Life Alert Alternatives: Buying Guide & Reviews

Have you ever gotten a call from your loved one in dire need of medical help, but you were too far away to help?

How did that make you feel?

I bet it wasn’t a good feeling.

Something similar happened to me once.

A few years ago I was working pretty far from my great aunt who raised me; she has hypertension.

One day, she got dizzy and fell. I got a call from the hospital saying that she had suffered a concussion and had a broken arm.

She had laid there for hours, in pain and unable to get up. I still can’t shake that image out of my head.

I didn’t know anything about medical alert services then.

After the incident, I had to keep calling her neighbor, asking him to check up on her. Despite the neighbor telling me she was doing well, I still didn’t have peace of mind. Quite frankly, I also felt like a nuisance.

Had I known about these services, she would have probably gotten help sooner, minimizing her suffering. It might have also prevented me from experiencing the bouts of fear and the nightmares related to the incident.


She had laid there for hours, in pain and unable to get up. I still can’t shake that image out of my head.

Today I am going to discuss the alternatives to Life Care, the pioneer in the field. Their services have been saving lives and giving peace of mind to families for decades, and my goal is for you to get to know them better.

What Features Make Life Alert a Force to be Reckoned With?

What Issues Gave Competitors a Fighting Chance?

Features to Consider When Looking for Life Alert Alternative Service

A Review of 3 Alternatives to Life Alert

Based on the factors above, I have put together a summary of three services which make the best alternatives to Life Alert.

Medical Guardian


This is one of the fastest growing medical alert companies. Since its inception in 2005, they have been bringing technological advances to the sector.


What do they have to offer?

They have five offerings:

  • Classic guardian- The traditional telephone line system.
  • Mobile Guardian – A cellular-based system with a GPS enabled mobile option, for protection in or outside your home.
  • Active Guardian– This is like the Mobile Guardian, but with longer battery life, improved technology, and optional fall detection service.
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    Family Guardian– This one is cellular-based but requires no phone line system. It has more options than the rest.
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    Home guardian – This is a cellular network-based system and you don’t require a phone line to use it.

Questions to Asks

Cost of Equipment and Installation?

Cost of the Services?

Do they have a Commitment Clause?

Is Their Equipment Any Good?

What if I Need Repairs or a Replacement?

How is Their Response?

Are There Any Advanced Features?

Things We Wish They Did Better?

Life Sta​tion


They have been in business for over 40 years and promise high-quality equipment to help your loved ones live a better life.

What else are they about? Let’s find out.


What do They Offer?

They have three package options:

  • In-Home Traditional:Only covers the home and requires a landline.
  • In-Home Plus:Covers the home, but doesn’t require a landline.
  • Mobile with GPS:You can use this while on the go to help dispatch pinpoint your location in case of an emergency

Questions to Asks

The Cost of Equipment and Installation?

How Much Will Their Subscription Set Me Back?

Is There a Minimum Commitment Period?

How is Their Equipment?

Are There Charges for Replacement and Lost Equipment?

What is Their Response Time?

Any Optional Features?

What Don’t I Like About Their Services?

Bay Alarm Medical


This is a subsidiary of Bay Alarm which has been in business for over 70 years!


What do they offer?

They have Four package options:

  • In-Home Medical Alert:It is an in-home system that requires a landline.
  • In-Home Cellular Alert: This is also an In-home system that doesn’t require a landline.
  • Mobile GPS Help Button:You can use this on the go and indoors, and you don’t require a landline.
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    Monitored Fire, Smoke & Gas (CO): An In-home system that requires a landline and provides fire, smoke & carbon monoxide (CO) gas detection. (Finally!)

Questions to Asks

The Cost of Equipment, Installation, and Subscription?

Do I Pay for Replacement and Repairs?

What’s the Deal With Their Equipment?

Any Optional Features?

What Didn’t I Like?

Final Thoughts


I consider all the alternatives are solid options, but I am especially intrigued by Bay Alarm Medical. The only qualms I have with them is their pricing and the no-activity monitoring.

Medical Guardian and Life Station are more of a a tie, due to their similar features.