Our Expert Advisors

We want to make sure that we are giving the best possible advice for our visitors. We have acquired the services of some of the best in the business when it comes to safety and security. From security consultants to emergency management specialists, we ensure that you get protection through our resident experts in personal and home protection. 

Collectively, our advisors have years of experience in burglary, identity theft, emergency response, criminal investigations, home invasion, and law enforcement.

Keith Morris

Security Consultant and Investigator

Keith Morris is a highly trained and experienced security expert with over 20 years of experience in the business. Keith got his start in the military, and turned the experience he gained to working private security not long after his service.

Bolstering that on the job experience with degrees in Security Management and Cyber Security, Keith has turned his expertise to keeping others safe, and teaching them how to protect themselves.

Residential security is Keith’s passion, and he firmly believes that the best protection one can have is knowledge. Security devices are only one step of the plan: the first and most important thing when it comes to personal security is knowing how to minimize risks and maximize your chances that the device will never need to be used in the first place.

Keith believes in targeted, personalized security efforts. Each of his clients gets 100% of his attention, and extensive research is done into the background of their area and situation before a comprehensive security plan is put in place, protecting from threats within and without, because in this modern age it’s important to recognize that cyber threats can be just as dangerous (if not more so) to your livelihood than physical ones.

Eliza Moyer

Emergency Management Specialist

Eliza Moyer is a disaster relief lifer, and has contributed her services (both as a volunteer and a specialist) for most of her adult life.

Eliza has helped communities recover from a multitude of natural and man made disasters in over 27 countries around the world. With a Master’s in Emergency Management backing up her years of experience at every level of the disaster relief and preparedness industry, Eliza is ready to help you hope for the best, but always prepare for the worst.

Eliza knows that preparedness is the key in almost all emergency scenarios. Clear plans and backups should be drawn up for every conceivable scenario you might face. The number one killer in any emergency is hesitation and confusion, contributing to rising casualties in disaster situations.

That preparedness is something that’s difficult to get, and she understands that it’s often hard to not just plan, but know what you need to plan for, even with extensive research.

This deficiency is exactly the kind of things she’s spent her life lamenting, and is now in a position to do something about. She’s ready and willing to help you analyze, prepare, and drill for any danger that may come your way, so you and everyone in your care can be confident if anything unfortunate happens.

Calvin Fellows

Former Detective and Director of Security

Calvin Fellows’ time on the force was a learning experience, showing him the darkest sides of humanity. What stuck out to him most was how preventable most crimes were; a couple of little things often stood between the loss of someone’s life or property, that simply wasn’t there.

Calvin was a detective for nearly 30 years, and while the nature of the crimes changed some with the rise of the internet and wider spread computer use, the facts didn’t: people simply were not aware or caring of all the simple, easy things they could do to protect themselves from people who meant them harm.

Post-retirement Calvin has turned his raw experience from catching criminals to stopping crimes before they happen. Education is key to prevention, and so he aims to empower you and all his readers with the tools and knowledge they need to turn themselves from potential victims, to people not worth the hassle to victimize, as well as a variety of other subjects related to loss prevention, property defense, and other security topics.

Calvin learned in the military the motto: “Praemonitus, praemunitus”, Latin for “Forewarned is forearmed”. It’s stuck with him ever since. Simple words to live by that can divert a whole lot of trouble.