that can match most other competitors.

Notable features of AllClear ID include Fraud Alerts with Credit Monitoring, Annual TransUnion Credit Report and VantageScore 3.0, Credit Monitoring, Fast and Secure Phone Alerts, Lost Wallet Protection, $1 Million in Identity Theft Insurance Coverage, ChildScan Monitoring, Identity Repair, and Theft Monitoring.

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You just updated your anti-virus software and you also have a habit of changing your password.

Well, that is indeed a step in the right direction but is it enough to keep you safe?

The short and quick answer is, no, it isn’t.  

In fact, we should all be doing a lot more than one-off password changes if we are to stay safe from online fraud and identity theft.

And when you look at how regularly such attacks happen and the fact that literally, everyone is on the hackers’ hit list; the importance of taking measures to keep your online ID safe becomes even more pronounced.

Today, we will try and add to your understanding of identity theft and why you shouldn’t take it easy.

We will also share our thoughts and review a well-known online identity protection software, called AllClear ID.  It is a good LifeLock alternative. You might ask yourself, “Which should you get?” Read on to find out.  

But First, Why Should You Trust Us?

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AllClear ID Reviews (Updated 2023)

all clear id


AllClear ID is based in Austin, Texas and is mainly known for providing customer database protection solutions to financial institutes and other large businesses. They have been in business for the past 15 years or so. 

It was only natural that Clear ID would offer online ID protection to individuals. Here’s the most surprising thing though. You have to be given an invitation to be able to use their individual ID protection services. Here’s how it works. You have to be a customer of one of its corporate clients and then must be extended an invitation to join.

And if you do find yourself lucky enough to be invited, you’ll be very happy at the level of protection and service you receive. Not to mention they have won many awards for service excellence. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise knowing that businesses with huge customer databases trust AllClear ID with their security and reputation.


  • To start off, it’s free for anyone lucky enough to get the invite. Your bill will be paid by the business that has offered you the AllClear plan as an add-on.
  • To start off, it’s free for anyone lucky enough to get the invite. Your bill will be paid by the business that has offered you the AllClear plan as an add-on.
  • Even though it’s free, you will still have access to a broad range of online ID protection features.
  • They use voice key confirmation to make sure that your ID doesn’t get stolen over the phone.
  • All ID theft victims are assigned a dedicated investigator.


  • You can’t purchase individual plans directly. They have an invite-only policy.
  • Unfortunately, AllClear ID doesn’t offer social media screening.

AllClear ID Plans: How Much Is It?

Individual Plan Cost

  • $8.50/m Adult Identity Protection

Couple Plan Cost

  • No Couples plan

Family Plan Cost

  • $8.50/m Adult Identity Protection

Renewal Price Increased After 1st Year?

  • No

As we have mentioned earlier, AllClear ID has an invite-only policy for individual ID protection services. So essentially they don’t have an individual AllClear ID protection plan roster from which you could directly sign up.

Basically, their business clients offer their customers the AllClear ID plan as an add-on with their product or service. Most likely, you won’t have to spend anything and the business will foot your AllClear ID protection bill.


Let’s take an in-depth look in this review at what’s in store for you once you come under the AllClear ID umbrella.

Reserve Capacity

The term refers to the facility by which AllClear ID corporate clients can lock in a certain number of personnel to deal with a data breach.

This makes sure that they always have enough resources on hand to guide individual customers through the restoration process. In addition, you can also easily get in touch with the AllClear team for guidance.

Robust loan fraud protections

Fraudulent loan application is a menace that a lot of people have to face. Fortunately, AllClear ID has a reliable mechanism in place that virtually eliminates the likelihood of someone taking out a loan in your name.

Anti-fraud notifications are added to your credit file. This essentially means the fraudster will now have to make a lot more effort to apply for a loan since the lenders will be forced to add additional confirmation steps to their process. Moreover, you will be alerted the moment someone applies or fails a loan application process using your credentials.

Comprehensive Credit Monitoring

You will have access to credit reports from all three bureaus. Plus, you will be notified in case there are changes to important details such as your address and if someone had made any credit inquiries. Although comprehensive,

AllClear ID makes sure not to pester you and that they don’t fill up your inbox with alerts about every random detail.

Transunion Credit Access

You will be provided, through the AllClear ID Protection, your annual Transunion credit report.

VantageScore 3.0

Similarly, you can easily access your VantageScore 3.0 credit score to monitor your credit health.

Customer Service

AllClear ID is right up there with the best when it comes to providing flawless customer experience. They have a team of very responsive ID restoration experts who will gladly guide you through the process.

More importantly, their customer care team and call centers function out of the United States – this means that AllClear ID personnel aren’t willing to cut corners.

The phone number for AllClear ID customer support is 1-877-736-4486. You can contact them for any questions or concerns related to their identity theft protection services.

Lost Wallet Assistance

Once you lose your wallet, the biggest hassle is to cancel your credit and debit cards as soon as possible to reduce the likelihood of unauthorized use.

AllClear ID has made the entire card cancellation quite easy. You will be assigned a dedicated resource to expedite the cancellation process.     

Robust ID Theft Screening

AllClear ID will continuously screen all of your sensitive data points such as your SSN, bank accounts and credit card usage. It’s important to note that AllClear ID has teamed up with National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance in order to screen these data points more effectively.

It grants them access to a vast database that tracks stolen financial credentials. You will be alerted the minute a match is detected close to your credentials.

Reliable Identity Restoration Process

If you ever fall victim to ID theft, AllClear ID will assign you an exclusive official that will closely work with you to restore order to your affairs. You will be given any legal and procedural assistance needed to recover your identity.   

Quick Response

It is absolutely critical that measures are taken as quickly as possible in case there is a data breach. AllClear ID has carved out a reputation for making the process as quick as possible.

You won’t have to run cluelessly from one department to the other. Their team strives to expedite the restoration process. You will have instant access to sequential steps and a resource to help you restore order as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is AllClear ID Legitimate?

Yes, the company has been around for more than a decade now since 2004 and has been providing clients with high-quality service in identity theft protection and securing privacy. Trusted by fortune 500 companies like Home Depot and Sony in protecting their customer’s privacy.

2. How to Cancel AllClear ID subscription?

In order for you to make changes, stop or to cancel your subscription to their services, you can contact AllClear ID customer service support at 1-877-736-4486 or email them at

3. Does AllClear ID have a family plan?

No, but the plan includes child scan monitoring for an additional $4.95 which can protect your kids from inappropriate activities and contents on the browser.

4. Does AllClear ID utilize all three credit monitoring bureaus?

Yes, but it depends on the plan you’re getting whether you opt for a single or three-credit monitoring bureau.


all clear id

In this review, although AllClear ID has adopted an unusual approach in enrolling up people for their individual program they do provide one of the best and most reliable ID protection services that can match most other competitors. If you do get signed up, we believe you will be very well taken care as evident by their AllClear ID customer feedback.

If you still do not know how to pick the one that gives value, you should check out our other articles. 

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All About Identity Theft

Understanding Identity Theft

In essence, online ID theft is pretty much like having your house broken into. The only difference being it happens digitally. When your bank account or online profiles are accessed without your explicit consent, it is called ID theft.

Why You Must Pay Identity Protection The Due Attention

We are sure you don’t want your bank account bled dry. And the damage doesn’t just end there. From fake loan applications in your name to severely damaged credit score – there are plenty of ways for ID hackers to exploit you.  

Here’s why you must invest in the best online ID protection service:

Robust screening mechanism

You will able sleep easy knowing that the ID thieves will be kept at bay. ID protection services have robust systems specifically optimized to carry out 24-7 screening of thousands of data points – both on the internet and the dark web.  

Quick Alerts

You will be immediately notified in case of unauthorized access to any of your sensitive digital or financial assets such as social media or credit cards. 

Financial recuperation

There are rare instances where someone may fall prey to online ID theft and suffers financially. If you’re subscribed to an ID protection service, you’ll have a decent chance of recovering a good chunk of your loss through their insurance coverage.

How To Select A Suitable Identity Protection Service?

Here’s what to consider while finalizing one:     

1. Research thoroughly

There are plenty of options out there offering varying levels of protection. Take your time to find out which one suits your needs best before pulling the trigger.

2. Don’t Ignore Customer Opinion

Don’t forget to screen through the past and current customer reviews.

3. Seek Total Clarity

Don’t be shy to ask questions if you can’t get your head around any of their terms. It may save you a major headache down the road.

There is nothing worse than learning that someone stole your identity.

As long as another person has some basic information like your social security number, date of birth and current address, that person can take out loans, open new lines of credit and even use your insurance to pay for his or her medical bills.

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