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GreatCall is an award-winning provider of safety and health services which can be accessed through phone or mobile device anywhere at anytime.



24/7 Urgent Care (100% US-based customer service)

Access to nurses and doctors

5 Star Urgent response

No Annual Contracts

Other Notable Features:  

  • Portable Medical Device
  • Wearables available
  • Senior Friendly
  • Daily Health Tips
  • Brain Game Feature

You’re on a short business trip in another country while your elderly parent is home alone. The live-in caretaker is unavailable for a couple of days as she has to go see her family too. One evening unknown to anybody, your mother slips on the stairs and injures herself badly.

Luckily, a professionally trained response team is by her side in no time, to assist and care for her!

How did that happen?

It happened because your mother was wearing a mobile medical alert device that detected the fall and automatically called the response service!

Isn’t that a great medical alert device to have by your side in time of emergency? Let’s look at all of its features in detail.

You may have come across many medical alert devices…they usually come as a traditional standalone medical equipment…but GreatCall is among the best available on the market.

What makes GreatCall stand out from other medical devices is that it has all the latest technology features like cellular service, GPS, activity monitoring, medication reminders and fall detection options rolled into…one mobile device.

GreatCall products are designed and customized to meet varied customer requirements. They also offer Smartphones, cell phones and fitness trackers in some of their packages, with an urgent response app or button on the actual devices.

Great Call Reviews 2020


Greatcall medical alert products come in easy to use mobile devices. They are simple to set up as there is no separate base unit or portable buttons to carry around which are normally available in other medical alert devices.

So, all you need to do is deal with a simple mobile device. The device comes with a drop in charger just like any other mobile phone.


There are 4 product categories available with Greatcall.

1. Lively Mobile

This is a new generation mobile medical alert device that has replaced the company’s earlier popular Splash alert button device. Both the devices have the same features but Lively Mobile is smaller than the Splash device and even weighs less.

Lively Mobile is the most affordable, easy-to-use, portable medical alert device with lightweight help button and speedy response time. You can wear it around the neck, as a wristband, carry it in your purse or attach it to your belt.

The best feature of this device is that you can speak directly through the device in case of emergency. As explained earlier, the device also has an optional fall detection feature which is of great help for seniors when there is no one around for help.

It is GPS enabled with a spot-on location accuracy, which makes sure no matter where you are, you will always receive prompt help.

2. Lively Wearable

This is a fun and functional medical alert device features a portable urgent response button which works with your smart phone, ensuring that help is just a call away.

Lively Wearable device uses Bluetooth data, and GPS location from your smart phone to keep you connected. This sleek and stylish device is waterproof and works well in the shower, while gardening or wherever you take it.

Just like Lively Mobile, it has an automatic fall detection feature which is of great use to seniors. It is easy to carry and you can wear it around your neck like a pendant as it comes with a magnetic lanyard…or you can opt for an adjustable wristband and wear it as a bracelet.

What is unique about this device is that it lets you set and complete fun fitness goals such as counting your steps and recording them in the app or other interactive challenges that stimulate the mind.

Another interesting feature is that this device provides access to Lively mobile app and the GreatCall Link App on your smart phone. This enables you to send notifications to your family members in case an emergency occurs. To make it more appealing, the device battery never needs to be charged!

3. Jitterbug Smart

It is a cellular smart-phone which is senior friendly with features like 5.5 inch touch screen, larger onscreen icons and text, simple menu layout and voice enabled typing. It also comes with a built-in camera with a flash to capture everyday moments easily.

The Jitterbug Smart works like any other touch screen smart phone… you can make calls, text, take pictures or surf the internet at leisure.

It has a long lasting battery which is rechargeable. In case of emergency, all you need to do is press the red 5star button on the lock screen or home screen and connect to their 5Star Urgent Response Service.

4. Jitterbug Flip

It is a cellular flip-phone with easy to use options for seniors. It comes with a simple menu making it easy to navigate with Yes/No buttons for the elderly. The device has extra large button backlit keypad for effortless dialing.

Also the display screen has large numbers and text for ease of reading. It also features powerful speakers that make conversations loud and clear, especially in an emergency.

The red 5Star button at the bottom of the keypad ensures easy accessibility to an emergency responder in case of an emergency.


Greatcall offers various monthly plans for the Jitterbug Smart, the Jitterbug Flip and the Lively Mobile at different costs.

1. Basic plan

The basic plan includes a 5Star Urgent Response service...wherein highly trained emergency responders are available for help anytime. Second, you can connect with a friendly operator just by dialing ‘0’ on the smartphone. Third you can avail daily health tips for a healthy lifestyle.

2. Preferred plan

If the basic plan is available for approximately $2, a preferred plan is available at just under $25 and provides a few more benefits in addition to the 5Star Urgent Response service like:

  • Urgent Care service, which provides easy access to quality medical advice that's available anytime and anywhere.
  • Medcoach medication reminder

3. Ultimate plan

The Ultimate plan provides multiple services:

  • A 5 Star Urgent Response service
  • Access to GreatCall Link service
  • Wellness Call
  • Brain Games
  • Product replacement plan

In case a device is lost or stolen or if it breaks, a replacement will only have small amount payable towards a new device.

The Lively mobile service will have an additional fall detection service added to this plan.

The Lively Wearable has a single plan with a monthly service charge of around $15…that includes Fitness Tracking, access to the Lively Mobile app, and use of the GreatLink app for connecting with your family or other caregivers.


Let’s learn more about the services included in their plans:

Urgent Care

At under $5/ month, you can avail 24/7 access to registered nurses and board certified doctors. The Urgent Care service, allows you to speak directly with doctors and nurses, and even get prescriptions for common medications over the phone. There is no need for any prior appointment to avail of this service.

Other appealing features include – access to robust Medical Dictionary and interactive Symptom Checker for Jitterbug Smart customers.

Personal Operator

This is a premium service available for your family and caregivers.

This service will provide great relief to your caregivers, by providing them with regular updates on your well-being.

All Greatcall medical alert devices work with the GreatCall Link app. The caregiver or family member can access the app on any smart phone or web link to check your information.

This amazing service provides the necessary information to the authorized contacts thus making life easier and more comfortable for everyone.

This service also alerts the caregiver whenever you contact the 5Star Urgent Response Center…

it tells them about the power level of the connected device, the list of daily activities and even your GPS enabled location.


The Medcoach service sends reminder messages to your phone to help you stay on schedule with your medications and refills. It also allows you to connect to your pharmacy for prescription refills.

The Wellness Call

This is a unique feature for seniors to stay motivated and improve their physical, mental and emotional outlook. 

The senior can also schedule a motivational call at their convenience each week with the world-renowned wellness expert and best-selling author Brian Alman, Ph.D.

for personalized heath tips, wellness strategies, and techniques.

This service is available at an additional charge of a couple of dollars a month.

Daily Health Tips

GreatCall has partnered with the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women® Movement to bring to you daily health tips. You will receive a message daily giving helpful information on exercising, eating right and living a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Check-in call

This service provides easy access to the well-being of the user. You will receive automated calls every day up to 6 times (as preferred) to check your health and safety. In case you miss a call or you request assistance, the ‘check-in call’ app will notify a family member or caregiver immediately.

Brain Games

This app is free and pre-loaded on Jitterbug Smart and Jitterbug Flip phones only. The app has fun brain training games designed to improve your memory and sharpen your focus.

Fall Detection

This feature helps to detect a fall and works with the 5Star Urgent Response Service. The device's advanced technology can sense sudden movement. When a fall is detected, the device automatically connects you with the Response Center Agent who will confirm your location, evaluate the situation and send assistance, as required.

Fitness Tracker

This app is available with the Lively Wearable device. It lets you track your daily steps and keeps you motivated to explore more challenges to stay fit.


This service is available with the Jitterbug Flip device. MyWorld allows instant access to personal interests like local weather forecasts, sports scores, stock updates, daily trivia and horoscopes. The information is sent to you on your phone

GreatCall Link

This is a premium service available for your family and caregivers.

This service will provide great relief to your caregivers, by providing them with regular updates on your well-being.

All Greatcall medical alert devices work with the GreatCall Link app. The caregiver or family member can access the app on any smart phone or web link to check your information. This amazing service provides the necessary information to the authorized contacts thus making life easier and more comfortable for everyone.

This service also alerts the caregiver whenever you contact the 5Star Urgent Response Center…it tells them about the power level of the connected device, the list of daily activities and even your GPS enabled location.

Range and Battery Life

All GreatCall medical alert devices work on the Verizon cellular service. So the range and distance would hardly be a problem unless the user is on vacation in some quaint unknown location.

The GreatCall medical alert devices work perfectly well wherever there is a cell signal. Range and distance are not a concern with any of these devices. This is definitely a plus point compared to any of the other traditional medical alert systems available in the market. GreatCall wins here hands down!

The only exception is the Lively Wearable, which must be within 150 feet of a smart phone for it to work.

GreatCall doesn't provide battery replacements for any of its devices. The batteries provided with the devices are rechargeable.

Again, the exception is the Lively wearable battery that is not rechargeable and needs to replaced after 6 months. Lively wearable runs on a watch battery that needs to be purchased and installed by the user. In this case, the Lively Wearable mobile app will alert the user when the battery is getting low.

In all devices, the optimal battery stand-by time is 24 hours in between the charges. The battery life varies based on the device usage and cellular signal strength. It would be safe to assume that the battery may drain quickly if the device finds it difficult to maintain the cellular signal.

Monitoring Services

GreatCall boasts of easy to use and reliable 5Star Urgent Response Service that is staffed 24 hours daily. It has IAED (International Academies of Emergency Dispatch) Certified 5 Star Agents who will confirm your location, evaluate your situation, and get you the help you need promptly.

The emergency response agents are trained in CPR and other emergency procedures and can assist you with any uncertain or unsafe situation, anytime, anywhere. The 5 Star Service is excellent in assisting you in even if you’re lost in an unfamiliar part of town, walking in a parking lot at night, or experiencing a medical issue.

5 Star Service will also contact 911 on your behalf or connect you with the 911. Also, the personal information provided at the time of activation allows the Agents to provide faster and more personalized assistance.

Also, they provide multi lingual support. So, if you want the agent to speak to you in a native language, you can choose the language option at the time of activation.

GreatCall offers translation support in over 100 languages.


GreatCall comes with no long-term contract and the subscription fees are charged on a month-to-month basis.

There is a one-time activation charge to use the service…and the fee is charged after activating the device on the phone or through the company's web portal.

Currently Greatcall offers Lively Mobile and Lively Wearable medical alert devices at a discounted price of under $40 which will otherwise be around $50, in addition to the monthly activation plan and activation fee.

The basic monthly plan starts at around $25 for the Lively Mobile, the preferred plan would be just under $30 and the ultimate plan under $40.

The Jitterbug Smart will cost you under $115 and Jitterbug Flip is available at around $75, plus the monthly plan and activation charges. The basic monthly plan starts at slightly under $20 for the Jitterbug Smart and Jitterbug Flip devices, preferred plan would be around $25 and the ultimate plan under $35.

Additional apps and services are available at an extra charge per month.

Using Promo Codes

GreatCall has great promotional offers and 10%-25% discounts on its products. For instance…to avail the promotional offer on the Jitterbug Smart, you can simply enter promo code UH40 at checkout and save $40!

All Jitterbug phones come with a free charger valued at $25. If you order the devices online, there will be no shipping charges for delivery to any part in the US. You can simply select the Ground Shipping option during checkout while placing an order.

GreatCall also runs Refer-A-Friend Program wherein if you refer a friend to GreatCall, you will avail a $25 credit on your monthly bill…plus your referral will receive a $25 credit too.


GreatCall offers a 30 day refund policy on all its products…and there are no cancellation fees.

If you are not completely satisfied with your phone or device for any reason, GreatCall will refund the activation fee, the first month's service charge, the device cost, and any applicable taxes, provided you return the device in "like new" condition, as determined by GreatCall, in the original box with all components and materials.


Your family members and caregivers can be at peace since regular updates and information on the health and safety is easily accessible and available with these devices. Looking at the current products available in the medical alert domain, GreatCall medical devices definitely make for a great buy!

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