6 Warning Signs That Someone is Surveying Your Home and Neighborhood

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The thought of someone breaking into your home is enough to make you feel uneasy and vulnerable, let alone the thought of someone surveying your property and neighborhood for a future burglary. This constant looking over your shoulder can cause stress and anxiety, something no one should ever have to experience. 

These days, intruders have become extremely creative with the resources and actions to plan a break-in.

If you’re worried that you are at risk of a break-in and want to know how to tell if a burglar is watching your house, here is a list of the six most common break-in warning signs. Being aware of them ensures you are prepared and put the right provisions in place for a potential break-in.

Burglar standing at patio door


Strange Cars Parked Around Your Neighborhood

If you notice unfamiliar vehicles parking up around your neighborhood and remaining there for some time, it should spark suspicions. It should especially present as a cause for concern if they repeatedly show up on an irregular basis.

If this continues to happen, it is advised that you take note of the license plate number and keep a document including important information, such as:

  • The times the car arrives and leaves.
  • The times the car arrives and leaves.
  • The date of each occurrence.
  • The make of the vehicle.
  • The description of the person in the vehicle.
  • The details from your home security surveillance system, if you have one.

This information can then be reported to the police, who may decide to launch an investigation. It’s important to reminember that you should never feel like you are wasting an officer’s time, as you never know how dangerous the outcome of the situation could be. By reporting it to your local authority, the vehicle and driver’s actions will be on their radar for any future incident.

You Notice Strangers Roaming Your Street and Neighborhood

Getting to know your neighbors is not only great for social interactions, but it can also help to identify strangers who are trying to blend in. If you are aware of and talk to the majority of people in your neighborhood, it can make it easier to notice someone who seems suspicious.

Burglars often target neighborhoods that don’t interact with each other. They notice when neighbors don’t acknowledge one another, especially when they keep to themselves. This makes it easier for them to walk around neighborhoods and decide which house to target, along with knowing that if they choose your house to break into, no one will be likely to report a burglary.

You Notice Unusual Markings Around Your Home

If you notice strange markings placed on trees, sidewalks, and fences around your home and neighborhood, it could be an unsettling sign that a burglar is surveying your home and has scouted your property as a potential target.

It could also mean a ring of professional burglars are scoping out your neighborhood by placing markings and random signs to let their members know which houses are easy targets.

Door-to-Door Scams

A common way for burglars to scope out a property is by conducting door-to-door scams. For example, they can gain surveillance by pretending to be a salesman or a handyman offering free services such as roof repairs or carpet cleaning. They could also conduct anonymous surveys or ask for donation money for made-up causes.

There are many kinds of door-to-scams that people can fall victim to, so it’s imperative you are alert and report any suspicions you may have. Burglars also conduct these scams to find out how many people live at the property, often looking for single-person and vulnerable households.

It’s not just who lives in the household either; burglars try to find out what time the property will be empty and for how long, along with weekday schedules, whether the house has any pets, as well as glancing for spare and hidden keys.

You Notice Strangers Taking Pictures

With the advancement of modern technology, it means people have high-quality professional cameras on their smartphones. While this is an exciting progression, it also means people can take high-resolution pictures anywhere, giving way to a new type of cause for concern: burglars surveying neighborhoods with the click of a button.

If you notice a stranger taking pictures outside your or your neighbor’s house without valid reasoning or consent, or they move around the property taking several pictures of the house from different angles, it is imperative you stay vigilant.

Notify your neighborhood as well as your local authority immediately and keep a record of any suspicious behaviors. This observation could save you or your neighbor from being subjected to a break-in.

You Notice Random Flyers Being Posted Through Your Door

Another common warning sign that you may be a target for burglary is if you receive random flyers attached to your doorknob and you don’t pick them up.

Intruders plant these irregular flyers to determine whether anyone is home and consistently deliver them until they know exactly what times you are out and for how long.

Once they have gathered this information, burglars can target your home in the knowledge that you won’t be in.    

How to Burglar-Proof Your Home

If you notice someone surveying your neighborhood, or you simply want to shore up your home security, there are several measures you can take to burglar-proof your home.

  • Install a home security system, including strategically positioned security cameras at the front door, back door, and other major entry points.
  • Replace your standard door locks with Smart locks that require a password code or biometric identifiers to open.
  • Use signage to deter burglars. Placing signs notifying passerbys of your home security system can be all that is needed to show a would-be thief that your home isn’t an easy target.
  • Place motion-activated lights around your home. The sudden illumination can scare off criminals and provide greater visibility for you and your neighbors to see what is going on. 
Surveillance Camera Capturing Burglar Using Crowbar To Open Glass Door

Prevent a Break-in and Keep Your Family Safe 

By knowing how to tell if a burglar is watching your house, you’ll be able to prevent a potential break-in and ensure the optimum safety of you, your family, and your neighborhood. 

Nobody wants to be a victim of a burglary or experience the immense trauma that comes with it. So, by being aware of any unusual and specific behavior, you’ll be able to take the appropriate action needed.

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