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  • To start off, it’s free for anyone lucky enough to get the invite. Your bill will be paid by the business that has offered you the All Clear plan as an add-on.
  • Even though it’s free, you will still have access to a broad range of online ID protection features.
  • They use voice key confirmation to make sure that your ID doesn’t get stolen over the phone.
  • All ID theft victims are assigned a dedicated investigator.


  • You can’t purchase individual plans directly. They have an invite-only policy.
  • Unfortunately, All Clear ID doesn’t offer social media screening.


Bay Alarm Medical is one of the Life Alert Alternatives which works closely with its USA-based monitoring partner to create a network of highly reliable emergency response centers.


Medical Guardian offers devices that can last up to 120 hours with a single charge, a signal range of up to 1,300 feet, and has TMA Five Diamond, ESA Security, FM Approved, and UL Listed certifications. 


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24/7 USA-Based Monitoring

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We always want to make sure our loved ones are in good health, and safe. However, as most people work from offices or are engaged in other pursuits away from home, it is difficult to be with the family 24/7, or immediately attend to their health concerns.

In such cases, if your elderly family members and loved ones face a medical emergency, or someone in your family is homebound due to a medical condition, how would you make sure they receive prompt medical attention?

Sometimes, seniors also live alone and may not be able to seek help promptly if an emergency occurs. What proves extremely beneficial in such situations is a medical in-home alert system...which is responsive, easy to use and provides a great sense of protection and peace of mind.

Amongst various alert systems, the Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Medical Alert system has proven to be one of the best alert systems on the market as it is simple, reasonably priced, and very easy to install and use.

What makes it more appealing is that you do not have to sign any contract or pay any installation fees when you sign up for this alert system and it comes with lifetime warranty. On the other hand, the ADT Medical Alert system requires a 1 year contract to start and a $75 charge for installation…

This Bay Alarm Medical alert system works through a base station and a wireless emergency help button that can be either a necklace pendant or a bracelet. It is waterproof and lightweight and can be worn in shower or while doing the daily chores…

When an emergency occurs, you can simply press the emergency help button on the pendant so that a signal is sent to the base station and a call is made to a trained operator.

As soon as you inform the operator about your concern, he/she will immediately contact your family members, emergency medical technician (EMT) or other loved ones or relatives who can reach you and assist you in time.

Now that you have a quick overview of the Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Medical Alert system, let's learn a little more about the features, battery life, and other specifications of this system.

Bay Alarm Medical Reviews - Alert Systems 2021

Device Design

The Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Medical Alert system consists of two main parts:

  • A base station unit that connects to a phone line, and
  • A wireless emergency help button pendant

The base station unit can be placed on a countertop or be mounted on a wall. It has a large and bright red help button, a special highly sensitive microphone and a speaker. This design enables a hands-free audio communication between you and the emergency center operator.

The emergency help button has a small status light which can show different colors to indicate that the system is ready, or an alarm has been given, or the phone line is disconnected.


The Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Medical Alert system is easy to install and comes with an installation guide and a Vial of Life kit. You can use this vial of life kit to note medical information related to your health and medications that can help others in assisting you. It can be attached to the fridge door so that it is easily noticeable and available for reading in times of emergency.

You also provide a list of people to contact during an emergency…and when the emergency occurs they ask you who you’d like them to contact for help. Depending on the severity of the issue you can then contact the appropriate person.

You can install the Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Medical Alert system in three easy steps:

  1. Plug in the unit into the AC outlet
  2. Connect the device phone line to a phone jack
  3. Connect your phone to the phone jack

A few seconds later, a digital voice will inform you that the system is ready!

Making an Emergency Call

When an emergency occurs, use the emergency help button to initiate a hands-free call. The system will inform you when connect with the response center. Tell your problem to the responder or request help. In case you are unable to speak, the responder will call your home first, and then the contacts listed on your profile. In case none of the contacts are available, the responder will then contact 911.

If you accidentally set off a help call, you can use the reset button on the back of the unit to cancel the help call. However, it should be pressed within 15 seconds or the call will go through...In case the call takes place, you can also tell the responder that it was a false alarm, who will then verify that everything is fine.


Automatic Fall Detection System

The Bay Alarm Medical also offers Automatic Fall Detection System which is useful for elderly patients prone to disorientation or fainting. Sensors are built into the pendant which automatically detects a fall that has taken place.

This sets of an alarm call to the monitoring center where a trained responder assists the patient. This is a very effective tool to use for fall detection.

Smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detectors

Other than these features, you can also add smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detectors to your home through Bay Alarm Medical for a charge of $120 per year.

These detectors connect to the base station unit and send an alarm signal to the monitoring station. Then you also get a GPS medical alert system which you can carry everywhere and has a 72-hour battery life.

More languages

You can also purchase wall buttons which can be installed at different places on the wall...and can be used when you are not wearing the emergency help button pendant.

In case a user is not a native English speaker, such a person can avail the Bay Alarm Medical services in a language of their choice! The company provides communication services in more than 150 world languages!


In case you need an additional pendant for the spouse or other family member, you can avail it at a cost of only a few dollars per month and the monitoring service is provided cost free!

Range and Battery Life

The Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Medical Alert system is meant for home use only. It has a nationwide service and the wireless emergency help button has a range of up to 1,000 ft and works brilliantly in open air range.

One excellent feature of the Bay Alert system is that it can run for up to 32 hours using a backup battery in times of power interruptions. When power resumes, the system will start working again and will get recharged as well for backup use.

Another good feature of the Bay Alarm Medical is that it has a battery life of 5 years and you need not worry about recharging it often. The button also sends a signal to the base station before the battery goes out…which will intimate you to contact Bay Alarm Medical for a button replacement!

The company will then ship you a replacement free of cost!

Monitoring Services

Founded in 1946, the Bay Alarm Medical aims to provide protection and promote health and independence of the elderly population in USA…and further extending this service to Hawaii and Alaska as well.

There are three CSAA Five Diamond Certified call centers located in California, Utah, and Idaho that are quick to address your concerns.

The biggest advantage here is that even if one station goes offline, the other station would be available to provide emergency support!

The USA-based monitoring service provided by Bay Alarm Medical is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all through the year…and the average response time of the operators is less than 40 seconds…which has been reported to be the fastest overall response time of alert systems.

It means you can connect to an emergency responder within 35-40 seconds of pressing the help button!

Cost and Package Offers

Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Medical Alert system offers prices at a discounted cost at least once every quarter! It is definitely affordable compared to other alert systems such as ADT which can cost you somewhere in the $30 – $40/month range.

Also, there are no activation and installation fees for getting the service started and working. You get to choose from one of the convenient payment options for the device on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annually basis.

For convenience, payments are automatically debited on the same date every month or quarterly or every six months according to the plan you choose.

Discounts for AARP and AAA Members

Bay Alarm Medical also offers discounts to members of the AARP, AAA and other benefits for customers who opt to pay for semi-annual service which is the most popular plan as it includes free shipping and a free lockbox for your front door.

The lockbox is a useful tool which is otherwise available for just under $40. This tool is useful for people who are unable to quickly answer the door in case of a medical emergency.

As a precaution, you can put the house keys inside the lockbox and hang it on your front door. The box can be opened only with a combination code that the Bay Alarm Medical team provides a code to the person who comes to assist you in the emergency.

There are various additional features available at an extra cost which will add to monthly costs. For instance if you do not have a phone line, you can purchase an in-home console unit with a SIM card for $15 a month.

You can pay another $10 a month for fall detection. On the other hand you get a free fall detection protection in the plan offered by the Alert1 medical monitoring company.

An additional pendant will cost you around $35, and if you want a surge protector to prevent damage to the device from surges and spikes, it will run you another $50

Dial 1-855-397-9964 which is a toll-free number to get in touch with the Bay Alarm Medical call center...You can order the alert system online, or obtain information on any of their services, product features, accessories and special offers or discounts by simply dialing in anytime of the day…

Medical Packages

bay alarm medical alert reviews

Let's look at the 3 product categories available with Bay Medical Alarm.

In-Home Medical Alert System


  • 2-Way Communication
  • 32-Hour Battery Backup
  • Travel Companion

On the Go Medical Alert System


  • 4G LTE Connectivity
  • PX7 Water Resistant
  • Auto Fall Detection (optional)

360 Protection Alert System


  • Loud and Clear
  • Push button
  • Monitored in the USA for Maximum Reliability
  • Powered by AT&T 4G LTE
  • Wall Button
  • Caregiver Tracking (Optional)
  • Automatic Fall Detection (Optional)
  • In-Home Cellular Unit

Home Medical Alert System

In Home Medical Alert System - This option is apt for someone who is homebound. It comes with a pre-installed AT&T 3G cellular SIM card for users without a landline phone jack.

In this case you do not need a phone line at all and the system will work everywhere which has AT&T network coverage, especially in hilly or barren areas. The inbuilt microphone is very sensitive and is able to pick up weak voices.

On the Go Medical Alert System

On the Go Medical Alert System - It is designed to keep you protected both in and away from your home. It features 24/7 push help button, GPS location tracking, 72 hours of battery life, multi-lingual support and comes with a 1 year warranty.

This system uses the cellular system of T-Mobile which makes it easy to track your location when you press the emergency help button. The speaker is attached to the GPS alert system through which you can connect with the monitoring station.

Moreover, your family members can keep track of your whereabouts via an online dashboard.

The mobile medical alert pinpoints your GPS location and shares it through a password protected online portal. This service is especially relevant for seniors who are prone to wander off on their own…like the elderly with Alzheimer’s.

One advantage of the GPS system is that it is waterproof and can be worn in the shower where elderly people are likely to slip or fall. However, it is not advisable to submerge the emergency help button in water.

360 Protection Medical Alert System

360 Protection Medical Alert System - This system combines the In-Home System with the GPS Alert System! So you have benefits of two rolled into one!

Customer Feedback and Giveaways


Being one of the top providers of medical alert systems, Bay Alarm Medical has been rated excellent by most customers in terms of product quality, prompt emergency help, friendly and patient communication and…

the Bay Alarm medical review has been great in terms of resolution of queries related to installation, there have also been complaints related to billing, refund, and charges.

However, many complaints were resolved to the customer’s satisfaction by revising the contract terms, offering a free trial period, and providing pro-rated refunds to prepaid customers.

The 30-day free trial period allows customers to test the alert system in different areas of the house so that they can check the range, communication and volume features of the system.

This has fetched Bay Alarm Medical A+ grade rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in Feb 2018…

Using Promo Codes

Bay Alarm Medical also provides promotional codes for their customers, which are special discounts on the product price.

You can use these promo codes when you want to order the alert system online or over a call.

The promo codes are listed on the Bay Alarm Medical company website, on the promo code page.

Now, there are already some freebies included in the monthly, quarterly and semi-annual Bay Alarm Medical plans. On top of that there are also additional promotions, you can take advantage of!

In other words, you can avail some extra savings! Look at one of the promotional offer placed on the company’s Facebook page!


In case you are not satisfied with the alert system, you can claim a refund within 30 days and cancel the service.

As Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Medical Alert system comes with no long term contracts, you can easily call the Bay Alarm Medical’s customer support and request them to cancel your service.

Your cancellation request will be considered as complete once the company receives the equipment back in undamaged condition.

The company also offers a 30-day trial period and pro-rated refunds if you have already paid and the service is unused, provided the service is cancelled early.

You can use the promo codes when you order, in 3 simple steps:

  1. Locate the promo code box in the shopping cart.
  2. Type the promo code in the box.
  3. Once the promo code is applied, avail the extra savings!

Other promotional offers are referral schemes where you receive one month of free service for referring a relative, or a friend…which means you can avail 12 months of free service if you refer 12 friends!

You can also avail the latest promotional offers on the company’s Facebook page by checking the Offers tab…or if it’s more convenient to place a call, you can dial in to Bay Alarm Medical’s toll free number and ask about their current promotions!


Before considering Bay Alarm for your health safety you should consider the following questions:

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Bay Alarm Medical is one of the best medical alert system providers you will find. It provides a variety of medical safety accessories for you which ensures your safety inside the house as well as when you are travelling.

You should definitely give Bay Alarm Medical a try! If you want to look at other products and services on the market today, browse on our other articles:

What other options you have?

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