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Do you have a loved nearing his or her retirement years and worrying about what will happen to that person when left home all alone?

hereEven those who are in good health can suffer a slip and fall that leaves the person out of commission for weeks and accidents that can cause other health injuries. Medical Guardian, one of the top companies that offers medical alert systems, offers systems that will give you peace of mind and make you feel better about elderly loves ones who live on their own.

Let’s say that you’re a stay at home parent or a working professional who also cares for your mother or father. With all the other obligations and commitments that you have, you may only have a few hours every day to spend with that individual or even less time. Installing an alarm can let you know that your parent has help standing by anytime that an emergency happens.

The company now offers five different packages that you can use at home and when you’re away from home. The best way to find out which package is right for your own unique situation is with a look at what comes included with each package and how it compares to other companies.

When to Install?

Though you might think that your family or friends do not need one of these systems because they’re in good health or they’re not that old, these systems come with benefits for users of all ages. Even those who have small children or grandchildren living at home can rest easy in knowing that they can call for help after suffering an injury when there are no adults around. You can pick a system that relies on a cellular network or one that connects to loved one’s land line.

The number one sign that it’s time to install a health alert system is when your loved one has a medical condition that worsens over time or when that person suffers from a chronic condition like fibromyalgia or diabetes.

Though millions of people live with diabetes, this disease can lead to a condition called neuropathy that causes numbness in the lower body, which can make those diagnosed with diabetes lose their balance and fall over. Other conditions can interfere with their balance and mobility and make accidents more common.

Medical alert systems are also good for those who are more active and mobile. Even if your loved has no problems driving or getting around, a mobile unit can come in handy during an emergency. That unit will use the cellular network to track the current location of the user and help emergency workers find him or her faster.

The company also offers packages that are suitable for the caretakers of elderly people and their loved ones. These packages come with an app that you can download to keep an eye on your family and find out if any problems occurred during the day. The sensors that you install in the home let you know if that individual was active during the day.

Anyone who has balance problems can benefit from an alarm. A simple slip and fall can cause a broken hip that will require surgery to fix, but many elderly people are embarrassed about calling for help after a falling after getting out of the shower because they do not want anyone to see them naked. Operators working for the company can identify the exact reason for the call and decide who to call first.

Medical Guardian offers users the options of calling paramedics and other health experts for help or calling closed friends and loved ones instead of 911. This option is useful for those who might have a minor accident and need someone to help get them off the floor or those who need a ride to the pharmacy to refill a prescription instead of going to the hospital.

Installing an health alarm is also a smart idea for those who have poor cell phone reception at home. Calling 911 and asking for paramedics to come out is almost impossible for those who only have a cell phone because of poor reception or because they cannot reach their home phones. These systems can work more effectively and let users know that help is on the way.

Things to Know

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Other Products Available

Once you purchase an alarm from the company, you can look at some of the other products available that will make your system more effective.

  • Fall Detection Pendant
  • Extra Buttons
  • Wall Buttons
  • Lock Box
  • Life alert

Life Alert gained fame in the 1990s and 2000s after its infomercials went viral and gained a cult following. Those ads featured a woman saying, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” to advertise its service. Though many found those commercials funny, it helped the company gain new customers and pick up more than 30,000 positive reviews from people who loved its services.

This company offers one standard or set plan for those who need help in case of an emergency. The package comes with a signature main unit and a smaller emergency pendant. Your loved one has the option of contacting help via the button on either device.

The main unit has a maintenance-free design and provides 24/7 monitoring and support for users. It has a backup battery inside that will keep the unit functional for up to 72 hours after a power outage. Depending on the reception and type of phone your loved one uses, you can opt for a system that runs on a cellular network or a land line.

With a waterproof design, the emergency pendant is safe for your loved one to wear while playing with grandchildren outside in the rain or taking a quick shower. It works up to 800 feet away from the signature base unit, and it comes with its own battery that can last for an impressive seven years. Like the emergency buttons offered, users can wear this pendant like a necklace or as a watch.

Life Alert offers separate HELP button that is perfect for use in the bathroom, and as its waterproof, it can actually go right inside the tub or shower. When a user needs help and doesn’t have the pendant or signature unit handy, he or she can use this button to contact an operator. You may want to invest in multiple buttons to install and use around the house.

If you worry about your loved one’s location because of a recent rise in crime or illegal activity, Life Alert can help with security monitoring too. Its 24/7 surveillance lets users contact operators and arrange for police to come by at the first sign of a break in or another problem. The operator will even remain on the line until the police get there.

A different pendant available from the company is part of its mobile package. Also called Life Alert Mobile, this package comes with a pendant that has its own button and speaker as well as a battery that can last for 10 full years. Pressing this button alerts the operator of a problem and can help operators identify the user’s location because of the built-in GPS unit.