6 Easy Ways to Burglar Proof Your Home Effectively

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Having someone enter your home and steal your most treasured possessions is a nightmare that no one should ever have to experience. As well as discovering your personal belongings have been taken, burglaries can also leave people feeling scared and vulnerable in their own home – a place where you are meant to feel the safest.

With burglars choosing properties that are easy to access, it’s imperative you are aware of the prevention methods you can take to reduce the risk of a break-in.

Every second you delay a burglar, the less likely you are to experience an intruder in your home. If you’re ready to learn how to burglar-proof your home, follow these six simple tips.

CCTV view of burglar breaking in to home through window with crowbar

Ways to Burglar Proof

Upgrade Your Door Security

Through years of use and wear and tear, doors can become unstable and not as secure as they once were. Weathering can also enhance the weak and most vulnerable areas of your door, such as hinges or glass panels, even further. For burglars, these areas are most noticeably the location where the deadbolt lock enters the doorjamb.

If an intruder notices a weak-looking door, a hard, well-constructed kick to those areas can break either the door frame, the strike, or in some cases, both. Many strike plates are built with screws around only an inch long, making a kick to the door an easy job for a burglar. With this in mind, you should remove one of the strike plate screws and check the length. If it is shorter than 3” replace it because the longer the screw, the harder it is to unhinge.

You can also secure your lock and door by reinforcing the frame and strike plate with additional hardware. These reinforcement kits are relatively cheap and can be found at your local hardware store or online. They typically include a steel guard that fits over the doorjamb; they work by keeping the wood from splitting if the door is kicked down, with the steel strike plates holding the deadbolt lock firmly in place.

Update Your Locks

If your locks haven’t been updated for a while, conduct a service to check the overall function. While performing this inventory, you should ask yourself questions such as:

  • Are the locks damaged?
  • Are there any locks that look easy to pick or bump open?
  • Do your locks look like they have been tampered with?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should either rekey your locks or replace them immediately with higher-quality products.

With the advancement of technology comes higher quality products, including Smart Locks. These devices have revolutionized the home security experience. They allow you to customize your security features and go above and beyond the function of ordinary locks. They are Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled and enable users to lock and unlock doors through either a voice command or the tap of a finger.

The removal of a traditional lock system in a house can significantly deter burglars from trying to gain access to your home.

Install Motion Sensor Lights 

Motion sensor lights are a great way to burglar-proof your home. When installed outdoors, they immediately activate and spotlight anyone who is lurking around your property. This sudden visibility can deter burglars from trying to break into your home, and these security systems also increase the likelihood of intruders getting caught by passersby or neighbors.

For extra security, you can also install motion sensor lights indoors too. If burglars decide to enter your home even if you have outdoor sensors, these indoor versions can make it much harder for intruders to snoop around your home undetected.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

While it may be tempting to show off your expensive tools, sports equipment, keepsakes, or electronics, be aware that this exposure makes your home a prime burglary spot for criminals.

When it comes to expensive outdoor items such as bikes and tools, ensure you keep them locked safely in a shed or garage with optimum security. For indoor valuables, ensure they are not kept on display on windowsills or in view of windows. When going to bed, also ensure you reduce visibility by closing drapes and blinds – this prevents potential thieves from being able to look into your home and scope out any valuable items.

Note that thieves don’t just look out for expensive items such as electronics, jewelry, and cash – they’re also on the lookout for documents and personal details that can be used to commit identity theft and fraud. With this in mind, ensure your most valuable documents and goods are kept in an out-of-sight secure household safe.

Install Surveillance Cameras

Installing CCTV outside of your home can act as a major deterrent to thieves, most notably pre-planned burglaries. With thieves being aware that you have 24-hour surveillance all around your home, it means they are less likely to target your home, keeping not only your belongings safe but your family, too.

When installing this surveillance, ensure that it is in a prime spot that can be viewed from all angles. This obvious advertisement drastically reduces the risk of intruders and potential crimes being committed.

You should also have a secondary hidden camera to catch burglars in the act if they try to disable or damage your primary surveillance system. The footage is helpful for law enforcement trying to catch the criminal and can act as evidence if you press charges.

Always Lock Windows and Doors

This may sound like an obvious tip; however, ensuring you double-check windows and doors are locked at night and when you leave your house you’ll help prevent the risk of intruders breaking into your home.

With thieves always looking for the easiest entry points, a simple mistake of forgetting to lock a door or downstairs window can increase the chances of a break-in. By implementing good habits of regularly locking and checking entry points, you’ll prevent your break-in risk dramatically.

You can also add glass break sensors or window sensors that can trigger an alarm if there is an attempted breach of your doors or windows.

Protection of private residential building with help of an external video surveillance system. an application on smartphone screen. CCTV view of burglar breaking into home through window with crowbar.

Keep Yourself and Your Family Safe

By employing these tips for how to burglar-proof your home, you can prevent the risk of break-ins and put your mind at ease. Your home is meant to be a safe space where you and your family feel the most secure, so it’s imperative you take the time to burglar proof your house. 

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