AllClear ID vs ProtectMyID: Identity Protection Developed for Businesses and AAA Members

By Keith Morris

Topic:  ID Theft

November 10, 2021

AllClear ID and ProtectMyID identity theft protection services come with paid package options that offer useful, legitimate credit and identity monitoring at a reasonable price. 

However, when it comes to the AllClear ID vs. ProtectMyID debate, we think there’s only one winner. While AllClear ID provides decent, 1-bureau credit monitoring and Social Security tracking for $14.95 per month, ProtectMyID offers far more extensive identity monitoring and dark web tracking services. ProtectMyID also provides a free monthly plan that includes Lost Wallet Protection and 1-bureau credit monitoring for AAA members. 


1. Comparison

2. Quick Face-off

3. AllClear ID Features and Services

4. Conclusion

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the pros and cons of each protection service so you can find the right one for you and your family.

Provides more comprehensive identity monitoring than AllClear ID, with dark web tracking included in the Deluxe and Platinum plans.

  • Includes 1-bureau credit monitoring and is FREE for AAA members.
  • Can offer dark web, SSN, and 3-bureau credit monitoring 
  • Can provide extensive identity monitoring features, including sex offender registry and social media tracking.
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AllClear ID vs. ProtectMyID: Comparison



  • Default coverage from TransUnion credit bureau
  • You can get opt-in 3-bureau coverage with ProPlus plan
  • Experian’s ID protection option for AAA members

Cybersecurity and Privacy Tools

Cybersecurity and Privacy Tools

  • Social Security Number monitoring services
  • ChildScan add-on option
  • Real-time fraud alerts
  • Access to identity theft recovery services
  • Social media monitoring
  • Dark web scanning
  • Address change verification
  • Court/criminal records scanning
  • Social Security number scanning
  • Sex offender registry and payday loan monitoring
  • Financial account takeover alerts
  • Child identity protection
  • Real-time identity alerts
  • Bank account activity alerts

Credit Monitoring

Credit Monitoring

  • Default 1-bureau credit reporting/VantageScore 3.0
  • Annual TransUnion Credit Report updates
  • 3-bureau credit report/score
  • Experian CreditLock
  • Monthly Experian
  • VantageScore updates
  • VantageScore Tracker
  • Credit activity alerts
  • Dormant credit card monitoring

Funds Monitoring, Replacement, and Insurance

Funds Monitoring, Replacement, and Insurance

  • Lost Wallet Protection feature
  • 20 Stevie Awards for high-quality customer service
  • 94% customer satisfaction as of 2015
  • Provides insurance coverage of up to $1,000,000
  • Lost Wallet Protection feature
  • 24/7 specialist support
  • Fraud insurance of up to $1,000,000

Other Services

Other Services

  • Company and employer-sponsored packages
  • N/A



  • Both of these identity protection services offer up to $1,000,000 in insurance coverage with their paid plans.
  • Both AllClear ID and ProtectMyID offer basic, free packages for helping to prevent identity theft. 
  • You can pay for additional child ID theft protection services with both options. 
  • Both products have a premium monthly package that offers VantageScores and access to recovery services. 
  • Both ProtectMyID and AllClear ID have web apps that allow you to keep on top of your credit report and track any credit monitoring alerts. 
  • For ProtectMyID and AllClear ID, you can choose between a selection of free and paid plans.
  • We found that each identity protection service offered extensive recovery and fraud resolution support, helping you to freeze credit records and to get in touch with local government agencies for further backing.
  • We appreciated that both the AllClear ID and ProtectMyID paid plans included lost wallet protection and support.
  • The premium plans from each company cost about the same. AllClear ID’s ProPlus option is $14.95 per month, while ProtectMyID’s Platinum option is $15.95 per month. 
  • You’ll find that the ProtectMyID and AllClear ID paid packages come with real-time credit monitoring alerts and notifications. 
  • Both offer VantageScore updates rather than FICO scores. 
  • Both products have paid packages that provide VantageScores from 1 major credit bureau. AllClear ID uses TransUnion, and ProtectMyID offers Experian. 



ProtectMyID is an exclusive service for AAA members, whereas AllClearID is available to anyone. 


AllClear ID’s ProPlus plan doesn’t have social media or sex offender monitoring options, while the ProtectMyID Platinum plan does. 


AllClear ID has many company-sponsored protection packages that cost employees little-to-no money. ProtectMyID offers individual packages to card-holding AAA members. 


The ProtectMyID Platinum and Deluxe packages offer 3-bureau credit monitoring, while the AllClear ID ProPlus option only provides 1-bureau tracking. 


You’ll receive comprehensive child identity insurance with the cost of the ProtectMyID Platinum plan, while you’ll have to pay an extra monthly rate for ChildScan monitoring services on top of the AllClear ID ProPlus package. 


The ProtectMyID services specialize in various types of identity monitoring, from SSN tracking to social media surveillance, while the AllClear ID packages focus more on providing recovery resources and essential credit monitoring safeguards. 


There’s an AllClear ID app for your mobile phone, while there isn’t a ProtectMyID app. You can only access the ProtectMyID services through the company’s online app. 


The ProtectMyID Essential (or free) package is far more comprehensive than the equivalent AllClear ID Basic plan. With the former, you receive 1-bureau credit monitoring, fraud recovery support services, and Lost Wallet Protection. 


ProtectMyID offers 3 types of plans to its customers, whereas AllClear ID only gives 2 options. 

AllClear ID Features and Services

Credit Monitoring

The ProPlus package comes with identity monitoring services and a 1-bureau AllClear ID credit monitoring feature. You’ll also receive full access to a team of identity theft recovery experts. 

Social Security Number Monitoring

The ProPlus monthly package includes SSN monitoring, which alerts you if your Social Security number appears where it shouldn’t in any change of address requests, loans, or bank withdrawals. 

Identity Theft Recovery Resources 

Both of the AllClear ID plans provide you with access to AllClear ID’s recovery services. You can talk to trained professionals who help you freeze your credit and contact your creditors. 

Free Company-Sponsored Plans 

One of the AllClear ID identity theft protection services’ best features is that it caters to big businesses. Your company may offer you this package, and that means you’ll get a redeemable code that can provide you with identity theft protection for free. 

ChildScan Monitoring Services 

The closest thing you’ll find to an AllClear ID family plan is the ChildScan add-on that allows you to keep track of your child’s SSN activity. It’s a shame that this highly beneficial feature comes at an overpriced monthly rate of $4.95. You can find other child monitoring services for half that cost. 

Plans and Pricing

When it comes to the AllClear ID plan options, you can either sign up as an individual or an organization. If you sign up for the individual strand, you’ll have a choice between the Basic and the ProPlus plans. 

AllClear ID Basic Plan

This option is completely free and offers you full access to the company’s identity theft recovery services. These professionals will help you to reclaim the money you’ve lost and work with you to rebuild or freeze your credit.

This plan doesn’t include credit or identity monitoring services, so you won’t be able to keep up to date with unusual changes in your credit reports. 

AllClear ID ProPlus Plan

This plan costs $14.95 a month and grants you access to a 2-tier identity monitoring service that includes credit and Social Security monitoring. We found it disappointing that the ProPlus plan only offers 1-bureau monitoring for TransUnion, which means you won’t have access to vital data from the other two national credit bureaus.

You also won’t receive social media or sex offender registry monitoring with the ProPlus plan.

ChildScan Add-On Service Plan

This optional add-on plan costs an extra $4.95 per month and monitors the use of your child’s Social Security number. 

ChildScan Add-On Service Plan

This optional add-on plan costs an extra $4.95 per month and monitors the use of your child’s Social Security number. 

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Pros and Cons


  • AllClear ID offers a free, basic plan for people who want easy access to recovery help.
  • The ProPlus plan gives you access to comprehensive, professional theft recovery resources.
  • The paid plan options provide insurance coverage for up to $1 million.The ChildScan add-on helps you to catch child identity theft as soon as it happens.
  • AllClear ID’s sponsored plans are free to use with company-provided code.
  • The monthly price for the ProPlus plan is relatively reasonable and will give you access to regular phone alerts.
  • ProPlus fraud alert function means creditors have to check your identity before giving you a flexible loan. 


  • ProPlus plan doesn’t feature social media or sex offender registry monitoring. 
  • AllClear ID only offers 1-bureau monitoring.
  • The Basic plan doesn’t have any insurance coverage.
  • The ChildScan package isn’t included in any personal plans.
  • The monthly rate isn’t the most affordable on the market.
  • The ChildScan add-on plan is expensive.
  • The Basic plan has no credit monitoring or identity monitoring.
  • If you have more than 1 child, you’ll have to purchase multiple ChildScan add-on packages.
  • The sponsored bundle plans’ features can vary a lot from company to company and person to person.
  • The company behind AllClear ID doesn’t offer many deals or promotions. 

ProtectMyID Features and Services

Credit Monitoring 

ProtectMyID credit monitoring services are relatively comprehensive. The Essential plan includes 1-bureau monitoring, while the Deluxe and Platinum packages offer credit report tracking for all three of the major bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

Lost Wallet Protection

All 3 ProtectMyID plans come with Lost Wallet Protection, which allows you to log any credit cards and essential identity documents that you have in your wallet. You add these to the ProtectMyID web app, which will enable you to keep track of which banks and agencies you need to contact if someone steals your wallet. 

Insurance Coverage 

AAA Premier members receive up to $10,000 in identity theft coverage on the Essential plan, while both the Deluxe and Platinum plans provide insurance coverage of up to $1,000,000.

Experian VantageScore 

If you have either the Deluxe or the Platinum package, you’ll receive regular updates on your Experian credit score (VantageScore). You won’t have access to your TransUnion, Equifax, or FICO scores. 

Identity and Social Media Monitoring Services

The ProtectMyID identity theft protection features are extensive, with the Platinum plan offering several different identity monitoring services. You can keep track of changes to your social media and watch for any suspicious activity regarding your SSN or your personal bank accounts. 

Dark Web Monitoring 

The ProtectMyID Deluxe and Platinum plans also offer dark web monitoring services. This specialist software can access and search through dark web sites that steal people’s personal information. You’ll receive a real-time alert or notification if this scan finds anything about your stolen identity. 

Child Identity Coverage 

You can pay an extra $3.95 per month on the Deluxe plan to cover up to 10 children. This identity theft coverage will help you and your family if your child’s SSN is stolen and used to commit fraud. The Platinum plan includes this coverage. 

Pricing and Plans

All of the ProtectMyID monthly packages are only available to AAA members. There are 3 basic levels: Essential, Deluxe, and Platinum. 

ProtectMyID Essential Plan

The Essential plan is completely free for AAA members, and it offers decent 1-bureau credit monitoring, Lost Wallet Protection, and up to $10,000 of identity theft insurance and coverage. You’ll only receive this insurance if you’re a card-carrying AAA Premier member.

ProtectMyID Deluxe Plan

The Deluxe plan costs a monthly rate of $10.95 and includes 3-bureau, dark web, and SSN monitoring as well as your Experian VantageScore and up to $1,000,000 in insurance coverage. If you want additional child identity coverage features, you need to pay an extra $3.95 each month. 

ProtectMyID Platinum Plan

The Platinum plan will cost you $15.95 each month and offers extra beneficial features such as social media and sex offender monitoring, child identity theft coverage, and real-time credit limit alerts. 

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Pros and Cons


  • ProtectMyID has the full backing of the Experian credit bureau.
  • This credit monitoring option is free for AAA members.
  • The Platinum package includes social media, sex offender registry, and child monitoring features.
  • The main plan includes extensive SSN monitoring.
  • You can add up to 10 bank accounts and 10 different credit cards to the plan for tracking.
  • ProtectMyID monitors your email addresses and protects against phishing scams.
  • You’ll receive alerts whenever you’re reaching your credit limit. Includes the Lost Wallet Protection feature to remind you of what cards are in your purse or wallet.
  • The Deluxe plan is excellent value for money.
  • The Essential package is free and includes 1-bureau credit monitoring.
  • Alerts are backed up by instant emails so that you can immediately check up on any identity threats.
  • The Deluxe plan’s child identity monitoring add-on covers up to 10 children


  • All 3 packages are only available to AAA card-holding members.
  • There isn’t any mobile app, so you won’t receive any real-time alerts when you’re traveling or walking around outside.
  • The plan doesn’t show you your FICO score.
  • The Essential package only offers monitoring from one bureau.
  • The ProtectMyID packages aren’t worth investing in if you’re not already an AAA member.
  • The web app can feel a bit too complicated for some.
  • You’re not able to turn off or customize alerts from the web app.
  • The ProtectMyID Deluxe plan doesn’t include social media or sex offender registry monitoring.
  • The Essential and Deluxe plans don’t include credit limit alerts or notifications.
  • There’s no specialized ProtectMyID family plan option.


protect my ID

We appreciate several aspects of the AllClear ID identity theft protection service. The company-sponsored packages provide many employees with relatively extensive credit monitoring and insurance coverage, all completely free.

However, we think that ProtectMyID offers a lot more in terms of identity tracking and protection, with its premium paid plan providing social media, sex offender, and dark web monitoring. We also really appreciate that the ProtectMyID free program includes essential credit monitoring and Lost Wallet Protection.

We’re impressed by ProtectMyID’s range of free and paid plans available to AAA members. We also LOVE the child identity coverage add-on with the Deluxe plan, which covers up to 10 children for only $3.95 extra each month. We appreciate that you receive full access to the company’s fraud recovery services with the Essential plan. If you’re an AAA Premier member, you’ll love the complimentary $10,000 in identity theft coverage that you receive with this plan as well.

If you’re a card-holding member of the AAA, there’s no excuse not to invest in this product. The Deluxe plan only costs $10.95 per month and provides you with 3-bureau credit monitoring services, regular Experian VantageScore updates, and insurance coverage of up to $1,000,000. 

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