EverSafe vs LifeLock: Two Highly-Rated Providers Compared

by Calvin Fellows

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An excellent security suite that monitors your information and scans the web. It is an affordable option but lacks a few of the modern theft deterrents LifeLock employs.

  • Affordable and comprehensive coverage for your whole family
  • Monitors all of your financial and credit accounts
  • $1 million in identity theft insurance

One of the leading identity theft protection providers with its device protections, notification services, privacy services, and web scanning technology.

  • Secure all your family’s devices and browse privately
  • Up to $1 million in theft insurance
  • Lock your credit file and monitor your family’s credit from the convenient app

Identity theft is an issue that is not likely to disappear anytime soon. As technology improves consumer convenience, thieves follow right behind the improvements, finding ways to steal from people. Many consumers do not fully understand how the technology works and leave identity bread crumbs for thieves to follow.

In EverSafe vs. LifeLock, we’ll compare 2 well-known identity theft protection providers, their plans, and the features that help to secure your information and deter theft of your identity. If you’re weighing the options of identity protection providers, check out what each of these providers can do to secure your identity.

EverSafe vs. LifeLock: Comparison






  • 2 adults, up to 10 children
  • 2 adults, up to 10 children


  • Up to $1 million in stolen funds
  • Fees from lawyers, replacement documents, and other fees are included
  • Personal expenses up to $25,000
  • Lawyer and expert fees up to $1 million
  • Stolen wallet protection
  • Amounts increase with upper-tier packages
  • Stolen funds reimbursement up to $25,000

Identity Theft Protection

  • Dark web monitoring
  • Address monitoring
  • Investment account monitoring
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Sex offender registry tracking
  • SSN tracking
  • Notifications on crimes committed using your name
  • Change of USPS address alerts
  • Financial account tracking
  • Privacy monitoring
  • 401(k) and investment account monitoring
  • ID verification
  • Home title monitoring
  • Norton 360

Identity Restoration

  • Assistance from restoration experts
  • ID restoration assistance available

Credit Monitoring

  • Single or triple bureau file monitoring
  • Up to quarterly credit reports and scores
  • Detects new account creation
  • Up to 3-bureau annual credit report
  • Credit file locking
  • Up to 3-bureau credit monitoring



  • You can monitor your credit files for up to 3 credit bureaus, depending on your plan.
  • Receive alerts if a lender initiates a credit inquiry.
    Access to your credit reports and scores at various intervals.
  • You receive alerts if someone uses your identity to open new bank accounts.
  • Various plans offer different levels of monitoring that allow you to choose one that is right for you.
    Purchase coverage for your entire family.
  • Stolen funds and recovery expenses are covered for up to $1 million.
  • Scanning technology scours the internet and dark web for your data, ensuring it is not being exchanged or sold.
  • Investment accounts such as retirement funds, stocks, and mutual funds can be monitored to ensure they aren’t stolen.
  • Identity restoration experts assist you with the difficult tasks of recovering your identity.
  • Each provider allows a free trial period, after which you can cancel or continue coverage.
  • Searches for your Social Security number, ensuring it is not being used by someone else.
  • You can add family members to your plan by purchasing additional coverage for them.
  • Your children’s credit can be monitored, protecting their credit future.
  • Customer support is available to help you resolve any issues or answer any questions.
  • Each provider has an app that provides alerts, notifications, and access support services.


  • EverSafe’ plans are less expensive and offer many of the same services.
  • LifeLock provides home title monitoring included with their plan.
  • EverSafe charges extra to monitor your home title and provide notices for filings against your lien or changes to it.
  • Court records are monitored by LifeLock, ensuring you receive notifications if crimes are committed using your identity.
  • LifeLock’s stolen wallet protection provides quick replacement of ID cards and cancels credit cards in one convenient action.
  • Your credit cards and loans are monitored for interest rate changes with EverSafe.
  • Family members are added to EverSafe’s plans using a 30% discount from the retail plan price, where LifeLock lets you add family members for $5.99 each for all plans.
  • EverSafe offers a financial caregiver support option, offering advice and assistance to consumers providing care services for seniors.
  • EverSafe monitors activities that specifically target seniors.
  • Lifelock notifies you if your information is acquired in a data breach.
  • Lifelock delivers a means to quickly lock and unlock your credit file so that new credit inquiries cannot occur.
  • If your name appears on a sex-offender registry, you’ll receive notices from LifeLock.
  • LifeLock offers device protections such as virtual private network (VPN) access and antivirus software for your devices.

EverSafe Features and Services


EverSafe offers coverage for entire families. EverSafe does not have limits on the number of family members you can cover. 

Identity Theft Protection and Restoration

As with most identity protection service providers, EverSafe’s identity theft protection services are minimal in the lowest-tier plans and increase their maximum protection services in its higher-tier plan. You also receive $1 million in insurance for fund recovery and fee reimbursement.

The most proactive of all the services provided is the scanning technology used to scour the dark web for your information. Artificial intelligence software searches the regular and dark webs daily for personal information, ensuring yours is protected.

Credit Monitoring

Credit monitoring is the second most important service in identity theft protection suites. The automated checks reduce the work you have to do to make sure your credit file is not accessed to open new accounts or credit cards in your name.

EverSafe also monitors your credit card numbers and sends you alerts when they are used. You can quickly catch illicit financial activities and take action to secure your credit and accounts if you receive an alert.

Family Members

Children’s information is incredibly valuable to identity thieves because the fraud may not be detected until your children attempt to open bank accounts or use credit. Unlike other providers, EverSafe does not limit the number of children you can add to your policies. If you have a large family, you can protect them all.

Plans and Pricing


The lowest-tier plan, Essentials, protects your savings and credit cards while scanning the internet and dark web for your information. The plan costs $7.49 for an individual, and you can add family members for a 30% discount ($5.24) per member. Seniors can be added to the account for a 10% discount ($6.74). You can add real estate monitoring for an additional $4.99 per month per property.


The plus plan is the middle-tier plan and runs $14.99 for an individual. The plan adds credit monitoring, identity theft monitoring, and fraud remediation support. Add any number of family members for $10.49 per member, or add seniors for $13.49 per person.


In the top-tier plan from EverSafe, you receive 3-bureau credit and investment monitoring. The EverSafe family plan costs $24.99 per month for an individual, $17.49 for each additional family member, and $22.49 per senior.

Pros and Cons


  • Dark web scanning finds any instances of your information being exchanged.
  • 24-hour customer support provides help when you need it.
  • You can have your savings and investments monitored for you.
  • Automatic monitoring lets you focus on your life instead of continually worrying about theft.
  • Credit files with all 3 bureaus can be scanned, decreasing the risk of credit fraud.
  • Save money by purchasing the coverage you need, pay reduced prices for your family members.
  • Adding seniors to your service helps you with financial caregiving if you’re a caregiver.
  • The convenient app gives you updates on your accounts and alerts of changes.


  • Seniors and children sometimes click links unintentionally. There is no service for securing devices.
  • There is no antivirus protection offered, which enhances identity security on devices.
  • No VPN is provided. Browsing the internet using a VPN ensures your family’s online activities are private.
  • No ability to lock and unlock your credit file from the EverSafe app.
  • 3-credit bureau monitoring is only provided in the most expensive plan.
  • Data breaches are not monitored for your information, making you rely on corporations for notice.
  • Adding members to an upper-tier plan can quickly make low-cost benefits more expensive.
  • No choice of an annual fee at a reduced rate.

LifeLock Features and Services


There are 4 plans offered by LifeLock. You can add family members to any of the plans for up to two adults and 10 children.

Identity Theft Protection and Restoration

LifeLock’s plans all provide alerts for credit bureau monitoring, Social Security number monitoring, and identity theft protection. You receive up to $1 million in reimbursement for fees and stolen fund insurance.

Identity restoration experts are on call to help you recover your identity by guiding you through the steps and processes. 

Credit Monitoring

Your credit cards and credit file are monitored for activity. You’ll receive alerts via the LifeLock app if someone tries to access your credit. The app also provides a convenient method for locking and unlocking your TransUnion credit file, providing one of the best protection against identity theft.

You can lock your file when you don’t need to apply for any loans or otherwise have your credit checked. Close it back up so no one else can initiate credit checks in your name.

Your family’s credit and files are also monitored for changes and inquiries. The highest-tier plan provides monitoring of all three credit bureaus for the best protection.

Pricing and Plans


Standard is the lowest-tier of the LifeLock plans and will cost you $8.33/month (paid annually) or $9.99/month (paid monthly).


The second-tier plan is the same price as the Standard plan for the first year. It runs $8.33/month (paid annually) or $9.99/month (paid monthly). The extra feature is Norton 360 security, and it renews at a higher price than that of the Standard plan.


The Advantage plan is priced at $16.67/month (paid annually) or $19.99 per month (paid monthly). It includes Norton 360 services and financial account monitoring


Ultimate Plus

The Ultimate Plus includes all the lower-tier plans ID protection features plus home title monitoring, 3-bureau credit reports/scores, and more device protection services. This LifeLock family plan is $25 per month (annual billing) or $29.99 per month (monthly subscription) and has the highest renewal pricing.

Pros and Cons


  • Four plans let you select one that fits you and your family’s changing needs.
  • LifeLock’s identity protection suite is one of the most comprehensive on the market.
  • One trillion data points are scanned daily for your information, sending you alerts.
  • Norton 360 antivirus scans all of your devices for malicious software that gathers your information.
  • Use a virtual private network for private internet browsing so thieves cannot track your activities.
  • Identity restoration experts walk you through the identity recovery process.
  • The monitoring of 3-bureau credit files gives you the most credit protection.
  • Receive alerts via SMS, email, phone calls, or push notification via the LifeLock app.


  • Antivirus may not be needed if you already have a subscription.
  • Plan costs go up significantly if you have a large family to add.
  • The monitoring of your 3-bureau credit file is only available on the most expensive plan.
  • Initial prices are only good for 1 year. Afterward, they increase between $25 and $40.
  • LifeLock is expensive compared to other providers. The Ultimate plan is $349 per year.
  • If you use a Mac, you won’t receive the two top plans’ cloud backup options.
  • You can do many of these services yourself for much cheaper, such as backing up your information.
  • Investments and retirement fund monitoring should be included in more than one plan.


The rate of identity theft has been increasing rapidly throughout the last decade, and companies such as LifeLock and EverSafe focus on protecting consumers from known identity theft methods. Yet, identity theft complaints are on the rise, and consumers have increasingly been held responsible for some of the fraud committed against them, raising the costs incurred from fraud or theft.

The importance of identity theft protection services cannot be understated. Consumers need protection from thieves and assistance monitoring and securing their information to combat the rising number of thefts.

The LifeLock full security suite, along with securing and scanning consumer devices, gives them the most protection in an era where our devices carry all our data. For these reasons, LifeLock’s comprehensive monitoring and device safety methods earn it our pick for the best of the two providers.

While LifeLock might appear more costly to consumers, its plans cover far more than most identity theft protection providers on the market. When you consider that someone is scanning the entire internet for you, providing insurance for rising costs, and securing your devices, you’ll undoubtedly see what we do — that LifeLock is more than worth the investment.

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