8 Effective Ways to Feel Secure and Safe When Living Alone

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Having an apartment to yourself can be extremely exciting. From living by your own rules, having complete control of the remote, setting your own menus, as well as having no roommates to contend with, it can be a blissful experience with many advantages.

But what do you do when you don’t feel 100% secure in your own home? This independent and liberating period can quickly go from a euphoric sense of freedom to one that keeps you up at night. 

So, if you love the idea of living alone but want to be safe at home, these eight tips provide you with the security you need to thrive in your newfound independent lifestyle.

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How To Feel Secure When You Are Living Alone

Invest in a Security System

With modern security systems being affordable and simple to install, they make great personal protection devices for those who live alone. With no roommate or partner around to monitor your property when you’re not there, these systems offer 24/7 surveillance, detect sounds, motion, record your home, and even let your local authorities know if you are in any danger.

When it comes to making the most out of a home security system, many features provide your property with extra security.

For example, security cameras operate 24/7 and alert intruders that they are being monitored at all times. This obvious surveillance deters burglars as it increases their chances of getting caught. Window sensors are also great systems to invest in, as they can detect movement and alert you of a security breach if someone tries to break in via a window in your property.

When it comes to ensuring your whole property is covered, make sure you have cameras that can record even the most remote and shaded areas of your home. Burglars prefer to enter through darker and covered locations, so ensuring your cameras cover every angle is imperative for more secure surveillance. You should also position motion detectors as close as possible to your windows and doors, as the closer in range they are to the entry points, the higher the chance of them sounding the alarm before a break-in occurs.

Make Friends With Your Neighbors

Introducing yourself around your neighborhood is a smart move if you live alone. By taking the time to get to know those who live close to and around you, you can create a defense against potential intruders. For example, if your neighbor knows that you work during the day and they notice someone trying to access your property, they’re more likely to question it and become suspicious.

Change Your Locks

While you may think you’re the only one who owns a set of your keys because you live alone, you could be wrong. Previous owners, tenants, landlords, and even strangers may have a copy of your new house key.  

If it’s possible, always change your locks as soon as you move in. This ensures you are the sole owner of your set of keys, giving you peace of mind that no one else out there may be storing a copy.

If it isn’t possible to change your locks, approach your landlord and ask who else has access to a key. In this instance, it’s a good idea to install extra security measures, such as deadbolts or a door chain, to add additional protection.

Another system worth purchasing is smart locks. These modern technology devices allow you to lock your door via either a password or fingerprint recognition, just like you would with your phone. The advancement in these devices means you can even double-check if your door is locked while you are out of the house, giving you peace of mind that your home is safe and secure.  

Have People Round Regularly

Key deterrents for burglars include busy households. If an intruder becomes aware that there are always people coming and going from your property, it will drastically reduce their break-in attempts. A busy home that always seems active also gives the illusion that more than one person actually lives there. By inviting friends and family around regularly, you can fool burglars casing your home, making them think that you don’t live alone.

Create Your Own Exit Strategy

In an emergency or a break-in, the only person who can execute an exit strategy is you. With this in mind, make sure you have some form of plan in place in case you ever need to vacate your home abruptly.

Whether you trace a quick and easy escape route in your mind, or you fit emergency ladders near an upstairs window, having these measures in place will make it much easier for you to exit your home if you ever need to.

Once you’ve decided upon these escape strategies, play some scenarios in your mind and plan the best way you can get out of your home quietly, quickly, and safely.

Don’t Post Your Life Online

It can be tempting to share your beach and vacation snaps online while you’re away; however, it can be a bad move in terms of your home security. With burglars always looking for empty homes, the internet can provide them with all the information they need to know to deem it safe to break in.

With this in mind, never post your vacation photos online, and never disclose when you will be going away – especially if you live alone. Instead, wait until you get home to share your holiday memories.

Invest in a Pet

Dogs are extremely intelligent animals and have a natural ability to pick up different types of emotions through speech and body language, especially when they’ve been well trained. Dogs are also great at detecting danger, and their instinct to protect their owner is like no other.

From scaring intruders away to barking loudly to alert you of a break-in, dogs can be great security sidekicks as well as your best friend if you live alone.

Practice Self-Defense

Protection is one of the major reasons people learn self-defense methods. These skills can come in handy, especially if you live alone, as you won’t live in fear of an unprecedented attack or break-in.

If you’ve taken training to be able to defend yourself, you’ll have the knowledge and preparation to respond accordingly to security breaches. Not only this, but learning these skills increases your situational awareness, and teaches you to be more alert to potential dangers in your surroundings. 

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Maximize Your Safety

There should be no compromises when it comes to your personal safety, especially when living alone. From ensuring you have a working security system in place to taking the time to get to know your neighbors, employing these tips ensures you will be safe at home.

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